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My back is aching

My head is pounding.

I have just arrived home from an incredibly long, strenuous, and just plain torturous auror training session.

The living room is dark and I immediately panic, but I soon calm down when I see a dim light shining upstairs.

I slowly make my way up the stairs, trying my hardest not to make any noise. As I creep into my son, Harry's room, a smile forms on my face.

There sits my lovely wife, Lily, speaking quiet nonsensical words to Harry, as he lay in his crib, content to hear his mother's voice. I tiptoe over to Lily and wrap my arms around her waist, startling her, though her expression softens immediately as she meets my eyes.

I stare over her head to look over at Harry, when I realize something is wrong.

In his chubby arms, there rests a worn down, misshapen, ugly panda bear.

Lily's Tare Panda.

I turn to her with question in my eyes and she blushes.

"It's his Tare Panda now," she explains, quietly, "Just a little something for him to hold on to until he meets that special someone."

- 17 Years Later -

Harry returned to Godric's Hollow with a bit of hope in his heart. Perhaps, without the threat of Voldemort, he could explore a little more.

Tears filled his eyes as he approached the ruins that he knew to be his parents' old house.

He wandered around until eventually he tripped over something soft. He pulled it out and dusted it off a bit.

It was an old stuffed animal.

It was a bit strange looking in his opinion, with a head too big for its body and a ratty pink bow around its neck.

He took the stuffed animal back to Grimmauld Place with him and looked through some of the old photo albums he uncovered. There were several pictures of his mother carrying around the same stuffed bear. He continued looking through the pictures until he found an old, yellowed note, written in a quick scrawl and smeared with what looked like tear stains.

Dear Harry,

I write this to you in a hurry, for I know I do not have much longer to live. Your father is downstairs, trying his best to protect us but, sadly, I know he won't last much longer. I probably will not make it, but I will pray that you do. All I ask of you is to take this Tare Panda with you. May it serve you well as it has served me. Hold on to it and cherish it as a comfort and a friend until the time comes to let it go. Trust me, you'll know when that is.

Good luck and lots of love,


Tears filled his eyes as he lifted up the small bear. He knew exactly what he had to do.

He gently set the Tare Panda in a box and slid it under his bed, and left Grimmauld Place. He would return to it when the time is right, but for now, he needed to find his Ginny.

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