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Chapter 1: Karma's a Bitch

Beep! Beep! Beep! Be-CRASH!

"Stupid alarm clock. Go torment someone else if you're that damn bored. Fucking machine." growled a young woman from under her fluffy black comforter. Only her hand was stuck out from under it at the moment, but soon a leg slipped out, followed by a shoulder. 'Now would be about the time that Evie would come in and wake me up…' as the thought crossed her mind she felt a weight land beside her head, followed be a loud 'meow'.

The young woman chuckled and grabbed the feline, who was quite accustomed to being accosted like this by her human. "So Evie…what should we wear today? It's my first day at this new school…" Sakura's sentence faded as she thought back to the reason she had to attend a new school…again.

Her mood drastically changed as she glowered at the cat. Eve started growling at her, letting her know this mood was not acceptable. The young woman laughed outright at the small creature in her arms. "Yeah, well, you'd feel the same way if you'd been expelled from the last four schools like I have. If people would keep their damn mouths shut I wouldn't have to beat the hell out of them."

Eve made a feline version of a snort and squirmed to be let go. The young woman complied and then looked at the clock. "FUCK ME! Its 7:00 already!" she yelled and took off into the bathroom like a bat out of hell. She showered quickly using her ginger scented shampoo and her water lily and sugar cane body soon as she stepped out of her shower she washed her face and brushed her teeth.

She ran into her room and pulled out a black camisole top, a red off the shoulder Anarchy shirt with thumb-holes in it, and a pleated black skirt that had chains on it. Grinning at her cat, she grabbed a pair of red chucks and slipped them on, followed closely by a few black and red bracelets and her silver Anarchy necklace.

She heard a crash and saw Eve playing with her busted alarm clock. Cursing, she grabbed her cell phone, only to see that it had just turned 7:00. She screamed and threw her phone at her bed, effectively scaring Eve into her bathroom. The girl stomped into the bathroom and continued getting ready at a slower pace. She smiled at Eve, who was now sitting on her sink, glaring at her.

"Sorry baby girl. I know it's not your fault I killed another clock. Forgive me?" the woman held out her hand and pleaded with the cat. The small black cat daintily stood and pranced up to her human. She gently bit down on the girl's hand in reprimand and then butted her head into the offended hand. The girl laughed and grabbed the cat. "Funny how some people may mistake you for a simple cat." the girl laughed at the offended yowl that came from the black feline.

'Funny how some people mistake you for a simple human. Now hurry this ritual of yours up okaa-san, I'm hungry and we have to be there early.' the comment brushed at her consciousness delicately. Sakura laughed and scratched the cat's head gently.

"You must be really hungry to resort to using words. That or you're trying to mother me again. I told you Evie…once I left the covenant I am considered an adult, even if I am only 16. I am my own authority now and no one has a say in what I choose to do." there was a smile plastered on the girl's face, but Eve could feel the sadness erupt deep in the girl's mind.

'I am sorry okaa-san. I know it hurts you to remember your family. Please just hurry. I really am hungry and I would like a chance to scout this new place before we must stay indoors all day.' the young feline purposefully put a whiney note into her tone so that Sakura would feel obliged to pamper the young cat.

"Hahaha…I knew there was a reason you're my familiar. You know just what to do to make me baby you. Very well then…come here and let me put on your collar." The cat made a nodding motion with her head and sat while Sakura retrieved her collar. Sakura was just about to put the red collar with a silver anarchy emblem on Eve when she heard yelling coming from outside.

"GET BACK HERE YOU-" was all she heard as the screech of a car drowned out everything else. Sakura, who wasn't naturally nosy, shrugged and put the collar on Eve.

"Hope I don't run into whoever was screaming like that…I might do something they'll regret." Sakura grumbled under her breath while applying her makeup. Eve grumbled as well and walked out of the bathroom and towards the door that led out of Sakura's room and downstairs, to the kitchen.

"You go ahead Evie…I'll finish here and we'll swing by one of the cafe's on our way to school. I know you like fresh banana nut bread and milk instead of the canned food anyways. Think of it as compensation for me taking so long." Sakura saw the young cat's ears perk up at the mention of her favorite foods. The vision of a smug grin floated through her head as she finished up her makeup.

Black eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara with chapstick was all she wore; her lips were too red naturally to need lipstick. She ran a brush though her knee length predominantly black hair that had pink, red and purple streaks through it, leaving hardly any of the natural pink showing. Deciding to put it up when she got to school, she grabbed a hair tie and ran downstairs, grabbing her messenger bag on the way out.

"Evie, let's ride!" she called when she hit the kitchen, never stopping as she ran out the side door into her garage. Eve jumped off the counter onto Sakura's messenger bag, sitting there like Sakura was standing still. Sakura opened her messenger bag just enough so that she could crawl in and allow her head to stick out from under the flap.

Sakura grabbed a black motorcycle helmet with a tinted visor and plopped it down on her head. She then jumped on her black bike that had cherry blossoms that faded into a red 'love' Kanji.

As she revved up the bike, her skirt rode up a little, revealing a small kanji that matched her bike, resting on her hip. Sakura heard Eve's mental sigh and smirked. She knew her familiar preferred cars to bikes, but this was faster and cheaper with the way gas prices were going up. Pushing the button to put up her garage door, she rolled out, and then closed it while setting the alarm code on her suburban home.

White House it was not, but it was her home with her things in it, so it had a security system that would make the CIA jealous. After a few numbers and a thumb print scan, she tore out of her drive way, barely missing a dark blue Mustang. The car honked and she just flipped the driver off while she tore down the street at over a hundred miles per hour. She spoke softly under her breath and then slightly blended in with her surroundings. "Thank Kami-sama for cloaking spells." the girl chuckled evilly as she made her way closer to her new school.

About a block from her destination, she stopped at a cafe to get herself some grub. Parking her bike around the corner so as not to draw attention with it, she left the helmet tied to the back seat and muttered under her breath again, making the bike 'thief-proof'.

Smiling, she headed into the cafe and ordered hers and Eve's breakfast. She had just sat down to enjoy her food when a high pitched whine assailed her ears. "But Sasuke-kun! I want that one…" Sakura looked up to see a dark haired girl pointing in her direction. Arching a brow, she continued to settle into her table, even popping the top on the bottle of milk for Eve.

She set a bowl across from her and poured the milk in while putting the bread on a napkin right by the bowl. Eve devoured the bread and delicately tasted the milk. Deeming it fit to consume, she lapped it up. Sakura was half way through with her own breakfast when the rather brutish girl and the boy she now knew as 'Sasuke' walked up to her table.

"Move." the boy said in a haughty tone. The girl smiled at him and then glared down at her with a haughty gaze, expecting her to immediately comply with the boy's wishes. Sakura arched her brow once more and looked over at Eve, who gave them a lazy look, then started grooming herself.

Sakura smirked at her cat then went back to eating her breakfast. The girl looked dumbfound while 'Sasuke' looked enraged. "I said…MOVE!" he got up in Sakura's face, as she munched on her Danish and drank her tea.

"No." She said softly without looking up from her book. "If you want this seat, come earlier or wait until I am gone." Sakura was trying not to disturb any more people than possible. Sasuke, by this time, was seeing red. No woman ever dared to defy him. He was god's gift to the opposite sex!

"Do you even know who you're talking to!?" the half groomed 'red' headed girl hanging off 'Sasuke' demanded, her hand on one slim hip. Sakura looked up from her book with her Danish in her mouth about to take another bite.

"The question isn't if I know who he is, the question is do I care. And no…I don't. I am disinclined to take orders from anyone, much less someone I don't know. Now bugger off, pest…I have better things to do than listen to your annoying voice." Sakura's voice was once again soft, but there was a flash of something in her eyes that suddenly surprised Sasuke.

'What the hell is this girl? First she refuses to listen, then she insults me and now she is dismissing me? Where the hell is her sense of self preservation!? And what was up with those flashing eyes. It was almost frightening.' Sasuke's Inner and outer were in complete agreement at that moment. There was something strange about this little freak. He watched as she finished her last bite, drank her tea, and closed her book. He looked at her choice of reading and was surprised to see a medical text. This girl was full of surprises.

"There…all done. Now you can have your table. C'mon Evie…we have places to be." the black cat jumped off the table onto her messenger bag and she walked out the door. Sasuke walked to the counter and had someone wipe the table for them.

"I wouldn't mess with that one if I were you folks." said the black haired bus boy. His hazel eyes held fear as they looked at the front door that the girl had just walked out of. "She's trouble. Anyone that messes with her seriously regrets it." with that said, the hazel eyed boy hurried into the back. As he left, Sasuke noticed he had a pronounced limp. Sasuke arched one black brow at this and kept turning the warning over in his mind. This girl interested him. Perhaps he should investigate her a little.