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Epilogue – Allies

It has been…How many years since? 3 years? No, 4 years. Everyone around is still looking young in Konohagakure… Thanks to a special kunoichi! She has been proven worthy of putting her face on the Hokage Monument. Now, everyone isn't saying, "I want to be the next Hokage!" anymore…

Since then, Sakura talked Pein and the others to be allies with Konoha. They finally agreed, but chose to live in the Akatsuki Head Quarters still. Not letting any other villages know about their treaty. Konan and Pein eventually got married and so did Itachi and Sakura… Konan gave birth to only 1 child, though, that one child was very intelligent and turned out to be a boy!

"Let's name it…Tommy!" Konan exclaimed.

"No, I don't like those…American names," Pein shudders as she said it.

"How about, Noisuka?"

Pein agreed before Konan could change her mind. The boy had blue hair, just like his mother, Konan. His eyes were from his father, Pein.

Itachi and Sakura had twins. A boy and a girl. Though, unfortunately, none of them had pink hair. Until one day, Sakura spotted some pink strands of hair from the girl while bathing her. She was so happy about this. Although, it was a bit unusual to have pink and black hair. The girl didn't complain. The boy had black hair and dark green eyes. They can both activate the sharingan at anytime.

The boy's name was Yusuke. Since his hair was originally the style of a chicken ass. It reminded her a lot about Sasuke. Sakura tried combing it down with water…Nothing worked so, she chose to let it grow out a bit like Itachi's.

The girl's name was Jashin…Hidan kept calling her Jashin since he said, "What? She reminds me of Jashin…" So, the girl got attached to that name and wouldn't listen when you call her by her real name given, Natsu. She had a few strands of pink hair and the rest is black. She was excellent at Genjutsu and Taijutsu. Her medical techniques were very sloppy but, she didn't care. She just wanted to fight.

Yusuke's fighting techniques are great as well. He was an excellent medic-nin like her mother. Though, he didn't perfect Taijutsu or Genjutsu. He was perfect at Ninjutsus and such, such more.

Naruto and Hinata soon got married as well as having a child of their own. The child's name was Yuki. It was girl who had pale eyes with a hint of baby blue. She had amazing blonde hair that flowed freely down to her waist.

Shikamaru and Ino had a child before they got married. The boy's name was Shikaku, named after Shikamaru's dad who died in battle. The girl's name was Kuchiki.

TenTen and Neji got married and had only one baby boy. He inherited his father's hair, and inherited his mother's eyes. Though, he can activate the Byakugan easily.

They lived for a long time… Tsunade decided to quit being the Hokage and live as a ninja instead. She gave the title to Naruto, the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. Many hated him. Until Sakura gave a meaningful speech, telling them that he has had a rough childhood.

"Look at Gaara…He's had a horrible past and look at him now. He's the Kazekage or Sunagakure! Many people respect him and you should respect Naruto like he is your life. In fact, he is. If the Yondaime didn't seal the Kyuubi inside him, would you all be standing here right now?" many shook their heads and some hung their heads in shame.

"Exactly, my point proven,"

Naruto was a great Hokage. Hinata was his assistant like Shizune was to Tsunade.

In the end… Itachi died in a war. Sakura was devastated. She left her children to Deidara and Sasori. Everyone comforted her. She kept having nightmares about Itachi.

The cherry blossom took a kunai…Held it to her wrist and made a deep slash. Blood flowed freely to the ground as she dropped dead. Anote in one of her hand, saying…

'To my family,

I loved Itachi with all my heart, I couldn't live without him. Please tell the twins about my history. Tell them not to be scared…Tell them I will be with them no matter what. My soul shall live within you all…

This is good bye,

Haruno Sakura,'

Everyone understood… They made a big grave for them. In the Akatsuki Head Quarters and Konohagakure. In Konoha they laid Sakura's grave in the cherry blossom fields. They say, on Sakura's birthday, the cherry blossoms seems much more beautiful than ever.

In Akatsuki's Head Quarters, Itachi's grave was in the training grounds. They say, on his birthday, the sun gets hotter than ever.

And, on both of the graves say:

'Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Itachi…

A Love That Stands Tall, Taller Than the Heavens…

Uchiha Itachi: A murder of the Uchiha clan Massacre, joined Akatsuki and became an S-class criminal.

Haruno Sakura: The heart and soul of Konohagakure, was sent on a mission to deal with Uchiha Sasuke. Instead…She found him.

And he found her.'

Now, all the children made a story saying, "I heard, whenever it is a full moon…I hear they meet each other, in spirit forms, in the Forest of Death…"

Most kids don't say, "I'm going to be the next Hokage!"

Now, it is, "I'm going to be the next Haruno Sakura!"


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