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Shifting Roads

Chapter One

"Of mornings and Parrots"

Roxas let out a heavy groan as his bedroom door was flung open, followed by a shuffle of feet, a weight shift on his bed and a chirpy voice that announced happily only inches from his ear;

"School's in forty minutes! You better get up, or you'll miss the bus!"

Before he could even react, his covers were brutally pulled away from him, and he flinched as he felt the cold air come to contact with his bare skin. His bedroom window had been open all night, and therefore, the room wasn't exactly steaming.

"Sora!" Roxas growled angrily and tried to aim a kick at his twin, but missed.

Sora, however, didn't seem to mind his little outburst, and kept on talking in a very Sora-like matter. His big, azure eyes sparkling at his twin with every word.

"You know Roxy, this is the first day of school, so we better not be late! I've heard that the professors at Destiny High are far stricter than the ones at Bailey! Riku says that once he got a-"

"Okay! I get it!" The blonde snarled as he sat up and swung his legs over the edge of his bed. Pushing Sora away, he groggily got to his feet and moved for the door.

"I'll just take a quick shower, and I'll be down in a minute!"

"Okay, great!"


Fifteen minutes later, dressed in gray cargo pants and his favourite black and white-checkered T-shirt, Roxas entered the kitchen where Sora was currently stuffing his mouth full of something that, in Roxas' opinion looked rather suspiciously, not to mention disgusting. Ha was so lost in the process of eating that he barely noticed Roxas. Bright blue eyes only sweeping him for a moment, and then they settled back to the mass of… uh… mush?

Sora was wearing his usual baggy clothing, the keychain visible beneath the black and red shirt.

Roxas decided he didn't really want to know what Sora was eating, so he just focused on breathing in through is mouth as he moved past his brown haired twin.

He grabbed a bowl from the dishwasher, not really caring if it was clean or not, and a box of cereal from the top of the fridge.

"Aghegt yugh egfhigheg?" Sora asked trough a mouthful of whatever that icky substance on his plate was.

The blonde raised a questioning eyebrow, and tried to ignore the small bits of goo that came flying at him and landed only centimetres from his cereal.

Sora chewed like a maniac and nearly choked on his food in the process of swallowing.

"Aren't you excited?" He asked again. A bit more understandable this time.

Roxas didn't bother to answer. He just shrugged in none-caring way and proceeded eating his breakfast.

He didn't really know if he was exited or not. After all, it was only high school. Not college or something.

Roxas never quite understood why starting high school was such a big deal. At least he wasn't planning on making such a fuss about it.

Sure, he wondered what it would be like and all, changing school, making new friends, take new courses and everything, but it most certainly wasn't enough to affect him all that much!

Sora on the other hand, had been talking about high school all summer. He was determined on making this the "year of his life", and kept on talking about new beginnings and things like that.

Typical Sora.

The brown haired teen was so outgoing. He always seemed to lose himself a hundred percent in whatever it was that he was doing.

Not like Roxas, who despite his rather flamboyant personality didn't give a damn about anything.

Well, there where some things he cared about. Like for example his beloved Wildlife Collection, which had received the place of honour on the top of his bookshelf. Roxas was indeed interested in wildlife and nature. It was actually one of the few things he would call himself rather fond of. And without bragging, say he was pretty good at. He had always been like that he supposed, ever since he was a kid.

He remembered how he used to drag Sora along to the Pet Shop to look at the animals when they where small.

He had made nicknames to all of them, and especially he had loved this red parrot that always started to whistle very loud when he entered the store. The lady behind the counter had told him that parrots could live for many, many years and that they could learn to say a whole loads of different phrases.

Roxas had been trying to get the bird to say his name, but never really succeeded in that, yet he still tried every time he went there.

One day however, he had come to the store, only to find that the bird's cage was empty, and the employee informed him that someone had bought it the other day.

Roxas had been sulking for a week.

Another thing that Roxas cared deeply about was the art of photographing. He simply adored taking pictures with his camera, a Nikon D3, which he was rather proud of. Sora had gotten it to him for their fifteenth birthday. Roxas had almost cried from happiness, and had felt a bit guilty at the same time, seeing as all he got Sora was this impersonal necklace, symbolising a keychain. Sora however, claimed he loved it, and now he never took it off, except from when he showered.

That was the thing about his twin. He always knew what people desired most, and was never angry or disappointed if he didn't get the same treat. In fact, Sora rarely got angry at all. He always appeared to be this big bunch of smiles, and the moment he walked into a room, everyone inside lit up. Sometimes Roxas could've sworn he saw this shimmering light, wavering around his twin, like an aura or something.

Unlike Roxas, who sometimes felt like the only ting wavering in his presence was a black, pouring cloud above his head.

Nope, he and Sora was nothing like one another when it came to personalities.

Sora was probably the most hyperactive teen in town, always talking and full of energy.

It was like the spiked haired boy had no worries in the world, and he met every situation with a smile.

Roxas was moody, silent and embedded. And quite frankly, sometimes he even considered himself the slightest bit emo. (Except from the whole black-hair-and-dark-eye-shadow sort of thing, obviously.)

In other words, he was nothing like Sora.

Speaking of whom was at the present time snapping his fingers in front of Roxas' face, trying to get his attention.

"Spacing out at the first day of school, are we Roxy?" He said in a voice that was probably supposed to sound stern, but that did not full fill its purpose at all.

Roxas just snarled at him, fighting the urge to throw his spoon at his twin. He really wasn't a morning person.


Later that morning, when he and Sora stepped through the big, double doors of Destiny High, Roxas started to reconsider the whole not-caring about high school thing.

The entrance hall was filled with students. Some where standing in larger groups, while others where simply scattered around, either alone, in pair, or in small gatherings.

Roxas had never in his life seen so many youths in one place at one time, and he somehow felt as if all eyes were glued to him as he and Sora walked among the hordes of people. Of course, that's only imagination, he told himself, but still, he didn't feel the slightest calm.

He could easily pick out the popular ones. They were standing in the middle of the hall, all of them at least five inches taller than himself, not to speak of far more good looking.

He suddenly spotted Tidus, their childhood neighbour, in the middle of the crowd, waving his arms in a way that probably was supposed to resemblance him playing blitz ball. Roxas should've known Tidus was one of the popular kids. Ever since youth, the blonde had had this remarkable talent for the popular game. Otherwise Tidus was kind of a goof. A nice goof, but a goof none the less.

He also saw Seifer Almasy, the guy that used to bully everyone around in middle school, stealing their lunches and notes. Just when Roxas looked at him, Seifer caught his gaze and grinned evilly as he sent a rather ugly hand gesture Roxas' way. Roxas, who concluded that Seifer hadn't really changed, quickly turned his head and looked elsewhere.

His eyes fell on a blond boy with a mullet who was running excitedly after a boy with lilac hair covering the right half of his face, tugging at his sleeve while he was blabbering extremely loud about something Roxas assumed had to do with music, seeing as he kept uttering the words "refrain" and "g-minor". He also had a big guitar case strapped to his back.

The lilac haired guy did not seem to care about the other boy's chattering. He just kept walking, not raising as much as an eyebrow in cognition. However, the musician didn't seem to mind, as he kept on gabbing in total lack of pauses between his sentences.

Somehow, he reminded Roxas of Sora.

He made a quick side glance at his twin, who was walking bouncily beside him.

The brunet looked totally content, as if starting high school was something he did every day.

Typical Sora, Roxas though for the second time that morning.

As they continued walking, Roxas took the opportunity to look around.

The building was as far as he could see, big.

There were a well of doors everywhere, and stairs that from what he understood lead to the upper floors.

The white marble floor shone like a mirror. Not a spot was in sight.

The roof was so high, his neck made a creepy cracking sound when he bent his head far back to look at it.

For some reason, he couldn't quite shake this odd "airport" feeling off himself.

In the middle of the entrance hall, it was a reception counter, almost the size of their garage, conducted by a short, blonde girl, who continuously popped her gum.

She looked bored, as if there was nothing special about a bunch of newcomers attending their first day at high school.

Roxas was about to ask Sora if he had seen any bathrooms yet, seeing as he really felt the urge to drown himself in cold water, when a sudden movement to his right made him jump. A blurry mass of blue and silver flew past him, making his blond locks flicker in the trail of wind that followed. He heard Sora yelp and when he turned to look at his twin, he saw nothing. The spot Sora had been standing in earlier was now empty.

However, before he found the time to contemplate what just happened, he heard a squeal from below, that made him lower his gaze.

Sora was currently being straddled by a boy with silver, shoulder length hair and mischievous, aquamarine eyes.


Riku was Sora's best friend, and it was common knowledge that the two of them were inseparable. Sora had known Riku since the age of three, and not a day went by without the two of them hanging out or speaking on the phone.

Riku, who was a year older, had already attended Destiny High for a whole semester, and he had promised Sora to make it his own personal duty to help him and Roxas fit in.

"Riku!" Sora whined and tried to push the older boy off, a small tinge of red covering his cheeks.

Said teen just laughed and shifted his weight, so the brunet was pressed harder down to the marble floor.

"Aren't you at least a tiny bit happy to see me, Sora?"

He made a kicked-puppy look and flashed his eyelashes in a way that made him look very out of character.

Sora just snorted.

"I see you every day Ri-Ri!"

Riku pretended to get hurt and pushed Sora down once more as he proceeded getting up.

When he was standing securely on his feet, he extended a hand to the blue eyed boy, who was stilled sprawled out on the floor.

Sora, who was now wearing his trademark pout, took it, and the instant he did, he was abruptly pulled to his feet, chest colliding with Riku's, his nose nearly brushing the other boy's chin. Riku's eyes widened slightly as a short gasp of surprise escaped the smaller teen that was currently cuddled up against his thorax.

There was a moment of utter silence, followed by a weird, squeaking sound that Roxas found came from Sora, and then both boys turned away, cheeks flushing brightly.

Roxas tried to stop the snigger erupting from his throat, but didn't really succeed in anything but choking on his breath.

So much for my image.

Sora, whom was now as red as a tomato suffering from a threatening sun burn attack, caught his laugh and gave him a good shove in the shoulder.

He felt himself losing balance and mercilessly descending towards the same floor his twin was all over moments ago.

Yet, he never really hit the blank surface. His back crashed into something semi-soft and he just sort of bounced back into a standing position.

"Whoa! I know I'm irresistible and all, but no one's ever fallen for me that fast!"

Roxas turned to see the bearer of that melodious voice, and once he did, his jaws went slack and his mouth fell open.

To be continued…

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