A week passed on the island without any sign of ships on the horizon. With each day that passed, the chances of Davy Jones and Tia Dalma returning were slim. Ben and Grace made the best of their situation by creating a more sufficient shelter out of bamboo and huge palm leaves, using Ben's knowledge of knots and Grace's talent for weaving. It was not the most attractive house, but it kept the rain out and withstood the winds. For food, they would fish and try and gather as much fruit as they could find. Though it was not much, it sufficed for the both of them to not go hungry.

During the day, Ben would spend his time gathering wood and using an axe that he found in the boat they had escaped in to shave the wood down to planks. Grace had no earthly clue what Ben was doing, but assumed he was building a ship from the looks of things or adding onto the boat they had arrived in to make it more suitable for sailing. So, in order to occupy her own time, she wandered the beach, just thinking about things. While she was not happy to be on this island, she was glad to have Ben for company. In her heart, she could not deny that something was there for him, but she was not exactly sure of what it was. He was her very best friend in the world and was always there for her no matter what might occur. She thought about it as she walked the beaches alone, kicking sand around with her bare feet. Also on her mind was her family, like always. She missed them now more than ever before. She remembered her mother telling her a story of how she was stranded on an island with Uncle Jack. Her mother had also told her that an island is where she was left when Grace's father had to begin his ten year sentence as captain of The Flying Dutchman long before Grace's birth. Grace could not begin to imagine the pain her mother went through without her father beside her.

As the sun began to set, Grace returned to their make-shift home to find Ben finishing his work for the day. The two of them began to make dinner together, chatting about their day and if they thought they would ever leave the island. They sat around the fire they had built, just talking and eating their food.

"I promise you that I will do everything within my power to get us off here." Ben was resolved and never broke his promises to Grace.

"I know that you will do your best." She smiled. "At least we have food and shelter while we are here."

Ben nodded.

"Do you think we'll ever find your parents or mine?" Grace drew patterns mindlessly in the sand with a twig near her foot.

"Perhaps, but only if we can find a suitable ship to sail on after we get off this island."

"By the looks of things, I'd say we're in the Caribbean, so Port Royal is nearby. My family lives there when they're not sailing the seas and there are plenty of ships in the harbors. One of them is bound to sail by this island sometime."

"If we're fortunate, your family might still be in Port Royal."

"I'm not sure they will be. My parents would not come home unless they found me. I still remember where we lived though. Perhaps some of the servants will still be there watching after the house."

"We can hope. For now, let's try and get off this island first." Ben set aside his food.

They were silent for a while, each focusing on something else entirely. Without her realizing it, Ben kept stealing glances at Grace. She was so beautiful. The light from the fire only enhanced her beauty by illuminating her long, chocolate curls and making her skin, darkened by the sun, glow. She looked like an angel sent from heaven. Never before had he realized how beautiful she truly was until this moment. Growing up with Grace, he never expected to feel like this when he was around her. They had always been close and constantly bickered with one another about the most ridiculous of things as children. Now they worked together in harmony, teaching one another how to survive on this island. Ben knew that once they were off the island, they could possibly find her family and she would go with them. He felt a twinge in his heart at the thought of losing Grace, even to her family. It was something he could not explain, nor did he want to express it to her for fear of her laughing at him. So he remained silent.

That night, after Ben had gone to sleep, Grace lay awake. She stared out into the night sky with the stars shining brightly above her. Her mind was racing in five million directions all at once and all of them about Ben. On one hand, she knew that she could not live life without him. Ben was like her oxygen, the reason she kept breathing. Yet, she knew that once she found her family that she would have to part from him. Her mother and father would most likely not approve of him because he was the son of their enemy. Though that enemy had raised her for ten years, she knew it would not matter. As pirates, Davy Jones was still their sworn enemy as he had almost killed Will. Grace began to think of what they would think as parents, separate and apart from their piracy. She knew her mother would most likely understand being in love with someone who is forbidden as she was with Will all those years ago. Grace had always been told that her grandfather did not like the idea of his daughter marrying a blacksmith turned pirate, but that her mother did not care because she loved Will. Perhaps she could appeal to her mother's heart with her own plight. With this idea in her head, Grace rolled over and finally went to sleep.

When the sun rose the next morning, Ben was no where to be found in their shelter. Grace got up and walked outside, scanning the shore to find him. She found him about a mile down the shore, sitting in the sand. Cautiously she approached him from behind and sat down in the sand next to him. He picked up a rock and threw it into the water, making a splash about a hundred feet off shore. Grace traced patterns in the sand with her finger, avoiding eye contact with Ben. After a while, she could not stand the silence and decided to say something.

"What are you thinking about so intently? Is something the matter?"

"Yes." He said nothing more.

"Will you tell me?" She stopped tracing patterns and looked up at him.

"The problem lies with you." He looked her in the eyes.

"Me? What have I done to injure you so?"

"It's nothing you've done. I fear it is in the future and what will happen later."

Grace remained silent, stunned by what Ben had just said to her, and just starred at the sand. He turned his body towards her and lifted her chin to raise her eyes to his.

"I fear that I might lose you once we find your family. I'm sure they will not wish for you to continue our friendship because of my parents, even though that was years ago and my parents are different people then they were."

"We share the same fear. I do not know how I'm going to live without you."

Ben leaned forwards and placed a kiss on her lips. A rush of emotion filled Grace and before he could move away, she pressed her lips firmly to his and would not let him go. It was her first kiss. Once she did let go, he sat back away from her for a moment to take in what had just occurred. She again gazed down at the sand, scared of his reaction to her own irrational actions. Instead, he lifted her chin again to make her eyes see his own. In hers, he saw insecurity and the need to be loved along with tears. He wiped them away with his fingers and took her hands into his own.

The rest of the day remained quiet between them as they sat on the beach together. He layed back in the sand and allowed her to lay on his chest. With each breath, his chest would rise and fall in a rhythmic pattern that was soothing to Grace. She listened to his heart beat softly in her ear. It was a perfect day just lying there in his arms. An unspoken peace settled between them as each knew what the other was thinking. Grace knew that if they were never found, she would be happy with just Ben. Yet, there was still the nagging want in the back of her mind for her family. She wanted them to see how much she had grown up and how happy she had been. More than anything, she wanted them to meet Ben-her very best friend who she loved more than life itself. Though she knew a lot of problems were on the horizon for them, she loved Ben and would do anything for him and she knew he would do the same. She did not know what their kiss had meant, but it was significant. For now, she was just happy to be with him on the beach.

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