Twilight Series: I DO NOT OWN! (sadly)


"Hey Bella are you ready to leave?" My big brother Emmett asked. We were getting ready to move in with our Godparents, Carlisle and Esme, because two weeks ago we became orphans. See my mom, Renee, had died shortly after giving birth to me, it was a complicated childbirth and she had to choose between herself or me. And just two weeks ago our dad, Charlie, was killed by a gang down by, our local beach, because they wanted to steal his newly acquired Ashton Martin DB7 Zagato (plus him being a judge, probably didn't help, he had sent a lot of some gangs' people to jail). And now we had to move to Washington. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my guardians, but who would want to move from bright, sunny, warm Orange County, California to dark, wet, cold Forks, Washington?

I sighed and took one last look at my nearly empty room, "Let's go to hell on Earth." I answered, my brother merely smirked and rolled his eyes, many would have found that smirk intimidating, but to me, he was just my huge, overprotective, teddy bear of a big brother. He knew it was true, there was nothing in Forks, except a whole lot of green/wet/mushy stuff. At least here I could distract myself at skate parks and practicing with my band, and Emmet was the star quarterback and captain of the football team (much to my father's liking). In Forks, they were most likely not to have a football team, much less skating parks.

"Bella. Bella!" Emmett brought me out of my thoughts, that I could easily get lost in. "Bella we're running late and we still have to go through security." Wow, when did we get to the airport? We got out and practically ran to our gate. Once we were in the plane, I put the ear buds, of the ipod, in my ear, rested my head on Em's shoulder, and started to let my mind run loose.

I thought about Carlisle and Esme, and how incredibly noble they are. Last time I saw them they had adopted twins, Jasper and Rosalie. Which are both 17, one year older than me, Emmett is also one year older. And recently, maybe two years ago, they too, adopted two other kids, siblings, Edward and Alice. And now they were taking us in.

I'd spoken to Alice on the phone a couple of times, she was an incredibly happy, perky, hyper (like always being on a sugar high) kind of person, but I had not met either of them in person, not to mention I hadn't even spoken to this Edward character. Jasper and Alice seemed to have been meant for each other.

Then I thought of how they'd- Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and Rosalie- would react to me. Last time they saw me I was a quite chubby, clumsy, blushing every five minutes, shy, keep-to-herself kid. Now, I have a nice, lean body, I'd get hit on (this is where Emmett's over protectiveness comes in) by little kids as old as five to old geezers as old as, hell I didn't even want to think about it. I am also loud spoken, doesn't blush that much, more coordinated, expressive, not-afraid-to-tell-you-when-your-wrong kind of girl.

Of coarse, I've always been a weird person. Ever since birth. Both my parents, had brown, curly/wavy hair and brown eyes. When I was born they thought that they had switched me with another kid. I was born with pin-straight black hair and big grey eyes. How did that happen? No one knows. Kinda creepy, huh? "Bella, wake up!" I was suddenly brought out of my little world, or I guess dreamland, when did I fall asleep?

"Uhg, did it only take like five minutes to arrive or what?'

"Try five hours, you slept through the whole ride. It was rather entertaining watch you sleep, though. You'd make these faces, and whats this I hear about old geezers?" My jaw hung open, with, no doubt, a look of horror on my face. Why'd I have to be cursed with sleep talking? Em and dad would always make fun of me for that.

Walking towards the luggage carousel Esme spotted us and made her way toward us, yet to my surprise she went right past me to Emmett. That hit me hard, what did I do? She completely ignored me.

"Where's Bella, dear?" She asked a smiling Emmett, he was trying to hold back laughter by biting down on his bottom lip, while I just stood there mouth hanging, wide eyed, staring at them. She looked behind Em and then past me, then she stared at me and smiled, I thought she was about to hug me and say 'just kidding', but to my surprise, yet again, she turned around to Emmett and asked him again. Emmett let out a booming laugh that caught many people around us to stare at him.

"Esme, it's me, Bella." I told a confused Esme. She jumped back startled by the sound of my voice. She turned around and took one long look at me and finally she had to ask.

"Isabella, dear, is that really you?" I nodded and she practically tackled me. "Oh my dear, you look sooo different, good different, but still very different."

"Yes, Esme, we've established that I look different."

"Oh just wait till the kids and Carlisle see you, they will flip, they only know you from old pictures from where you were only 13 years old. They will be so surprised. Well hurry up, get your luggage, they are all terribly excited to see you two."

We left the airport and an hour later we were pulling into the meadow that was their front yard. Now, I had seen the house before, but it never ceased to amaze me, how simply gorgeous it was. At least if they didn't have a football field in this lovely little town, we could play on their lawn.

Once we arrived and went inside, people jumped put of everywhere yelling 'SURPRISE!', I sure was surprised. I was so surprised, I ran and hid behind an amused looking Emmett. I could hear everyone laughing, I'm sure that I went ten different shades of red in that one instant. Then they started asking where I was, theories from maybe I was still in the car to they had left me at the airport started pouring out of their mouths, and who was this random girl that was hiding behind Emmett and in their home. Once again Emmett started laughing this time Esme joined in, everyone stood there confused to as what they were laughing about.

"Emmett this isn't funny," I smacked him across the head which was quite a task considering how tall he was, "and Esme I am shocked you would join in his laughing." I stood their pouting with my arms crossed across my chest. I surely looked like a child that had been denied a cookie before dinner.

"Bella is that you?" Asked Carlisle before coming up to hug me.

"Yes Carlisle it's me. It is good to see you again."

Just then I noticed that everyone was staring at me shocked. Obviously they didn't think this could possibly be me. Right away I recognized Rosalie, her lovely long blonde hair flowing down to the small of her back, bright blue eyes, and a body that a supermodel would kill for, giving me a toothy grin.

Jasper, too, stood out right away, blonde shaggy hair parted in the middle, same bright blue eyes, the image of a perfect gentleman, but could probably get away with murder if he simply smiled, he too, stood there smiling. Then they both came and gave us a welcoming hug, I also noticed that Rose was being a little too friendly with the hug she was giving Emmett.

Then I noticed Jasper held a small pixie-like girl with short black, spiky hair, I guess this was Alice. Her hazel eyes so full of life or maybe she was high, I'll go with the first. She was smiling and literally jumping up and down. I am guessing she couldn't hold her excitement any longer because she came running over to Emmett and I, kissing our cheeks and giving us both hugs.

"Hey Emmett, Bella! It's great to finally meet you! You look really different than those pictures that Esme showed us, I mean really different, good different, but different all the same." I thought we had established that with Esme. She finally stopped to take in a breath and then smile at me. I couldn't help the smile that came to my face, I was going to like Alice she was full of energy, and even though she looked completely innocent you could tell she was completely mischievous. "Oh, I am so rude. Allow me to introduce myself I am Alice, and this, is my brother Edward."

She gestured to an incredibly hawt guy standing next to her. My breath caught at my throat, I stared at him from toe to head (seriously, in that order). He was wearing black slip-on Vans, skintight, dark wash jeans, and an equally snug fitting red shirt. His arms were well toned, but didn't have the huge muscles that Emmett does.

When I got to his face my mouth fell open slightly. He had untidy, wavy, bronze colored hair that fell across his face and covered the left eye that were a gorgeous bright emerald color that was traced with a thin line of black eyeliner. I know, some people might have thought that was a little awkward, but I found it incredibly sexy, and it definitely brought out his eye color. His bottom lip contained snakebites and oh he was just so yummy looking (unconsciously I licked my lips). Afterwards, I felt completely embarrassed, I immediately dropped my head, creeks burning bright red.


Everyone is excited to finally get to see Emmett and Bella. I don't get what the big deal is. Bella seems to shy for her own good. According to pictures that Esme has showed us, she was pretty chubby and very different, in appearance, than her brother and father. She had black-blue, straight hair, and startling bright grey eyes, that seemed to have green and blue specks in them

Emmett looked intimidating even at a young age -through the pictures- he looked really overprotective of his younger sister, the way he would flex his muscles (extremely BIG muscles). Kind of like he would slaughter someone who so much as looked at her the wrong way. That was three years ago -again through the pictures- I wonder if he is still as buff as he was back then. And unlike his unique sister, Emmett has dark drown curly hair and brown eyes.

"Edward quit sucking face with Jess! Emmett and Bella will be arriving at any moment." I heard my sister Alice say. I was currently sitting at a picnic table outside of the school, with my girlfriend of two months, Jessica Stanley. She was dumb as a doorknob and she was a total prep, but she was hot. You definitely couldn't have an intelligent conversation with her, so that is why we stuck to kissing.

Once home, Alice told us where to hide so we could surprise them. Having your own personal Mrs. Cleo (Alice) in the house ensued that we didn't have to wait long for them to arrive. And sure enough, a minute later, we heard Emse's car coming up the gravel covered driveway. Next thing we know the door is being pulled open and in stepped Esme followed by Emmett (still as buff as ever) and then a girl that looked nothing like the girl in the pictures. At this point I didn't know what was going on around me, I just knew I was staring at this girl, and like the idiot that I was I just stood there gawking at her.

This girl was very pretty, no not pretty, but hawt, not Jessica hot, but H-A-W-T, as in 'damn that girl could be a swim suit model'. Even through the clothes - skinny leg lounge pants, some old, beat-up Converse hi-tops and a green Element zip-up hoodie- fit snugly you could see she had a perfect figure.

Her face was practically blemish free. She wore a small diamond stud in her little button nose, that was perfectly suited for her. She didn't have her lip rings in, but you could tell she had snakebites, like me.

Her big grey eyes -that definitely had visible green and blue specks in them- were traced by a thick line of black eyeliner. Her hair fell out of her messy ponytail probably from all the layers. Her fringe was swept to the right side of her face covering the gorgeous grey eye.

I was so buy staring at her that I didn't even notice that she was staring at me. When I met her eyes she immediately let her head fall, and I could barely see that her cheeks were a slight shade of pink.