Convosation with a dead man

Chapter One- I am dead, and you are speaking to canvas

Harry was starting to test her nerves on the subject, and Hermione did not know how much more of a rejection she could take.

His announcement one evening of a short trip to Hogwarts had resulted in several weeks of arguments between the friends. At first she had merely looked up from her novel and smiled, "That's lovely Harry, I've been meaning to have a chat with Minerva regarding some of the syllabus."

A frown and furrowing of the eyebrows was her reply that evening, and it wasn't until nearly a week later that upon her asking of the date of their trip which Harry had kindly told Hermione that he would appreciate it if she would allow him to take this visit alone.

Aghast she had fretted to Ron her worries that night and resolved to speak with Harry the next day. "He didn't mention being angry with me to you, did he Ronald?" Ron, more interested in his sleep that his wife's concern had mumbled his response into the bed sheets, "Blimey Hermione, he probably just wants some time to himself."

The following day found Hermione sat in a flood of tears with many a conjured tissue. She wailed to Ron for an hour before he finally snapped in agitation and told Hermione that either she let the matter drop or keep it to herself. Harry had tried to explain to her his motive for the visit but she dismissed it as merely an excuse, for that would be the last reason Harry would ever stay at Hogwarts for.

Harry's repeated explanation was beginning to fatigue even himself, "I know he will be there Hermione, and I simply must talk to him. There can be no question of my going; I have arranged to stay there for a fortnight in guest quarters so that I might have all the access I could possibly need to speak with him. I am restless to think that at this minute I could be probing him, and am yet detained by you, my dear you who scruples my very reasoning."

Harry could only be thankful for the fact that Ron had not questioned his response, "My reasons are my own, and for once I wish to be allowed this freedom." Hermione however was apprehensive as to what her friend could possibly want to know; after Voldemort had been defeated there had been enquiries and everything had been so firmly concluded upon by the ministry, (who left no stone unturned for once in their establishments existence) so surely there was nothing left more to be said?

What could Harry possibly have left to ask that would infuriate him so much that he would actually visit Hogwarts during term time just to find an answer to this impossible matter? Only to add to her impudence of not being included in this matter of seemingly great importance was that Harry had outright refused her assistance in the matter. How was she to be of use and act accordingly as any good friend should if Harry would deny her the pleasure of allowing her company on this trip.

The continued bickering did not relent until the very minute that Harry stepped into the floo and shouted, "Hogwarts, Headmistresses Office."

Miserable in her failure Hermione sulked at home for a few hours before rather bemusedly Ron remarked, "Not everything is about you dear, as wise as you may be I am sure that whatever Harry is doing does not concern you; or any form of knowledge you mean to seek."

Upon his arrival at Hogwarts Harry forgot all about the woes he had left behind and a feeling of excitement pounded through his heart. Sat in the chair he had so often sat in as a pupil, Harry stared around the cylindrical office in wonder until his eyes came to rest upon two portraits which juxtaposed so much that it made the wall seem ill.

The portrait of Albus Dumbledore was large, with ornate golden intricates gilded into the gleaming frame. Its occupant was sat in the same chair that Harry was sat opposite, and the slightly younger Dumbledore was snoozing gently with his head lolled to the side in a form of contentment.

However the portrait that Harry had most wanted to see, to speak to so urgently was not that of Albus Dumbledore, but that of Severus Snape. A tasteful, thinner black frame of expensive wood held the portrait; and its occupant was seated within what seemed a replica of the library at Hogwarts, with a large potions volume held between spidery finger.

As Harry gazed at these two men, whisperings broke out among the other portraits and Harry felt the need to silence them, "No," and then addressing the latest headmaster, whose nose was firmly hidden within his text, "I am come, Professor Snape."

Looking up from his book and rolling his eyes, Snape barked a laugh that Harry had thought impossible; "Of course you have come, foolish boy. I am surprised to find it took you so long to find the courage to seek me out."

Ah. So he was to be insulted as he always was. He should have known that even in death, Severus Snape could not be affable. Reading the look on Harry's face, Snape smirked, "Mr Potter I held great dislike and hatred for you during my life, I find it impertinently presumptuous of you to even entertain the thought of some amiable acquaintance between us now I am deceased."

His thoughts having betrayed him Harry conceded the point, "You are right, of course; well I am here now for the next fortnight; and if it poses no objections from yourself I intend to speak to you on a regular basis."

A snort of laughter, and Harry felt himself yet again mocked by the man who had become the bane of his adolescence. "All this trouble to talk to a dead man Potter? Have you gone insane?"

His response to this already in mind Harry spoke in a condescending manner, "And as you have already stated that you reckoned my coming a time ago, I wonder if you are mad also."

Flashing his teeth in a ravenous grin, Snape stated, "You forget Potter that I am dead, and you are speaking to canvas. I am allowed the psychosis for that alone."

Content that on his return his questions would be answered, Harry rose from the chair and bade the portraits goodnight, promising his return the following evening. As he closed the door he heard a remark that made him smile, "I cannot see why Minerva allowed it Albus, I am to be given large doses of Potter over this fortnight; it will be the death of me I quite assure you."

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A taste of what's to come in Chapter 2- I got an E in potions

"Potter you attained so many detentions throughout your school career I cannot possibly remember the circumstance of them, let alone what I was teaching at the time."