The Ron Ultimatum.

It was a dark, cold and bloody place with a huge open door, a teen with yellow hair was standing in the middle wondering around what is this place, how did he come here. Suddenly he heard a girl screaming for help then a gun shot he ran through the huge door and then heard another gun shot he ran faster until he reached to a room that looked like a ceremony or sacrifice room, in the middle there was a girl with red hair in the middle of the room with fire surrounding her and there was a black person who was beside the red hair girl. The yellow hair teen shouted for the girl to wake up but with no use she was just lying at the ground without moving, the black person raised a knife and stabbed the girl once twice…the teen boy shouted and begged him to stop, then the black person turned and he was wearing a mask.

Teen Boy: Who are you?

The black person without answering removed his mask and revealed his face, it was…..

Teen Boy: ENVY!!!!!!

Ron woke up and smashed Rax face and dropped him in to the ground he was going to strike again but Rax caught his hand.

Rax: It's just a dream!!!!

Ron came to reality he saw Rax then looked around he was in a train it was dark outside and it was cold he looked at Rax again.

Ron: What's the time now?

Rax: 4 o'clock am we still have 3 hours till we reach the village so take some rest.

Ron: Ok sorry about that.

Rax: No problem.

Rax went back to his bed and continued his sleep while Ron was looking at the window remembering his childhood friend and girl friend Kim.

(Flash back)

Ron: Hey Kim, how are you?

Kim: Fine, thanks for watching my back in the lair.

Ron: No problem I promised you ill protect you.

(End Flash Back)

Ron: I'll save you Kim, I promise.

Then he went to sleep, while in the other room, there was a man wearing black cape and black mask, talking to the phone.

Black Man: His here, shall I move on?

Mysterious voice: Yes.