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"Teme " talking

'Baka! ' thoughts

SHANNARO!! Inner Sakura



Chapter 1--- The Past Revealed!

Haruno Sakura, described as a weak girl not fit to be a kunoichi…But, people don't expect her to surpass her sensei Hatake Kakashi or even the 5th Hokage Tsunade! She has super human strength, powerful healing abilities, genjutsu, ninjutsu and taijutsu! During the past 3 years she kept her bright pink hair short, (A/N: She wears the same thing in the shippuuden) and has changed A LOT! She could beat Neji in a spar without a scratch on herself! Yup…She had the perfect life…But, she had a couple of problems up her sleeve (A/N: lol! She doesn't have any sleeves -')… Ever since the day Uchiha Sasuke left Konoha her unbreakable heart broke. Her last problem was…Her past life…


Sakura's POV (point of view)

I watched in awe as my parents trained...

'There perfect…' 5 year old Sakura thought.

I bet we can surpass them easily in a couple of years! NOTHING WILL GET IN OUR WAY! Inner Sakura punched the air. Sakura chuckled at her stupid Inner.

"Sakura dear, what are you laughing at? " Haruno Sakumo smiled. Sakumo had a bunch of light brown hair tied up in a high ponytail that swished left to right while she walked towards her happy daughter.

"Nothing Okaasan! (Okaasan: Mother) I'm hungry! Can we leave now? "Sakura asked.

"Of course..." Sakumo said calmly

They walked together in silence when Sakura's mother ran into another woman with midnight blue hair that was shoulder length.

"Gomen!(Gomen: Sorry!) Let me help you pick your belongings back up! Sakura walk back to our house!" she commanded.

5 minutes later…---

Sakura was walking next to a puddle when someone pushed her!

"Oi, Forehead girl! Lost?I can help you!" a boy with long dark brown hair with white pearly eyes glaring at her...He was obviously from the Hyuuga clan. Neji yelled in Sakura's ear obnoxiously.

"N-no thank you Neji-san," she quickly ran off looking at her blue pants which was unbelievably muddy. BOOM! Yet again, as always, Neji would not take no for an answer. He shoved Sakura into the mud puddle again and again until a boy with raven black hair came walking by...

He's hot! Inner Sakura yelled with heart shaped eyes.

'Shut up you baka(baka: idiot)!'

Ha! I am you! So you're calling yourself a baka!! She took the chalk and drew a vertical line on the chalkboard under Inner Sakura.

Neji ran off seemingly scared of the boys scary onyx glare.

"Are you ok?" the handsome boy asked.

"H-hai(Hai: yes)...Arigatou (Arigatou: Thank you)…um," she stuttered which reminded of her friend Hyuuga Hinata.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you?"

Sakura's bright green eyes widened, "Haruno Sakura...Arigatou Uchiha-sama," she bowed down low and walked off...


Sakura played with her food deep in thought...

"Sakura...I'm going on an A-rank mission sweety ... Are you going to be ok by yourself alone? Your only 5 years old and this mission is really long! For 3 months I'll be gone! I have to miss you birthday dear! I'm sorry! I can refuse the mission if you want! This mission is da-" Sakura cut her off.

"Okaasan! I'll be fine! I have to learn how to be independent someday so I guess today is it!" she smiled cheerfully. Sakumo had some tears in her eyes and smiled...

"I want you to have this my little cherry blossom..." she took out a black choker/collar (A/N: Whatever you call those) with a pink cherry blossom flower in the middle. Sakura gasped at what she saw...

"Okaasan! No! This is grandma's...The great shinobi (shinobi: ninja) of Konoha! I don't deserve it...I'm too weak and I can't even defend myself from bullies," tears started pouring down her eyes.

Sakumo tied the beautiful choker/collar onto her thin neck and said these unforgettable words, "Sakura...You are never weak! People misunderstand you...They think you are weak but you have a strong heart that will demolish anything! Keep fighting for your dreams Sakura...I must go now! Don't forget me...Don't forget Otou-san(Otou-san: father) (sp?)Your father…He was a brave man and died for Konoha! Ja ne(Ja ne: see you later!)!" With that she ran off...3 months later the Hokage came to see Sakura telling her that her mother died...She never ever forgot her mothers last words to her.

---Flashback ended---

She thought her life was miserable that day! She thought her life was even more miserable when Sasuke just said those pathetic words that meant nothing to her! And left her on a cold stone bench. She will never forgive him…Or...Can she?

Author's Note: I hope you like it so far! ) Yeah, yeah…I left an Author's Note all the way here! --'Deal with it! I thought about ending it here…so you're very lucky I'm typing more!

Sakura was busily filing Tsunade's important papers when a clumsy blonde Kyuubi (Kyuubi: a nine-tailed fox demon that was sealed in a boy called Naruto Uzamaki) container interrupted her.

"Sakura-chan!(-chan: you call a girl this ) Want to eat ramen with Sai, Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino and Kiba and Akamaru?" Naruto said quickly.

"I suppose… What time shall I arrive at Ichuriki (I have spelling problem with this word! . )?" asked a short pink haired kunoichi (kunoichi: female shinobi).

"GREAT! You don't have to dress nice but just wear your ANBU clothes cause after eating ramen we have a mission!" he smiled. "Come on!"

Naruto quickly dragged Sakura to her house for her to change into her out fit. She was ANBU and was (of course) proud of herself to achieve such a goal! She was also to the top assassin in Konoha, Suna and even the Mist. She wore the traditional ANBU clothing and tied her short bubble gum colored hair up a bit high.

"Sakura-chan! Hurry up!" yelled the impatient blonde.

"Hai,hai! Just hold on a minute!" she said from inside the house. She made quick hand seals. "Kuchiyose no jutsu (4)." A small black wolf appeared in front of the ANBU captain.

"Sakura-san? (-san: you call someone that if you do not know them very well or a polite way) I haven't seen you for a while?!" whispered Moku the black wolf.

"Hai…Yes, well, here!" she handed him a blue and green scroll neatly tied up with string. "Give this to Tsunade-sama (-sama: polite manner of calling someone is they are famous/a lord/or someone you highly respect)."

"Hai!" with that Moku ran off with the scroll in her fangs.

When Sakura arrived she saw everyone in their ANBU uniform with their masks in their hands. Hinata's mask was a rat for wisdom. Kiba's mask was a dog for speed. Shikamaru's mask was also a rat for wisdom. Ino's mask was a pig for health (A/N: Ino's skills aren't very good but her healing are put to good use in the ANBU…Sakura's still better though! -). Sai's mask was a monkey for look out. Naruto took his tiger mask out, which represents strength. Sakura's mask was a dragon for strength, speed, health, look out and importantly stealth.(A/N:I think that's how people get their masks…right?)

"Hello ugly old hag!" Sai said giving her the usual fake smile. Sakura hated that smile ever since they met! He was a replacement for…'him'.

"Hello emotionless Sai-baasan (baasan: a rude way of calling older people old man)!" she thought of a good comeback.

"Ooh! Haha! What're gonna do now Sai-baasan?" Ino laughed. It was true Sai was older than them…They were all 16 while Sai is 20. (A/N: I know that's not true but bare with it!) Sai sort of twitched at her comeback and hung his head as if saying 'I won't ever call Sakura an ugly old hag…' They all got a seat on the stools. From left to right: Shikamaru, Ino, Hinata, Naruto, Sai, Sakura, Kiba and Akamaru sitting on the ground licking his owners free hand.

"Hey…Sakura?" the dog boy ask.

"Yes Kiba-san?"

"Ummm…You do know the mission is to…" everyone froze staring into Kiba's hazels eyes as if saying 'No! Don't say it! She'll get pissed off!'

"Yes..? Go on." Sakura encouraged Kiba to go on.

Kiba let out an audible gulp, "To b-bring b-back –U-Uchi-iha S-S-Sasuk-ke…"

Everyone stared at him wide eyed. Sakura was also staring at him wide eyed to. She could feel tears filling up in her eyes when he stuttered the name Uchiha Sasuke. She quickly got up from the stool and ran off with Kiba and Akamaru chasing her.

Everyone was speechless. They finished their ramen in silence.

---Somewhere with Sakura and Kiba and Akamaru---

Sakura suddenly stopped running and plopped down on a cherry blossom/ sakura tree. She let her emotions out quietly while Kiba and Akamaru walk toward her slowly.

"Oi…Sakura, look I'm really sorry! Please don't cry! I hate seeing you cry." He said, trying to calm the pink haired kunoichi.

"Its not your fault…I shouldn't have let my emotions control me," she whispered while scolding herself in her thoughts.

'Why…Why in front of my friends?' she thought quietly.

'Look, I don't blame you! I know you still love him,' Inner Sakura said to Outter Sakura quietly.

'I DON'T LOVE THAT STUPID JERK!' she thought roughly.

'I am you! So shut up…! Dumbass…' inner sakura pouted and walked away.

"You shouldn't blame yourself Sakura!" Kiba scolded her.

"Why do you care? I thought you only cared for your own team,"

"Because…BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" He shouted and then blushed ten folds worse than Hinata.(A/N: Not a Kiba x Sakura fanfiction so keep reading! Only a brotherly love) Sakura didn't know what to say…She was speechless! Even Akamaru was silent.

"Remember Sakura? When were 6 kids teased you about your hair and forehead?"

Sakura felt jolts of more memories from the past of her scary childhood.


Sakura's POV---

"Look at her huge forehead!" the girl started poking her forehead harder. I couldn't do anything. If I ran they would find me and hurt me again…I'm weak... Useless...Does everyone think I'm a monster? It's my stupid pink hair and my stupid large forehead? Why must I suffer? I don't deserve to live...

"Oi! Leave her alone!" a boy with brown hair glared angrily at the party of girls.

"Why should we leave this bitch alone? She doesn't deserve to live!" a girl with black hair said.

"She doesn't deserve to be treated like this! No one deserves to die! So what if she has a large forehead? She'll go out of it! So what if she has pink hair? It makes her more special than any of you! So go away!" the brown haired boy with a pure white and brown dog both yelled / barked. I stared in awe.

"We'll be back tomorrow forehead bitch!" with that the leader of the group kicked me hard in the stomach and left.

"Are you all right? I'm Inuzuka Kiba! Follow me before the boys come and tackle you again!" with that he took my hand and through the bushes and onto another path no one realizes. He took me to his house which was very big and started taking her into his room.

"Here! Sit down on this chair while I get the first Aid Kit." He shuffled around a nearby cabinet.

"...Why are you doing this?" I hung my head not wanting Kiba to see my forehead.

"Because what I said back there was all true! And...Hey! Don't cry! Here, pet Akamaru." He handed her a small white and brown puppy which jumped onto her lap and started licking the blood off her hands. I smiled and started to laugh for the first time. Kiba was surprised and relaxed as she laughed.

---Kiba's POV---

'Her laugh is like a soft melody...Like a wind chime! Her pink hair makes her stick out a lot...But it looks soft and silky. Her emerald jade eyes are just like jewels. And her big forehead just makes her look cuter! Woah...Did I call her cute?!'

"Let me take you back to your house! We don't want your mother and father getting worried now huh?" my smile faded as I saw her frown.

I was confused!' Did she not love her own parents? Did they abuse her? Did they not love her? Did they say 'You were a big mistake?' What do I do? Should I ask her what's wrong?' questions ran through my head one at a time.

"Sakura...What's wrong?" I asked.

"My parents were killed during an S-class mission," Sakura hung her head.

"Oh...I-I'm sorry," I frowned.

She smiled and said in such a sweet voice that you would think is an angel's voice, "Don't worry! Where ever I go I know they will always be in my heart forever more!"

"Of course!" I smiled back.

I dropped Sakura off and quickly ran home. As I ran I thought...

'She has gone through so much...And still, she smiles!' he thought as he smiled.

---Sakura's POV---

I walked inside the lifeless house that belonged to me.

' No one wanted to adopt me because I have hideous pink hair and teary emerald eyes...Why do I live? Is there a reason why I have to go through this torture? No one loves me...They don't want to become my friend! Expect...Inuzuka Kiba, Nara Shikamaru (A/N: They always play a nice long game of chess! Since Sakura was a smart girl this gave Shikamaru a challenge.), Yamanaka Ino, Hyuuga Hinata, Tenten, Hyuuga Neji (A/N: Always teases Neji how he looks like a girl so they're sort of like good friends and rivals at the same time.And, since Neji found out what happened to her parents he pitied her and became good friends! ), Aburame Shino (A/N: Weird, yes, but Sakura found a small interest in bugs!), Uzamaki Naruto (A/N: She found him being mistreated by others so she became his friend.),and Yuuhi Kurenai.(A/N: She would treat Sakura's wounds.) Maybe I'm not alone after all. I have friends...But, there is still a reason why I live. I will find out in the future...' with that she laid herself in bed and dozed off at 9:48 P.M.

---Flashback ended---

"Sakura-chan? Do you remember?" Kiba asked.

"Yes, Kiba…Arigatou!" with that she quickly hugged the now blushing dog boy.

"Errm…Y-your w-w-welc-come!" he stuttered.

Everyone got ready at the main gates…Shizune and Tsunade was even there bidding a sad farewell. Sakura was obviously the first there! 'When will they come?' she nervously thought.

"SAKURA-CHAN!!!!!!" yelled the #1 loud-mouth knucklehead ninja.

"Hi Naruto-san…When everyone is here I have news to tell them," she stated calmly. 5 minutes later everyone arrived on time.

"Sakura, you know they will figure out sooner of later! You must tell them!" Tsunade whispered in Sakura's ear.

"Hai…I will," she said. "Ok! Everyone! I have to tell you something important! It's hard for me to explain so I shall cast a powerful genjustu on you that will send you back in time. No one can see you, hear you or touch you. Understood?"

"Hai!" everyone said in unison. The pink haired kunoichi took a deep breath and quickly made 25 handseals. Soon, everyone's vision was getting blurry…They couldn't see anything and they soon fell towards the dirt floor.

---In Genjutsu---

Shikamaru's POV (I felt like choosing some random person so they know what it feels likes) ---

I felt like I was falling of a tree…Then, I suddenly fell flat on my face on the ground. I quickly brushed the dirt off my pants and suddenly saw Sakura…No, it was not her….' This must be her during her childhood! I should follow!' I thought as I ran following 5 year old Sakura. She was healing her wounds! At such a young age she taught herself basic healing jutsus she found in a scroll at the library.

Normal POV---

"Come back here you Forehead-Bitch!" yelled Ami. Sakura kept running and running. She was soon going to tire…

"Hey! Watch it Pinky!" yelled Tsumaru a raven haired boy who suddenly pushed her into a nearby bush. Sakura kept running though! She finally noticed they couldn't find her so she followed the path until she saw a beautiful river with tall healthy-looking oak trees. The injured girl closed her eyes and listened…Woodpeckers, the soft wind whistling above her, squirrels chattering, the wonderful sound of the flowing river and the smell of many different kinds of pretty flowers surrounded her. She soon opened her eyes. She smiled happily and looked around the peaceful place until she saw something that made her froze of fright. An unusually large wolf was laying next the river panting. Blotches of crimson red blood covered its entire chest. The wolf's fur was pure silver except for the tip of its tail is black. The girl blinked a couple of times. She noticed it was laying down facing the river and it wasn't breathing. She soon began to panic! Sakura loved animals and never imagined seeing one die right before her eyes. Sakura ran up to the wolf and saw the deep gash in its chest. She soon started to heal.

Once she was done her chakra was nearly gone. The gash was closed and the bleeding stopped. The silver wolf regained its conscious. He noticed the gash on his chest was gone. He got up and looked to find his savior hiding behind a tree frightened.

'What do I do? I don't have enough chakra! I'm to exhausted to run either…Maybe I should sneak a peak and see if he's gone.' She looked to see if it was gone but to her surprise it started transforming! It was transforming into a man. He had long dark blue hair that was tied(like Itachi's), a black shirt and black pants. His eyes are a deep pool of ice cold blue that may even hypnotize you. He walked up to the pink haired child and crouched down low enough to her height. She waited for him to yell at her or hit her…But nothing came, instead he started to talk to her.

"Did you heal me?" his voice was calm, peaceful and gentle. It made her shiver when he talked too calmly her surprise. She opened one eye and then the other…

"H-hai…," she stuttered.

"What is your name what village you come from, I want to know about my savior." His smile made her feel warm inside.

"My name is Haruno Sakura of Konoha. My birthday is on March 28, blood type O and want to become a ninja when I grow up!" she smiled back at him, seeming to trust him.

"Haha! I didn't expect you to give me all that detail! You're a very intelligent girl Sakura…My name is Ito (A/N: Yes…I own him:p to bad for you!) and arigatou for healing me! I am sorry but I have nothing to give to you…Tell me what you want to be when you're older." Ito apologized then asked.

"I want to be a kunoichi!" mini Sakura said jump up and down and smiling sweetly.

"Hai…I think I know what to give you now, stay still, close your eyes, and whatever you see do not move…Understood?" he spoke firmly and clearly to the confused and scared girl.

"Hai!" Sakura quickly stood still and shut her eyes tight. She moved her fingers into a ball of fist and clenched it tightly waiting for pain to consume her body.

'I hope the Akatsuki (Akatsuki: a secret organization full of S-class missing nin that abandoned their village/rogues) will not interfere…' Ito thought. He walked away 10 feet away from Sakura then stopped. He breathed in…out…in…out…in…out…one more inhale and he quickly started doing 28 complicated handseals. He can not afford to mess up…Otherwise his life and Sakura's life will be in horrible danger!

To Be Continued…

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