Disclaimer- I do not own Darker than Black.

Just a cute scene between Hei and Yin from Darker than Black.

Dedicated to Kyla.

First of Many to Come

Yin sat, her feet dangling from Hei's bed from where she sat. Her violet eyes looked ahead, unable to see the beauty of the day. She waited patiently for Hei to return, he was in the kitchen retrieving bandages for her wounds she got today.

Her soft hands grasped the bed sheets and felt the silky texture. Warm sunshine touched her face as the air conditioner blew cool air at her legs and arms.

Footsteps came in her direction; Hei. Without a word, he sat down next to her, the bed shifting under his weight, and took her arm. Diligently working, he made sure the bandage was not too tight or loose. Yin waited in silence for him to finish.

There, he was done. Hei stood up and walked off, taking the remaining bandages with him. Yin, now alone once more, touched his handiwork with her other hand. Her fingers lightly pressed against the fabric of the bandage.

"Yin?" Hei called out, stepping back inside his bedroom. Yin let go of her arm and looked in his direction. Her heart beat a little louder.

"Is it too tight?" he asked calmly. She said, "No" in her usual, monotone voice.

Then Yin did the unexpected; she stood up and walked in the direction she heard Hei's voice. Her right arm stretched out to him, not for his hand, but higher up, reaching for his face. Hei stood in shock as her fingers touched his shoulder. A spark of electricity flashed from the touch and Yin drew away. But her courage returned.

Hei felt both of her hands trace up his neck and jaw, feeling and memorizing the feel and shape, becoming Yin's eyes. He blinked when her fingers touched his eyelids, then his black eyebrows. One hand felt his ear, and the other gently felt his black bangs and forehead. They went down over the bridge of nose, covering his cheeks. Then one finger touched his top lip.

Hei, patiently stood as the blind girl went over the top lip, then down over the bottom lip.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Hei moved closer to Yin, his head moving toward hers. Yin, emotionless on the outside, felt her heart quicken just a tad. Hei's eyelids and thick, black lashes lowered a tad as he neared her face. Yin did not lower her hands when she felt him closing in on her.

Neither one closed their eyes when their lips touched. Hei, his gray eyes watching Yin's violet orbs, brushed his lips against hers. Silently, he kissed her; his large hands barely touching her waist. As for the white-haired doll, she felt her heart beat a little louder.

Hei pulled away, his faces a few inches from Yin. Letting go of one of his shoulders, Yin touched her own lips, still feeling the warmth left there by Hei. She brought her fingers from her blushing lips to Hei's, lingering there to feel warmth there as well.

She pushed against the tips of her toes and leaned toward Hei who moved toward Yin again. Once their lips touched, their eyes closed this time, Hei's waiting for those beautiful purple orbs to slowly droop. His hands enclosed the rest of her back and pushed her delicately to him.

After but a few moments, their lips pulled back, a small space between them.

Hei stared at Yin's mouth, and Yin was looking into Hei's face, even though she could not see his features. A few more moments passed then Hei leaned down again, his black bangs swaying. Their mouths met and Yin could feel her heart beat a little louder and a little faster.