Okay, this is most likely the last chapter...or is it? Read to find out!

"I'm going to kill you anyway." The world spun as it had last time, and Rachel found herself in Stephanie's home once again. Stephanie lay on the floor, most likely dead. Rachel looked across the bed and into the face--well, hair--of Samara.

Rachel could almost feel Samara smiling as she raised her hand and brought it down on the bed, causing it to collapse in a pile of wood and blankets. Rachel took a tentative step back as Samara took one forward. She kept backing up, hoping a plan would come to her like they did all the other times she had faced Samara. To her dismay, her brain was locked, no plan would come.

Finally, she backed up against a dresser of some sort. She frantically searched for something she could use, anything, to stop the little girl who wanted nothing more than to see her dead. Her hands rested on a TV screen, and she fell...

Soon after, Samara fell with her; down, down, down into a never-ending abyss. When they landed on the ground in the clearing, Samara immediately tackled her, once again hitting everything she could. But this time, it wasn't a mind game, and every slap, every kick, every bite, every scratch, punch, knee, all of it hurt. Rachel could feel her skin sting as Samara hit her, could feel her blood trickle down her arm when Samara bit or scratched her.

Then, Samara was off her, lying on the ground. Rachel looked at her stinging, outstretched hand. Had she...slapped, or punched, or...something-ed the girl off her? Had Samara less power than she let on? Was there...still hope?

These questions racked Rachel's mind as she stood up and walked toward the body on the ground. She had half a mind to kick her while she was down, but decided against it. She would wait...

While Rachel waited, Samara was debating that voice...again. The voice that was annoying, the voice with a way too cheerful attitude, and worst of all, the voice that was always right.

Ooh, Samara got hit.

Shut it.

Have my talks been working? the voice asked itself. Has someone realized Rachel is her only chance?

She hates me, stupid. What were doing while we were fighting?

Yes, well maybe not for love or mother...but how about moving on?

Move on to what?

The nest life.

This isn't some stupid not-scary horror movie where the ghost whose grave or whatever was disturbed moves on to the afterlife with the help of some family with nothing better to do.

That's what it looks like, though.

Does not.

Wasn't building a campground over the farm "disturbing the grave or whatever"? Wasn't the video revenge for that? Isn't Rachel part of a family with nothing better to do?

Please stop being right all the time.

Fine, fine. But me being wrong is really the same as me being right if you give it some thought.

You need to bug some other girl who wants revenge on who she thought was someone who cared for her.

I can't. You were the only one left.

I ha--

Save it. I get that all the time.

But you said--

That too.

Samara still hadn't moved. Maybe she wants me to make the first move...But what do I say? Rachel sat that there for awhile longer, but the silence eventually became too much, and slowly she asked, "Samara?"

No response.

"Samara...I suppose I am at fault here. Perhaps I shouldn't have--" A hand shot out and grabbed her throat.

"It's too late for an apology, Rachel," Samara hissed. She let go while pushing, and Rachel sailed through the air and crashed into a tree. She picked herself up, although it hurt her aching legs.

"But, Samara--"


Samara rushed at her, trying to make Rachel hurt, bleed, ache, sting, cry, beg for mercy. Rachel tried ducking and dodging, but a few fists and feet found there target. "Samara, I was wrong," she said as ducked below a fist, rolled to the side to avoid a foot, then jumped back to avoid an elbow. "Perhaps...perhaps hate was too strong a word." She paused to dodge a knee, then continued, "You did do bad things...but what else could you do?" The fists, feet, knees, elbows, head, and teeth slowed down a little. "I think I might've done the same thing. And the truth is...perhaps, if you had done something different...I might've even...been able to...I don't know...to love you."

Samara stopped. Of all the things she had expected Rachel to say, "love" was not high on the list. In fact, it wasn't even on the list. "Wh--what?" she stammered.

"Maybe, I could've loved you. Perhaps even now...with time...I could."

"Rachel..." Samara started, but stopped. She was transforming, but not of her own free will. She was changing back into the girl she once was. Her raven black hair flipped and once again was behind her head. Her skin became a pale color, smooth as porcelain. Her eyes changed, too. The gray color remained, but the red went away. She was as she looked before her cruel death. Then, a light appeared around her, and she began to fade. "Rachel...I'm sorry!"

Aww. It's a two-star horror movie where the family with nothing better to do helps the revenge-seeking girl move on after all.

Don't ruin the moment, Samara thought. And then she was gone.

Rachel watched as Samara was bathed in golden brilliance, and then slowly faded away. Perhaps to heaven, to hell, to nothingness. The clearing faded and Rachel was once again in Stephanie's home. Not caring about what had happened, she collapsed onto the destroyed bed...and fell asleep.

The next morning, Stephanie was waking Rachel up. "Breakfast!" she called. Rachel groggily got up, and shuffled into the kitchen.

"Hello, Steph," she said.

"G' morning, Rachel," she replied. "Hey, were we drinking last night? Because the bed is kinda destroyed, and I woke up on the floor."

Rachel gave Steph a look before she remembered what had happened. "Maybe we were," she said and smiled.

After finishing breakfast, Stephanie dropped Rachel off at the hospital to see Aidan. "It's amazing," the doctors were saying as Rachel walked in. "Everything is healed. No scrapes, no bruises, no nothing. It's the fastest we've seen anyone--"

"Can I just see my son?" Rachel asked. She walked away without an answer, and sat down next to Aidan's bed.

"It was Samara," he said. "She came last night, and she said she was sorry, and..." He kept going on and on, telling Rachel about Samara said. Telling her about what Rachel had just done. "Is it true?" he asked when he was finished.

"Yes," Rachel replied after a moment's hesitation. "She won't be trying to kill us anymore."

"Does that mean she'll still be here?"

"I hope so."

It is a happy (cough) cheesy (cough) ending after all! Sorry fans, this is the last of my Ring/Ringu stories (sobs). I hoped you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Even though this is my last Ring story, I will start writing the sequel to my Naruto story, War's Beginning, during the break. You will also be pleased to know I have ideas for fan fictions for The Legend of Zelda, MySims, and Harry Potter. Check my profile page to see if I have new stories (scroll down for link, or read the top few paragraphs, I try to tell you about when I put up and complete new stories). Until then have a great Christmas and/or Kwanzaa!