I hope you enjoy my pointless drabble. It could actually fit any couple you felt like plugging names into.

I wish I were her quill. I envy the way it gets to feel her delicate hands lightly caress it as she moves it swiftly down the paper in neat, curvy lettering.

I wish I were her cup of pumpkin juice at dinner. It pains me every time I see her lips touch the rim as she swallows the sweet juice, praying it would be my lips she was touching.

I wish I were her hairbrush. I yearn to run my fingers through those thick red locks of hers every time I see her run the brush through them after coming in from a windy day on the grounds.

But most of all, I wish I were her Tare Panda. She's taken the wretched thing with her everywhere since she got it this summer. She snuggles into it and pays the utmost attention to it. I think it's a hideous little panda. It wears a pink bow around it's neck (isn't it supposed to be male?) and it's small head is misshapen and it contains small, beady eyes that just glare at me menacingly. Yet, it must have done something right to deserve the attention of the one and only Lily Evans. God, I wish I were that hideous little stuffed animal she calls Tare Panda.

A/N: This was inspired by my dear friend, Kevin. x)

"Don't you wish you were my Tare Panda?"

"Actually, yes, right now I do."

Tare Panda is a random stuffed panda a sexist guy at the state fair gave to me. (I'm actually not as attached to him as Lily is.)