Chapter 8 – The Dance Ever After



The decorations in the Gym were luckily finished by the time the Night of the Dance was about. Lilly wore a long white formal gown with lace. She stood next to the Captain of the Football team happily. Many of the kids were out dancing on the floor already. However she was waiting for someone… some ones to be precise! She looked around the room. Brad was with Naomi dancing happily. Jamie had been asked by a girl in his robotics class so he was having a good time. Leena's older Brother had been asked by last years Class President, Melina. The other cheerleaders were off with their dates happily enjoying the party. But where was Leena and Bit. Did something happen? Lilly began to worry, what if one of them backed out. Or if one of them got sick or if Leena fell down the stairs in her high heeled shoes, or what if Bit tripped on said shoes and fell down the stairs breaking both his arms and legs!!

Lilly was getting frantic and about to keel over when a cute couple walked into the gym. She looked up to see if it was Leena… red hair…. The guy had blond… wait a minute, that's Mr. Chris Runner and the crazy music teacher who does the announcements. Lily was getting frustrated when…

"BWAH!" There came a shout from behind.

"Eek!" Lilly's hair stood on end she spun around to Leena giggling and Bit shaking his head.

"Ugh! Don't do that! You scared the heck out of me!" Lilly said relieved.

"S-Sorry. Were you looking for me?" Leena said getting a hold of her laughter.

"Yeah sort of. How long have you been here?" Lilly asked.

"Well this is my first year." Leena said answering the question the wrong way.

"I meant at the dance." Lilly said, holding her false frustration down.

Leena giggled. "We just got here." She indicated Bit. He nodded.

Leena was wearing a pretty Pink formal dress her hair in ringlets about her face.

"Wow Leena you look great!" Lilly said cheerfully.

"That's what I said." Bit said putting his arm around Leena's shoulder.


Lilly, Leena and bit turned to look. Riley was there with Bit's camera smiling deviously. "You guys are perfect! So unsuspecting!" He laughed and walked away to hid in the shadows to get more pictures.

Bit pouted as he watched his older brother walk off. "Don't worry I'll tickle him to death later."

The girls laughed. Leena laughed because of the thought of Bit tickling his older brother. Lilly laughed because she knew Bit wouldn't win.

Leena looked out onto the dance floor and looked at Bit. He knew what she meant. Lilly nodded and went back to talking to her boyfriend. Leena went out to dance with Bit.

The song ended and a slow song was about to begin. Bit took Leena's hands but felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned it was Harry. "Hey Bit, could I steal a dance with Leena?"

"Sure." Bit said handing her over, not that he wanted to but because it was the gentleman thing to do.

Leena was afraid Harry would ruin everything.

"Hey Leena, are you serious about Bit?" Harry asked politely.

"Yeah I am. I'm not sure about Bit but I am serious. Why?" Leena said trying not to sound rude.

"Just wondering. Listen I know I'm probably not your type. And I'm sure you like Bit way more than me… but…"

Oh no here it comes.

"If Bit makes you happy, then I'm happy!" He smiled.

"Huh?" she wasn't expecting that.

"Just remember, I'll always be here if you need me. In case Bit doesn't feel the same, I'm here." The song ended. Harry leaned down and kissed her on the cheek very lightly and walked away.

She touched her cheek.

He was being mature about it? Leena suddenly had a whole new respect for him. But tonight Bit was her date. Was it only for tonight? Even if it was, it would be a wonderful night.

Bit came up next to her offering another dance. She gladly accepted.

"So what did Harry want?" Bit asked casually.

"I think he's finally come to terms with my feelings." Leena said not spilling everything.

"Yeah? How so?" Bit asked cheerfully.

"Well he said that if you're my boyfriend and you make me happy, he'll be happy. But if you …" She didn't finish the sentence. She wasn't sure how he felt. Sure he accepted her invitation to the dance, but what was the real reason behind it.

However Bit took the sentence hanging in another direction. "If I what? Hurt you?" He didn't sound happy. Leena looked up and he was rather distraught almost frustrated. "Leena I would never hurt you." She said taking her hands in his.

"If you didn't have the same feelings…" She said quietly.

Bit only nodded in realization and they continued dancing.

Things were silent between the two. Leena figured he didn't care for her the way she did for him.


She looked up. Bit was looking at her his face serious. He had led her off the dance floor and she hadn't even realized it, she was in such deep thought. "Yeah?"

"I love you." He said quietly and tenderly.

She smiled, "I feel the same."

He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.


Bit jumped. His brother was everywhere. Bit looked up and there was Riley on top of the bleachers smiling evilly with the camera in hand. "Would you stop that?"

Riley laughed and ran away.

Bit grumbled.

This relationship would be interesting Leena knew that.


The next morning in homeroom, Bit sat with Leena rather than talking with Chris. Mostly because Riley turned in the pictures of last night's dance to him... and Bit couldn't face that. Besides, Chris wouldn't give them back, Bit already tried that.

Aside from the annoying 'paparazzi brother' following Bit around all year, this year would be great! Leena was excited!

Yeah! This school year was going to be the best…. Come to think of it… How was Doc holding up?

….Back at the base….

Doc lay in bed staring at the wall his Zoid models lying on a nearby table… he broke the leg. "I'm so bored... it's so quiet... I think I might go insane… I wonder what the kids are up to…." He sighed. "This is going to be the worst school year ever…"

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