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To say you could probably cut the tension with a knife, would be a very big understatement.

Lena had done all the talking, while Dave and Paige snickered at each other from across the room. Paige glanced away for a second, seeing Lena stand up. Before she could question, the young girl spoke.

"Thanks for the dinner, Dad."

Dave looked at her. "Going to bed so soon?"

Lena smiled, placing a peck on her father's cheek. "You know Nana always picks me up every Saturday night."

"No, actually I forgot." He eyed Paige, when he said it.

The honk of the horn, had everybody turning their head toward the window. "See you tomorrow, Dad." A smirk then directed at the young woman. "Nice meeting you, Paige." Who in return, just waved.

An awkward silence filled the room, before one of them finally spoke. "A smart and intelligent young girl you got there." Dave stared. "Hard to believe she's yours."

Dave gave a mock laugh. "Oh, you're leaving now? Don't let the door hit you on your fat ass when you leave."

"The smarts must've come from her mother then."

He jaw clenched, and his eyes flickered. "Hitting a woman is beneath me, but you make it possible for me to cross that line."

"Don't I feel special?"

"You should. It's probably the closest you'll ever come to getting a real compliment."

Paige felt the sting, but didn't budge. "Five bucks tells me you can't even spell the word compliment." Next thing she knew, a strong force slammed her against the wall.

"Say another word…"

Paige tilted her head in amusement. "And what? You'll hit me?" She saw the fire in his eyes. "I dare you."

Dave wrapped a hand around her neck, forcing her eyes to look into his. "You shouldn't dare me, Princess."

A groan escaped her throat, as his lips crushed heavily against her own. "I.hate.you." The words breathlessly spoken, as she ripped off his shirt.

He lifted her up onto the table. "And you're a bitch." His mouth indulged on her neck, while his hands unbuttoned her shirt. Dave growled, feeling her fingers linger at his waist. "Don't be a tease, Paige." Her fingers traced lower, and he felt himself jump. "Really not fuckin' nice."

Her back arched as his mouth kissed. She hated and detested this man with every bone in her body, but she'd be lying if she said those same bones weren't aching for him to be inside her.

He'd insulted everything about her. Probably everything just short of an actual smack to the face. But he'd be lying if he said those same insults weren't everything that attracted him to her. Odd. This whole situation was odd.

And then another odd thing happened. The doorbell rang.

"Shouldn't you get that?" Dave ran a hand up her thigh in response. Paige bit her lip, swallowing back his name. "It could be your daughter."

Dave glared at her, as he stood. "What a way to ruin the moment." Slipping his shirt back on, Dave retreated to the door. His voice cracked when he saw who it was. "Sasha." He cleared his throat. "What are you doing here?"

Let's just say this Sasha woman was a really good "acquaintance".

"Is your daughter here?" Dave shook his head. "Then you know what I'm doing here, Dave." He started to protest, but she'd already pushed him aside.

Paige came face-to-face with this Sasha. Her arms folded, as they stared each other down.

"I see you've finally gotten yourself a maid." Throwing her coat in Paige's direction. "Don't worry, we'll try not to make too much noise tonight."

Paige cursed watching the woman make her way through the house. "A maid? I'll show you a fuckin' maid."

Dave grabbed her arm. "She has nothing to do with you, Paige."

Paige snatched her arm back. "Seriously? You're being fuckin' serious right now?" He said nothing. "Fine." She slammed the coat against his chest. "Then I have nothing to do with you."

He should've probably gone after her. Done something. But he didn't, because that wasn't him.


Distance is what she needed, and distance is what she got.

It'd been two weeks since the "incident" at Dave's house happened. Something that Paige wished she could get over already. Considering who was there when she left, she knew Dave was probably way over it by now.

"Paige, open up! I know you're in there!"

Paige jumped out of her seat hearing the familiar voice. How the hell? The voice called her name again. Paige cursed out loud this time. "What Sara?!" She exclaimed, flying open the door. "Do you have spies following me now too?"

"Mark, was just looking out for you, Paige."

The young woman rolled her eyes, shutting the door behind her. "How did you find me?"

Sara slipped off her coat. "I had Mark's spies trace your number." Paige wasn't looking too pleased with that answer. "You know I'm kidding, Paige."

"Really? Because I wouldn't put it past you, if you weren't."

Sara sighed in slight frustration. "I'll let your attitude slide this time." Paige gave a mock of a smile. "Mark told me about it."

Paige threw her hands up. "Of course he would." She pointed towards the door-way. "Is he out there?"

"No, he didn't want to come." Sara crossed the floors of the apartment. "Nice place you got here. Wish I would've known about it these past four years."

"Mark only knew about it, because he had to sign for me." Paige folding her arms. "Was there a point to you coming, Sara?"

"Something happened with Dave again, didn't it?"

"No, now will you leave?"

Sara eyed her. "Paige…" She warned. "I know when you're lying."

"Well then, you should know when I don't want to talk about something."

"Fine. Then I'll do the talking."

Paige mumbled a few 'not so nice' words under her breath. "What could you possibly want to talk about, if you don't know what happened?"

The older woman smiled. "Your attitude for one."

"Seriously, get out now."

Sara grabbed Paige's arm, before plopping both of them on the couch. "Paige, if you think I'm going to tell Mark…"

"No, No…" Paige sighed. "It's not that, Sara." Her mood calm now. "I just seriously would like to forget it ever happened."

"That bad?"

"That bad. I made a fool of myself."

"And you're just going to sit here and let it occupy your time?"

Paige gave a mindless shrug. "I have nothing else better to do."

"There's something called work. You know, that something you were doing before all this mess happened?"

"Your husband and Dave are the reason that isn't happening."

"Yes, because those are the only two jobs in the world." Paige glared at the sarcastic comment. "Why not find somebody else that needs an assistant then?"

"Oh, I can think of a million reasons not to."

Sara rose, helping herself to a drink in the kitchen. "You can get back at him."

Paige gave an 'are you serious with that' kind of look. "How old are you again?" Sara smirked. "I was never into high school games, and I'm not about to start playing them now."

Sara held a finger up, as she tried to get her point across. "How to get back at a man, is to find a man that's just that much better than he is."

Paige snorted in amusement. "Ha, that shouldn't be too hard. It's Dave for God's sake."

Sara clasped her hands together in excitement. "That's the spirit."


She hated walking down these hallways again. Every other corner, dreading she'd run into him. Paige cursed Sara for actually talking her into doing this high school shit. Why was she doing this? Dave meant nothing to her anyway. And yeah, she'd keep telling herself that until she finally believed it.


Paying so much attention to that aspect of why she was there, Paige hadn't noticed the tall, dark, and handsome male walk up to her. "Bobby, hey!" She greeted, putting a smile on.

"What are you doing here? I thought…" He let it linger.

Paige eyed Dave walking toward them. "Let's just say, I have unfinished business." She let him pass, before continuing on. "So, what about you? I haven't talked to you in quite a while." Mark had been somewhat of a mentor to Bobby, letting the two of them meet on several occasions.

"Actually, I'm glad I ran into you."

Paige curious. "What's up?"

"I myself, am looking for a P.A., and was maybe wondering if you had anyone in mind?"

Paige had to smile at Sara's words, running through her head. "Well, how about me? I still have two months free."

Bobby was the one curious now. "Oh really? Dave said…"

Paige eyed the male down the hall. "Dave says a lot of things."

Bobby nodded and gave a look in agreement. "Shall we talk about this some more?" He questioned, offering his arm.

Paige slipped her own under his. "We shall."

And to make everything more worth it, she knew he was watching her every move.