"Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me."

Grace Elizabeth Turner stood at the front of The Empress, ready for adventure. She was nine-years-old and knew everything there was to know about pirates. After all, her parents were Will and Elizabeth Turner. Her father was the former Captain of The Flying Dutchman and her mother, the Pirate Lord of the South China Sea and Pirate King of the Brethren Court. Her uncle was also Captain Jack Sparrow of The Black Pearl. Pirate was everything in her world. For as long as she could remember she had always been at sea at least once a year. It was family tradition to sail together on her mother's ship. Her older brother William, who was thirteen years old, had just began his sword training with a real sword with their father. Grace wanted to learn, but was confined to a wooden sword until her thirteenth birthday. For now, she practiced daily with her own wooden sword, shaped after her mother's Jian. She preferred it to the Cutlass her father and uncle used. They were a respected family, albeit a pirate family, but respected nonetheless. Lost in her thoughts, Grace did not see her brother sneaking up behind her.

"BOO!" He grabbed her from behind.

"William! Put me down this instant!" She struggled in his grasp, but he was strong for his age.

"You'll never get away from me!" William loved to tease her.

"One of these days I'm going to be stronger than you!"

"I'd like to see that day. You're just a girl...and not even a whole girl at that!"

"William, put your sister down. You know she doesn't like that." Elizabeth walked towards her two bickering children.

William obediantly put his sister down. Grace straightened her clothes and shoved her brother enough to move him aside. Finally, William left and went below deck to find his father. Grace returned to her spot overlooking the ocean. Her mother came and stood next to her, staring out at the same timeless waters. Standing next to one another, mother and daughter favored one another very much. However, Grace had her father's dark curls, the one difference between the two. Silence filled the space between Elizabeth and Grace, neither wanting to ruin the perfect, gentle lapping of the waves against the ship. Both were totally in love with the sea, Elizabeth from childhood and Grace practically from birth. It was something they enjoyed sharing with one another. The sea was perfect and timeless.

"Mother, why am I so different?"

"What ever do you mean Grace?"

"William said I'm not a whole girl. It's not normal for a girl my age to be out here like this, is it?" Grace's eyes gave away her emotions instantly to her mother.

"Grace, you are perfectly normal. Don't ever let your brother or anyone else ever tell you otherwise. Your father and I decided a long time ago, right after you were born, that we would let you make your own choices. I didn't want you to have to fight your parents for the things you wanted to do like I did." Elizabeth pulled her daughter close to her.

"You did?" Grace looked up at Elizabeth.

"My father insisted that I be raised as a proper young lady of society. I've always be fascinated by pirates, but was never allowed to act on my own accord. In the end, he realized that I had to make my own choice. I fell in love with your father more when he became a pirate himself in order to rescue me."

"I guess that it isn't so bad then. I'll eventually be able to beat William and any other boy who gets in my way!" Grace's mood bounced back in an instant.

Elizabeth went below deck, leaving Grace to her own thoughts. The little girl peered over the side of the ship and watched the waves lap against the side. Her mother was right, she did get to choose what she wanted to be. For as long as she could remember, she had always loved pirates. After all, her parents were two of the greatest pirates ever known on the seas. She wanted to follow in their footsteps and make them proud of her. A great ambition, considering she was only nine and had not even learned how to properly use a real sword, another fact her brother constantly taunted her about because he was allowed to use a real sword now. Although, Grace noted, it was definitely not his stongest suit.

As Grace continued to stare out at the sea, she found herself in a trance with the waves washing back and forth across her vision. Without realizing it, Grace found herself being lulled to sleep like she used to be when she was a baby. In an instant, she fell asleep and fell overboard. The water hit her face like ice and woke her up instantly. She swam to the surface and tried to call for help, but the water was so cold that it shocked her. The Empress continued to sail away at a speed that Grace could not keep up with. For hours after the ship had gone, she swam around the ocean in search and hope that someone would find her. Her strength was giving out. By nightfall, she found it near impossible to stay above water. She began to sink into the freezing water, thinking of her parents and her brother, the people she loved most. As she could feel death creeping on her, she was afraid that she would never see them again. Just as she thought she was going to give up, she felt someone pull her out of the water onto the deck of a ship. Upon hitting the deck, she fell unconscious.

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