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This story is an AU. There is Yaoi (NaruGaa)! And there will be drama! I do not vouch for authenticity.

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Vocab: Junta : in which the government is controlled by a small group of military officials

It should have been raining, he idly thought as he gazed at the scene before him. It was too much to take in; he couldn't begin to process the feelings running through him. It had happened so quickly. One moment he was floating on cloud nine, in Paris with his new husband of one day, the next he was staring down at the lifeless body of his ex-best friend as his husband stood over the cooling corpse, gun in hand. It was surreal. He couldn't remember how he had gotten here, what had led to this disastrous consequence. All he had been doing was his job. He had been doing his job, and had inadvertently fallen in love with the man he had been watching, the man who had murdered his old friend.

His hands were shaking, he could barely breathe, and his stomach was rolling. All he could see were the two men covered in blood before him. One was unspeakably cold and the other was dead.

His husband turned to look at him, his beautiful green eyes brimming with tears. He could see every emotion that passed through those eyes: the guilt, the sorrow, the intense love. It left him speechless. Yet he couldn't do anything as the man he loved more than life lifted the gun and pressed it to his chest and pulled the trigger.


Four months earlier


A blond man knocked impatiently on the door of the apartment. He was tall, but not tall enough to tower over everyone around him. He was a well muscled man with bright blue eyes that were full of life and three scars on each cheek. Wearing a pair of loose black pants, an orange collared shirt, a black tie with orange swirls and a protective vest, the man pounded on the door once more.

"Sabakuno-san open the door! We would like to talk with you!" he shouted through the locked door. Signaling to his team of police backup, he backed away from the door so that they could break through the door. Pressing his back against the wall, he watched as two of his police escort broke down the door. As they flooded into the small living space, the blond man heard something and signaled for the team to stop. Walking down a small hallway, following the sound of running water, the blond came to a stop in front of a closed door, through which the sound of water was the loudest. Reaching out he tested the doorknob to see if it was locked and found that it was not. Turning the knob quietly, the blond peaked through the door before slamming it open and pointing his gun at the man in the shower.

"Get out of the shower!" the blond said calmly. The man in the shower turned slowly behind his tinted glass doors to face him. While on the outside the blond seemed calm, on the inside he was drooling over the good looking man barely hidden behind the glass doors. One of the doors slowly slid to the side and a pale arm poked out to grab a towel from the rack on the wall beside the shower. As the man behind the glass pulled the towel into the shower he also turned off the water. The blond watched as he wrapped the towel around his waist and then opened the sliding glass door all the way, revealing him to his unexpected visitor.

The blond could only stare at the gorgeous man before him for a moment. Blood red hair was plastered to his skull and water dripped from it, following all the sharp angles and muscles down the man's torso to his towel. Passive green eyes stared blankly at him and pale skin twitched as the man waited for the blond to tell him what to do next. The blond though, was now admiring the man's shapely legs. He shook his head to clear it, and hardened his eyes to the man before him.

"Step out of the shower," the blond commanded. The red head did so.

"I am presuming you are Sabakuno Gaara, are you?" the blond asked. The red head, otherwise known as Gaara, nodded.

"And who are you, breaking into my home, pointing a gun at me, and ordering me around?" the red head asked, his deep voice momentarily distracting the blond with its inadvertent sexiness.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, FBI," the blond said. The red head seemed almost surprised, but Naruto couldn't tell, Gaara had no eyebrows.

"Well then, FBI-san, what can I do for you?" Gaara asked calmly. Naruto almost scowled, this guy was just too cool. He had broken into his apartment, his team had probably messed it up considerably, and this guy was just as cool as a cucumber.

"We would like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind Sabakuno-san," Naruto said through partially clenched teeth.

"We?" Gaara asked, and Naruto could almost see his forehead tick in anger. Naruto nodded.

"My police team and I," he clarified. Gaara's mouth twitched into an almost-scowl.

"Please tell me you didn't destroy my apartment just to ask me a few questions," Gaara nearly growled. Naruto had the grace to look a bit sheepish.

"I can't guarantee that my team didn't," Naruto said, lowering his gun and putting it back in its holster. Gaara full out scowled.

"And let me guess, no one's going to fix it but me, right?" he accused. Naruto bowed his head slightly. "Do you people even have a warrant?"

Naruto reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. Gaara reached out and snatched it from the blond. Unfolding the piece of paper he took his time reading what was written on it, his scowl becoming deeper.

"This is all circumstantial bullshit," he growled, throwing the paper back at Naruto, having crushed it into a ball. Naruto scowled back at the red head and began to un-crumple his precious piece of paper.

"It may be all 'circumstantial bullshit' but it was enough for us to come here and enter forcefully if no one answered the door," Naruto replied. He sighed heavily as he re-folded his paper and put it back into his pocket, if his superiors saw what had become of that paper they would have killed him.

"… You broke into my home?!" Gaara growled, his hands clenching at his sides. Naruto winced.

"Well… no one answered the door…" he trailed off as Gaara stomped past him and down the hallway and into his living room. The team had already started to mill about, moving things around, looking through books and albums. Some of the officers had opened the hall closet and were pushing around the items of clothing hanging there.

"Get your filthy hands off my stuff!" Gaara roared, pissed off beyond reason. Naruto walked passed the pissed red head and motioned for the team of officers to exit the apartment.

Looking around, Naruto winced at the sight of the room. The once pristinely kept space was now rumpled beyond recognition. Cushions were askew, the carpet was bunched, books were everywhere, pictures were flung around the room having been taken out of their albums, and clothes were on the ground instead of their proper hangers. Gaara had started to straighten his mangled living room and Naruto, feeling entirely guilty, moved to help him.

"I'm sorry," Naruto said as he straightened some pictures on the wall and pushed plants back into their rightful places on shelves. Gaara snorted and began to hang up his coats in his closet.

"Somehow I'm not believing that," he snapped. Turning to level a glare at the blond man now straightening his rug, he continued. "You cops do this sort of shit all the time. This isn't a Junta you know, it's a freaking democracy and I feel that my rights have been violated."

Naruto sighed. Every time the police screwed up it was a huge violation of rights. He had just come here to ask a few questions, but due to the nature of the person this Sabakuno Gaara was supposed to be, he had needed to come with a team of backup. Running a hand through his short spiky hair, Naruto set his mouth in a grim line.

"I truly am sorry Sabakuno-san, but we have reason to believe that you might be the Sandman, and thus I was required to enter your home with a backup team," Naruto said. Gaara sneered at Naruto.

"Me? The flipping Sandman?" Gaara let out a short bark of derisive laughter. "You people should know that I have alibi for each and every incident involving that man."

Naruto nodded his head, trying not to look at the way that Gaara's towel was slipping down his narrow hips. "We are well of your alibi, Sabakuno-san."

"Gaara. And I should think that all of that would prove that I didn't do a god damned thing," Gaara snapped. He marched over to his couch and collapsed onto it. Propping his feet on his small glass coffee table he leveled a stare at the blond FBI man in front of him.

"The FBI is investigating anyone who could possibly be the Sandman, alibi or not," Naruto replied to the snappy Gaara. "Phone calls can be faked, Saba-… Gaara. We just have to make sure, so don't be surprised if someone is around keeping tabs on you."

Gaara scowled. "Its bullshit, that's what it is."

"It may be bullshit, but its legal bullshit. Now, if you wouldn't mind?" Naruto gestured to an arm chair to the right of the couch. Gaara waved his hand dismissively. Naruto nodded his thanks and sat in the chair. "May I ask you a few questions?"

"Do I have a choice?" Gaara asked tersely. Naruto shook his head in the negative. "Fine. Ask away FBI man."

Naruto twitched. "Where were you the night of January the 21st 1993?"

Gaara just stared at Naruto. "… Do you honestly expect me to remember that? That was 14 years ago. I was only 11 at the time."

Naruto just looked at Gaara before blinking slowly. "You're 25?"

Gaara just stared blankly at Naruto. "…Yes."

"Huh," Naruto replied. "I didn't think anyone as young as you would be under investigation. The Sandman's been around since 1988…"

"Yeah… I know," Gaara said sarcastically. "Because as a six year old I was very good at killing."

Naruto just glared at Gaara for a moment. Thinking for a moment, which happened to be a very rare thing for him even if he was FBI, he wondered what the hell he was even doing here in the first place. Why would the higher ups be investigating some guy who had been six at the time the murders had started?

"Sorry Saba-… I mean, Gaara. But I need to ask you these questions regardless of your age when the murders started. They expect answers from me," Naruto said apologetically. Gaara rolled his eyes.

"Whatever," Gaara eloquently replied. Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Do you remember where you were or what you were doing March 3rd 2005?" Naruto asked. Gaara ran a hand through his wet hair, clearly thinking about his answer. Naruto was surprised to find a tattoo for the kanji of love on his forehead.

"I believe that I was at a graduation party for some of my college friends," Gaara replied. Naruto made a mental note of what the red head said; his mind was like a steel trap… when he forgot his pen and pad.

"Do you know what happened that day, outside of your party?" Naruto asked, curiously. Gaara shook his head.

"Even though I don't know, I'm sure that someone died, since that's the only reason you would be asking me what happened on such a specific date. Especially considering you people are taking into consideration that I could be the Sandman. I assume he took out someone on that day?" Gaara asked, but Naruto was too stunned from hearing so many words come from such a pretty mouth to really understand. Gaara deadpanned at the blond before him. Had the FBI really sent such a numbskull to investigate him? It seemed like the blond was always getting distracted just by looking at Gaara, and it was starting to unnerve the red head.

"Huh?" Naruto said after a moment of silence. He couldn't help it, this Gaara just oozed sex appeal and Naruto was having a hard time ignoring the natural beauty of the man. "Yeah… there was a dignitary in Peru that was assassinated by the Sandman that day."

Gaara nodded. Naruto scratched his head as he tried to remember his other questions.

"How about last Saturday?" Naruto asked. Gaara thought about it for a moment, crossing his legs.

"Last Saturday was spent in a board meeting for my company. It lasted from 9am to 4pm. After that I went to dinner at Biagi's and then headed back into work for a conference call with the executives from our sister companies in China, England and Japan," Gaara replied after a moment. Naruto nodded.

"Who was murdered last Saturday?" Gaara asked out of curiosity.

"A drug lord in Columbia," Naruto replied. "I can't believe that you don't keep up to date on the Sandman. He's the biggest hit man of this decade. He's wiped out more than 40 people that we know of, and that's just in the last nineteen years. Just imagine how many people he'll kill over the span of his life if he's not caught!"

"But it seems to me like the people he's killing aren't exactly 'good' people, so why is it so bad?" Gaara asked. Naruto gave him a look that clearly said 'what are you, nuts?'

"It doesn't matter if they're good people or bad, what matters is that he killed them," Naruto replied. Gaara furrowed his brow, though Naruto couldn't tell.

"Is there anything else?" Gaara asked, wanting to get out of his towel and into actual clothes.

"Yeah, two more questions," Naruto said. Gaara just sighed but nodded his head. "Where were you April 17th?"

"Um… I don't remember. I might have been visiting my siblings in Arizona… I go there every once in a while," Gaara replied, honestly not remembering where he had been that day.

"Ok… and one more," Naruto said, making a mental note of Gaara's reply. "What are you doing this Friday?"

Gaara just deadpanned at the blond FBI agent. "… Are you quite done now?"

Naruto pouted. "Yeah."

"Then you can leave," Gaara said, pointing out his doorway on which his door was propped. "And fix the door while you're at it."

Naruto scowled but stood from his comfy chair. "Don't be surprised if we meet again Sabakuno-san."

Gaara rolled his eyes. "That was either a very bad line, or a pathetic excuse for a warning. Now get out of my home before I throw you out."

Naruto pouted again but started to the door, making sure to shake his ass a little more than usual. Turning at the door, he looked back at the now standing red head and smiled. "See ya around… Gaara."

And with that he moved the door aside and left, placing the door back over its frame. Signaling to his team, who had apparently stood around waiting for him, he started out of the apartment complex.

Gaara meanwhile just stood in the center of his living room, staring at the door the FBI man had just gone through. "Jackass."