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Shifting Roads

Chapter Thirty-Two

"The Spying shall End"


The year had been, to say at least, eventful. Actually, it was fair to say that it had been the most lavishing year the blond had ever experienced.

Things had changed, paths had been renewed, roads had shifted and nothing was ever going to go back to the way the were.

As Roxas entered Destiny High on the last day of school, early in June, the blond could not refrain from thinking those thoughts.
The past eight months had been completely surreal in a way, but they had also brought more happiness and luck than he had ever before experienced. Whistling a happy tune as he sauntered up the stairs leading to the entrance, he hooked his backpack firmer around his shoulder.

Suddenly, he was overwhelmed with a very melancholic feeling and to his surprise, his mood dropped several levels.

This was his last day of freshman year.

It had gone by so incredibly fast!

He remembered the first time he had entered through those big, double doors. That seemed such a long time ago, so far away.

His life had changed nearly to the extreme since then. He had a boyfriend now, a bunch of new companions, a job at the local petshop (where indeed Blabber had been living all those years ago) and he had turned seventeen!


He felt older, happier and much safer now than he had done back then and somehow, he felt like his life had achieved some kind of greater meaning in the past couple of months. But, boy had it all gone fast!

Swallowing timidly, he bit his lower lip and stopped right in front of the door. As he gazed at it, his mind drifted back to the first time he met Axel and a smile appeared in his face. Grinning like an idiot, he remembered how he had, due to Sora's ruthless pushing, fallen backwards and thereby collided with the red head. His life had without doubt changed enormously that day and to think that it was all because of a little -actually it was rather hard, he thought- push!

He shook his head to himself. Life surely was a mystery.

"Hey Roxas!"

A voice he recognized as Demyx's came soaring at him from behind.

When turning to greet the musician, he was not surprised to find a certain lilac haired teen standing at the blond's side. Demyx and Zexion had, ever since the time they had first gotten together, stayed with each other like Siamese twins and Roxas nearly giggled as he remembered exactly how they had first gotten together.

Demyx's infamous party!

Loads of things happened there!

And to think that's eight months ago already?!

"Hello there Demyx. Zexion. What's up?"

"Ah," the sandy-haired teen gave a small sigh, "nothing much. Just glad school's about to end for the summer."

At his side, Zexion nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah. That's rather awesome really."

"What about you Rox? You happy about the vacation, or are you sad that we won't get to see the insides of our beloved school for the entire summer?"

"Oh yeah," the blond replied sarcastically, "I'm actually contemplating about whether to hide away in a cupboard at the end of the day."

The three of them laughed.

"What's so funny?"

Hayner came up beside Roxas and with him he'd brought Olette and Pence, the latter two lost in a deep conversation. Apparently, Olette was currently telling the slightly chubby teen about her plans for the vacation. Something about white shores and crowded beaches.

Roxas grinned at his best friend and stuck his tongue out teasingly. "You are." He had always loved to make fun of the brown eyed teen, just as much as Hayner himself enjoyed returning the favor.

Hayner answered with a faint punch in the blond's shoulder and a small snort.


Again, the group broke out in a fit of cheerful laughter.

"It's a boy!" Kairi's voice rung through the almost empty hallway. Empty except from two other figures in the opposite end of the corridor. Both of their heads snapping up at the sound of her scream.

"What?" The smaller of them shrieked and lifted his hand to cup his ear excessively.

The auburn haired girl fought the urge to roll her eyes at his ministrations. "A boy! Tifa's given birth to a boy!"

Her face shone with a big, brilliant smile and her deep, indigo eyes sparkled with glee. Bouncing a few meters before she broke into a sprint, she coursed towards the two males who stood there waiting for her.

Laughing as she ran, she took in the way their hands were firmly clasped as usual and her grin widened, if possible, even more.

Once she reached them, Kairi flung herself in between them and tugged them both close. Still giggling happily, she inhaled deeply before speaking up once more.

"They're gonna name him Zack!"

She pulled away and now, tears glimmered in her eyes.

"Can you believe it? I'm officially an aunt!"

Riku grinned at her. "Sure we can." He ruffled her hair affectionately, eliciting a surprised whine from the red head, "auntie Kairi. Don't you just love the sound of that Sora?"

The young, spiky haired boy at his side nodded his head in excitement and proceeded placing a hand on the beaming girl's shoulder.

"That's awesome, Kai!" He chirped happily. "You'll be the best aunt ever!"

"So they're gonna call him Zack, huh?" Riku raised two curious, eyebrows at her, "why?"

"Well," the red head shrugged, "I don't really know. Something about a guy Reno and Cloud knew when they were kids. It was Reno who insisted." She pursed her lip thoughtfully. "It sounds so familiar, but..."

Both hers and Rikus eyes traveled to Sora, as I to ask him if he knew anything. Cloud was his brother after all.

"Oh..." The brunet frowned a little as he caught up. Biting his lip he dropped his gaze to the floor and in seconds he was lost in thoughts. The two other teens waited silently for the brunet to come around and suddenly he lifted his head rapidly.

"I remember!"

Glancing up at Riku, he scratched the back of his head.

"Do you recall the whole shooting accident downtown ten years ago?"

Riku forrowed his brows. "Yeah... Yeah I remember. We were about six. Seven?"

"Five." Sora replied and grinned at the glare the older teen shot him.

"Anyway," he continued, "do you remember the kid who got shot? His name was Zack. Zack Fair I believe. He and Cloud were friends."

"I remember that! He died!" Kairi's voice was high pitched and her mouth hung slightly open. "I had completely forgotten about that! Guess they really hushed it down back then?" She flicked some of her hair behind her ear. "Reno once brought him over. Apparently, he was an orphan, or had been..." she trailed off, her gaze slightly losing focus. "He had an awful lot of hair. Black, if I'm not mistaking."

"Yes!" Sora piped up, "Reno and Cloud used to bicker all the time about which one of them would spend the most time with him!"

He smiled softly. "I recall Cloud always won and Reno was awfully pissed about it." He laughed, "although, Zack and your brother often teased him. I think Zack acted as a result of bad conscience."

Kairi's smile vanished slowly and her face was left faintly doleful. "Reno was completely devastated."

"I can't believe we actually forgot about that." Sora shook his head disbelievingly, "Cloud was broken too."

They stood there without speaking for some time and nothing but the occasional footsteps of bypassing students broke the silence. After what seemed like minutes, Riku cleared his throat.

"It's a really nice gesture though," he gazed softly at Kairi, "naming the baby after him. I'm sure he would've been really happy about that."

The auburn haired girl nodded. "Yes, I think so too."

All of a sudden, the bell signalizing mid-day rang and as the sound echoed through the corridors, Kairi gasped loudly and flailed her arms in a very Demyx-like matter.

"Eeep!" She yelped.

"I am supposed to meet Naminé at the bus stop now! Sorry! Got to run, or else we'll miss the film! She has been talking about this movie ever since they started showing the trailer on TV! Maybe you've heard of it? It's called "The Empress" and it's a new film by—"

She was abruptly cut off as Riku placed a firm hand over her mouth. Chuckling, the silver haired teen shook his head rapidly. "Hey! Quit rambling and get going! You can tell us about it later. Now go!" Still smiling, he let go of her and with a sheepish grin and a wave, she was gone.

"She is so dense sometimes." Came Sora's breathy voice.

At this, Riku raised a slender brow and a sly smirk manifested itself on his lips.

Painfully slowly, he turned his head towards the younger boy, whom was still busy staring down the hall to where Kairi had disappeared.

"Dense?" The word came out almost a whisper and even Sora could not avoid hearing the small quiver in his boyfriend's voice.

Wrinkling his brows, the blue eyed boy caught said boyfriend's gaze.

Riku evidently had problem with keeping his face in serious folds. He kept swallowing and his mouth was nothing but a thin, sharp line. His Adam-apple kept moving and he was clenching his jaws so tightly that Sora was impressed that his teeth did not crunch.

That's odd?

However, just as he uttered the thought to himself, a switch was being turned on inside is head and he was filled with a haunting suspicion that said that the silver haired teen's odd behavior had something to do with himself.

Therefore, he started racking his brain for possible reasons.

When realization hit him however, his eyes narrowed and inhaling deeply, he shot the silver haired teen an intense glare.


Riku laughed heartily. "Took you a while, didn't it?"

Sora attempted to scowl. "Shut it."

"Nah Sora," the older teen turned solemn, "I'm just joking. " He paused a little, chewing on his cheek. "Well, at least partly." The smaller boy growled a not so decent reply.

Chuckling at his boyfriends behavior, Riku ran a hand through Sora's brown tresses. Leaning down, he pressed a soft kiss to the lither teen's lips and when he pulled away, a warm smile grazed his features.

"I don't care how dense you can possibly be Sora. I wouldn't change you for the world."

The brunet immediately melted and his sour look vanished in a flash. Grinning widely, hisazure orbs glimmering with happiness, Sora's eyeslocked with turquoise ones. "I love you so much!"

Riku laughed softly and shook his head a bit. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves shall we?"

At his comment, the brunet pursed his lips faintly and the older teen knew exactly what was about to happen. "Hey! No pouting!" The smaller teen's expression froze and Riku could not refrain from laughing.

"I'm only joking Sora." His voice softened until it was merely above a murmur. "You have no idea how I feel when hearing those words coming from you." He paused to gaze at the other teen. "I love you too Sora. More than anything. I—"

He got no further, as a pair of warm, determined lips ascended upon his and pulled him into a flurry of passion. Even though they had been together for almost eight months now, the silver haired teen could not help the fact that his stomach fluttered painfully each and every time he kissed he brunet. Sora had just the same influence over him now, as he'd had the first months of their relationship. Riku knew he was whipped. Completely. He was head over heals in love with the boy and his affection seemed to grow each day.

It was fair to say that the two of them had gone through some complications in the early beginning of their relationship. Not only had it it been pretty hard to tell everyone about their newfound love, including Riku's parents, they'd had to come to terms with it themselves.

Surely, it had not been all that easy. Going from bestfriends to boyfriends all of a sudden brought along a tsunami of upheavals with it and they'd had to deal with a lot of different emotions.

At first, they had both been rather shy and fumbling, but as their feelings clarified themselves, the couple more or less settled with their new situation. The weirdest thing was perhaps engaging in sexual action. It had taken a rather big amount of time before either of them could partake in such activities, or encourage it at all.

Riku remembered how many times they had been close to doing things during the early phases of their relationship, but each time they had pulled away, both extremely flustered and abashed.

However, when they ha finally managed to get to the top of that hill, it had been heaven and Riku swore he had never in his lifetime experienced something bigger.

Feeling how his chest swelled at the memory, Riku remembered the first time the brunet had told him he loved him. He had just gotten out from the hospital and they had been lying sprawled out on Sora's bed. They had kissed then, and Riku's guts still stirred when he thought about it. Sora had suddenly flipped him over and straddled his lap. Bending down, he'd placed a soft kiss on the aqua eyed teen's nose. Then, he had uttered the words Riku never got tired of hearing.

His love for Sora definitely had not faded.

When they broke apart, Sora inhaled deeply and shot him a solemn look. "I know you do. Now please, can we go to a place more private?"

Riku smirked. "As you wish Shortstuff."

This time, there was nothing stopping the pout coming from Sora.

When the bell rang, Roxas said goodbye to Naminé and went to meet up with Axel.

The petite blonde and he had stuck together all though the year and their friendship had blossomed profoundly. She had grown to become a very important friend of his and beside Hayner, he easily placed her among his best companions.

Naminé had never lost her kind, peaceful personality, although she had become more outgoing and perhaps even a little rougher than she'd been when he first met her.

Smiling as he thought of the good natured girl, the blond teen made his way to the reception in the giant entrance hall. He was just rounding the corner when he almost bumped into someone. Said someone being none other than his notorious English teacher and extended family member, Squall Leonheart.

"Ah! Sorry Mr. Leonheart, I really did not pay attention to where I was going."

The stoic brunet raised his hand. "It's all right Roxas." He gave a reassuring nod, "are you happy school is over?"

Roxas smiled at the man he had grown more than just a little fond of in the past few months. Leon had really made his brother Cloud happy and the two of them seemed to complete each other in a way no one else managed to. They had come out with the truth about their relationship just before Christmas, even though everyone had practically been waiting for it to happen. Their affection for one another was really obvious.

"Well, I am happy about the vacation of course," he started reasonably, "but it'll be weird not coming here for a period of three whole months."

"I see." Leon ran a hand though his brown tresses. "Well, I better get going. " He gave the blond one of his quick, rare smiles.

"I'm driving your brother to the hospital."

Roxas furrowed his brows. "The hospital? Why?"

"Oh," the brunet replied smoothly, "don't worry, there's nothing wrong. Tifa has just given birth."

Roxas' jaw dropped. "What?! When?"

Leon raised an elegant, dark brow, "err... just now?"

The teen slapped himself mentally for showing that kind of stupidity, "oh, yeah. You said that!"

The older male actually sniggered, "yeah... Well, I'll see you later Roxas."


Leon strolled off, his chocolate hair wavering swiftly as he left.

He turned around to leave and once again he nearly ran into a person.

This time,however, he was more than happy about the outcome. Suddenly, he found himself locked in a tight, warming embrace, his vision clouded due to the bush of red hair that poked him in his face.

Laughing, he unlatched himself from who he assumed to be his boyfriend. And quite right. Axel was standing before him, his hair as spiky as ever, emerald eyes gleaming with delight.

"There you are Roxy! I was starting to wonder if you had forgotten about me." He faked a pout. "Those awful thoughts nearly broke my heart!" He placed a hand over his chest dramatically and threw his head back, twisting his face in what was probably to typify agony.

'Roxy' just rolled his eyes. "Oh, I'm sure you were really close to drop dead."

The red head huffed, seemingly hurt by his comment, but beamed at him the next second.

"Hey Sunshine! Guess what?"


"I'm home alone this weekend!"

The blond gave a small snort. "Axel. So am I, you know that."

The red head looked all but confused. "Really?"

Roxas chuckled. "Well, yeah, I told you last week. Mom's going away again."

Axel smirked, "Mr. Highwind?"

The smaller teen nodded. "Indeed."

His mother had recently visited her old 'friend' Cid Highwind rather often and th two of them seemed to have something going on.

Both Roxas and Sora had asked her about it, but Tanka had just smiled mysteriously at them and told them that she'd let them know once everything was settled. The twins had accepted this and waited patiently for her to figure out the situation. It was, after all, the least they could do.

Roxas really wanted his mother to be happy and if this was her chance, then so be it.

"Then, we'll have loads of time to ourselves I suppose?" The red head licked his lips in a very suggesting manner and Roxas felt chills run down his spine.

Despite the fact that he and Axel had been going out for over eight months now, he never really got entirely used to being treated like that and it affected him in the same way each time.

Swallowing, he as well wet his lips and raised a hand to cup the older teen's cheek. Rising to his toes, the blond carefully brought their mouths together for a welcoming kiss.

They nibbled at each other's warm lips for some time before their tongues engaged in battle.

Pulling the red head closer, Roxas moaned faintly into the wet cavern of his mouth. Axel caught the sound and smirking, he fisted his hands in the shorter boy's golden spikes. The kiss went on and they did not break apart before the need for air became insufferable.

With a chesire grin, Axel took in his boyfriend's flushed features. "You reckon we'll need a couch then?"

Roxas laughed. "Suuuure!" He gave the red head a quick peck on the cheek, "that's an idea."

"Yeah, but it can't be at my house." The red head squirmed a little. "I can only imagine what would have happened if we spent the night on my couch!"

Roxas furrowed his brows slightly and Axel gave a sheepish grin. "Blabber."

Realization was beginning to dawn on Roxas.

"Can't you hear him? Once my parents come home from the South and happily enter the living room; Axeeel, Roooooxas, soiled coooouch!"

They both blurted out in laughter. The whole thing was just too easy to imagine.

"Nah, Roxie, I believe it's your couch that has to suffer once again." Axel ruffled his hair affectionately, "or, we could just make it to your room this time."

The blond leaned into the touch and purred. Axel's hand felt like some sort of soothing fire and it sent small jolts of excitement through his body. "I guess we could do that."

And with those words they sauntered off, hands clasped between them, leaving a trail of warm hilarity behind them.

When their laughter died out, a lonely figure stepped out of the shadows in the darkened corridor. A tattered cape blew swiftly in the sudden, ghostly wind as it turned to leave, followed by almost inaudible footsteps.

Mr. Valentine rolled his eyes.

"That's it. No more lurking in the shadows."


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