Back To The Future

Even with the advent of the electronic age, galaxy-wide wars and universe-spanning Infinite Crises and even simple server crashes had left holes in the Earth Government's history logs.

So when Carol Bucklen, in a fit of nostalgia for her youth, sought out information on her old friends in what would be the 'present' and found mentions of a young woman who dated a Flash that was her friend Bart… Well, she didn't think much of it, not even when she couldn't find any records of the woman elsewhere. The historical logs were woefully incomplete, after all.

Then Carol discovered the woman's name.

Valerie Perez. That had been the name that Carol had made for herself when she was six, by the formula for a stage name. The street she lived on at the time, Valeria Avenue, plus her mother's maiden name, Peters, only converted to the Spanish.

Further delving proved that Valerie's background sounded like what Carol might make up for herself…if she planned to go back to the twenty-first century to live.

Those long-formed dreams in the back of her mind cemented into a plan. After all, if it had already happened, then surely there wasn't a problem with her going back in time.

And she would. She was.

Carol was going home…to Bart.