It was quite both dudes stared at each other eye to eye they were like to dogs looking for a fight…..

Rax: Ron… be careful.

Ron: Who are you?

Mysterious man: Who am I…I'm the guy who's going to give you the beating of your life!!

The mysterious man gave Ron a quick punch knocking him on the ground.

Ron: That wasn't the answer I was looking for!!

Ron strike back and gave the man a punch then another punch and another until the man caught his hand.

Mysterious man: I gave you enough chances dude, I won't go easy now.

Ron was shocked: Chances?

The man kicked Ron through his stomach then punched him in the face blood splashed from Ron's mouth then the man gave him a kick to his face till it smashed it.

Rax: RON RUN!!!!

Mysterious man: I told you, you'll get the beating of your life.

Then the man smashed Ron face to the wall blood splashed to the wall and blood came down from Ron face.

Rax: THAT'S IT!!!

Rax got up and ran to the man raising a fist he punched him and punched him again and again and again then the man caught his hand.

Mysterious man: You got your chance too.

Rax: Nope there is still one thing to do.

Rax gave the man a low blow then he carried the chair and smashed it on the man back and smashed again and again, the man dropped to the ground.

Rax: Don't mess with us.

Mysterious man: Really?

Rax: What the….

The man stood up and kicked Rax through his stomach and punched him then he took the chair from Rax and smashed it to Rax head blood splashed!!

Rax: SHIT!!!

The man was going to hit Rax again but out from nowhere Ron jumped and took the chair from the man hand and smashed the chair to the man face…but the man didn't fell…Ron looked shocked as if he seen a ghost.

Rax: RON!!!!

Rax threw a sledgehammer to Ron, Ron took it and was going to attack the man but the man took the hammer from Ron and hit it through Ron stomach, Ron roars from pain, Rax shouts and tell the man to stop but the man continued to hit him and kick him until Ron was unconscious.

Rax: You sick bastard.

Mysterious man: Thank you.

Then he smashed Rax face with his big boots, Rax saw nothing felt nothing but darkness.

(Moments later)

Ron: Where are we?

He stands up but he fell his leg was bleeding and it was chained to steel…he looks around and find himself alone in a dark place no…pitch black place.

Ron: RAX!!!!

Ron hears a voice calling him back.

Rax: RON!!!!

Ron: Where are you dude?

Rax: Right in front ya.

Ron: Buts its dark how could I see you?

Rax: Aha I found a switch.

Rax switched the lights on and it appeared they are in a small room and blood is all covered on the walls.

Ron: Shit where are we!!!!?

Rax: I have no damn idea!!!

Ron: How did we get here?

Rax: Well I think that guy brought us here.

Ron: That bastard who was he anyway?

Rax: The real yakuza leader.

Ron: That sick bastard didn't you kill the leader when we were in Japan?

Rax: Well no and he wasn't the leader.

Ron: Damn it!

Ron punches the wall beside him then it broke a tape fell and a radio was inside the wall.

Ron: What the hell?

Ron takes the radio then the tape, the tape was written on it (Ron)

Rax: What's that?

Ron: Don't know lets see.

Ron puts the tape on the radio and plays it.

Radio: Hello Ron… I hope you enjoyed your naptime and saved some energy because your going to need it…and I guess your looking for your girl friend…if you want to get your girlfriend back you have to play a game…the rules are simple all you need to do is to kill cellmate before he kills you…if you wish to end this and get your girlfriend back you have to win…make your choice…live or die…

Rax: What the hell was that!!!!

Ron: I don't know but I know he got Kim with him.

Rax: So what are you going to do?

Ron: Smash that wall beside you.

Rax: Why?

Ron: Just do it.

Rax smashed the wall beside him and a tape fell it was written in it (cellmate), Rax was shocked.

Ron: Throw it on me.

Rax: Catch.

Rax throws the tape to Ron and Ron plays it.

Radio: Hello Cellmate… I'm wondering why are you called the cellmate…cause you're the target of this game…and the reason why are you the target…you have slept with Ron girlfriend before and you know it…you have stole your friend girl friend just to sleep with her and have fun…but today your fun is over because your friend is going to finish you…

Ron looks at Rax in a shock way.

Rax: Don't believe that shit I swear to you I didn't slept with Kim.

Ron thinks for a moment then: Alright I believe you I know this bastard wants me to kill you but he will fail.

Rax: We are going to save Kim dude.

Ron: You bet we would…Its time to play a game.

Rax: Game on Ron.

I hope the end caught up your attention now things are going to heat and ill try to make more suspense for you guys to have with my story. Thanks everyone who reads my stories get ready for episode 10 (The Game) don't miss it the best episode is coming on the way. Peace and review please.