Sasuke was the clinging type of person. When someone showed him some form of affection he would keep that person close. Such as when Sakura had a crush on him, he made sure that she was near. True, he didn't reciprocate her feelings, but the fact that she cared about him was enough for him to keep her around. When Naruto became his rival, he was sure to keep him close as well. These two people liked him enough that they didn't run away.

When Naruto became more than just a friend Sasuke held him close. When they would walk down the street he would make sure his hand was being held by Naruto's. When they would kiss Sasuke would always wrap an arm around Naruto's neck to bring him closer.

He'd gotten better at suppressing that clinging feeling since he'd left. But it took that one time when he saw Naruto again to make all those memories come back. He wanted to hold the blond tight and never let go.

Sasuke was the clinging type of person. He wanted to keep everyone he cared about close to him and never let them go.

I guess some things never change.


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