Back to School-

Summary- Our characters must go back to school and live through High school can they make it through the first through weeks and find dates to the Back to School Dance?




The Blitz Team was in Class S now! August was coming to and end and everyone glad to have a bit of a vacation. Brad was on the couch sipping a cup of coffee, Jamie was folding laundry, Doc was building one of his Zoid models, and Leena was flipping through the channels on the television. Everyone was present except for one blond pilot.

Bit walked through the door a back pack in hand. He was looking at some paper.

Brad was the first to speak to him. "Going somewhere?"

Bit looked up. "Oh yeah I'm heading home. Back to school time you know. I'm just making sure I got everything!" Bit said resuming his concentration on the paper.

"Great Idea! I had almost forgotten!" Doc said so suddenly that everyone jumped.

"What do you mean Dad?" Leena asked not sure if she'd like an explanation.

"I signed you all up for public school."

Leena and Brad gaped at the Doc but Jamie didn't seem bothered. "Oh okay what grade are they putting us in?"

Doc thought for a moment trying to grasp his memory. "Well Jamie will be a freshman in high school, Leena will be a sophomore, and Brad will be a junior I believe. Since Bit is leaving I didn't have to sign him up."

"You knew he was leaving?" Leena said getting up in her father's face. "And you weren't going to tell us? Thanks a lot dad!" Leena said pouting at her father's forgetfulness toward her. She couldn't care about the other team mates. But she was different in her opinion.

"Well I'll see you all around. I'll keep in touch and I'll be back after the school year to take my place again on the team!" Bit said with a smile getting his butt out of the heat before he was dragged into it.

Bit walked out to his truck, tossed his back into the passenger seat and drove off.

Leena, Brad and Jamie, meanwhile, had to get information on this new school they were going to. The school was called Sunnyville Heights High School. Apparently in Sunnyville. They had to hurry and get their supplies before they were all gone! That's what always happens. You go to buy supplies and they are fresh out and won't get another shipment in for a while! Then you're stuck!

Leena, Brad and Jamie ran out of the base and headed for town. They each grabbed a cart and threw in what they thought they would need. Leena went straight for the clothes. "Let's see, oh I like this pink shirt and that skirt is adorable! Oh and look at this cute little number!" Leena tried on most of her clothes and modeled in the dressing room mirror.

Jamie and Brad were getting notebooks of all sorts, pens and pencils, folders of multiple colors, calculators for each of them. They got stylish bags to carry it all in also. They got everything they would need.

Brad was taking a break and looking at the clothes to get some new shirts. Not much just a few cool new things. He was leaving the area and heading to the music to maybe sneak a CD in the cart. He stood there looking at the different albums. Mostly rock and metal were his styles of music. Then he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Well hey there! Fancy meeting you here!" Naomi was standing behind him.

"Oh hey Naomi what's up?" Brad asked acting cool. Even if he thought she was totally hot.

"Not much. Back to school shopping? I have to do the same!" Naomi said noticing his cart and showing hers, full of notebooks and other supplies but mostly clothes.

"Yeah, what school are you heading to?" Brad asked with interest.

"It's in Sunnyville. You probably don't know it. I grew up around that place just outside of town."

"No way! That's where all of us are heading!" Brad said incredulous.

"Really? Well what a coincidence! What grade you heading into?"

"11th. I'll be a junior. How about you?"

"Same for me!" Naomi looked at her watch. "Well I've got to go. I'll see you in school."

"Yeah see you!" Brad followed her figure until he couldn't any longer. He turned back and found the CD he wanted and tossed it into the cart. He went to meet up with Jamie.

Jamie was still looking at the stationary and school supplies. "Doesn't it look wonderful? I love shopping for school!"

"Right. Are you a nerd or something?" Brad asked jokingly.

Jamie gave him a nasty look.

"Okay boys! I'm ready!" That was Leena. She had a cart full of clothes, but no supplies.

"What about your school supplies?" Brad asked picking through the clothes trying to find a trace of anything that might prove useful for taking notes. He wasn't sure those Pink Go-Go boots would work very well.

"Don't worry I got Leena stuff too. And I know her, so I got her all pink stationary with purple pens and girly folders and such." Jamie said not understanding why people had to ruin perfectly good stationary with girly things. "I also got you this pink bag." Jamie said holding up a Pink side bag without any emotion.

"Ooh, that's cute! Well I guess we can cash out then." Leena said eager to try out her new clothes.

Jamie was partially sad that he had to leave such a beautiful site behind but he'd have school to look forward to in a few days.