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Chapter One: Chibi Changes

'Nothing should have gone wrong, I mean it was only one stinking assassin!' I thought as I stared at my reflection in dismay.

We had just left town with new supplies and FOOD (whoo), when another assassin had tried to take the scripture from us. It seemed that he had trained in the art of apothecary like Yaone. Then just as I was about to whack him one he shoved a needle into my arm.

I felt really strange after that, like I was numb on the inside. Sanzo was just about to finish him off when I collapsed. It wasn't like I was in pain or anything just too tired to stand up. I could hear the others shouting to me and the demon laughing saying something about one of his own concoctions.

"You fools! You friend is doomed, I made that concoction myself! It slowly shrinks the body's internal organs until they're too small to function! Soon he'll be dea-" The demon laughed evilly, well that was until Sanzo shot him in the head.

"GOKU! Are you okay?" Hakkai shouted worriedly as he ran over to me.

"Stupid monkey, trust you to be the only one poisoned." Growled Gojyo, though I could hint a note of worry in his voice.

"Idiot." Sanzo just said darkly.

I only coughed trying to stay conscious but failing badly.

"Quick Hakkai do something!" Gojyo shouted.

"There's nothing I can do Gojyo! We'll just have to get him to a town as quickly as possible!" Hakkai said desperately.

It was then I had lost the battle to stay conscious and had fallen into the embrace of darkness.

I had woken up in the inn where we had stayed in the previous night and that was when I had caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror. It seemed that the potion hadn't had the effect it should have had on me. Instead of shrinking my organs until they were too small to work, it actually shrinked my whole body and now I looked like I was a smaller four year old version of me wearing one of my shirts that now was waay too big and dragged on the floor.

"Well thish really thuks and to top it all oth I am huuuuuuuungry! Wait oh god damnit my voish!" I started to whine to myself then realizing how babyish my voice sounded and wait a sec I had a lisp!?

'ARRRGHHH!!!' I mentally screamed to myself pulling my hair.

There was one good piece of news though, it seemed that my diadem had shrunk along with the rest of my body and now fitted snugly on the top of my head as always.

"Well I'm not gonna wait round here, time to thind me shome food (whoo again)! I said to myself walking towards the door, but there was a slight problem...I was too short.

Standing on my toes wasn't doing anything so I looked around the room to see if there was anything that could help me. Luckily I spied a chair by the window and dragged it over. Scrambling I heaved myself onto it panting slightly. Feeling pleased with myself I reached and turned the door knob and pushed. This inevitably tipped me off the chair and I crashed to the floor.

"Owww" I moaned to myself as I slowly got up.

'Well at least I got the door open.' I thought to myself smugly and on the spur of the moment skipped out of the room, just as a maid happened to be passing by the door.

"Oh no! I'm sorry honey, are you okay? Where's your mummy and daddy?" The maid cooed to me as she picked me up.

I just stared up at her in surprise and indignation at being picked up.

"Lemme down! Lemme down!" I shouted at her as I tried to wriggle out of her grasp.

Surprised at my sudden movement she dropped me, taking the chance I landed on my feet and made for the stairs.

"Honey come back! We got to find your parents!" The maid called out to me.

'Well at least there's one advantage to being smaller. I'm waay faster.' I thought to myself just as I reached the stairs.

Just as I went to jump down them I realized my mistake, I'd misjudged the height and length of them. Instead of gracefully hopping down the stairs I made a noisy descent and landed in a painful heap.

"Ugh..." I groaned trying to get up but falling again forgetting that my feet were twisted together.

"Goku?" I heard someone call, looking up I saw Hakkai looking at me concerned.

I heard a shriek come from the top of the stairs.


Shakily I got up and winced when I saw the maid at the top of the stairs with her hands over her mouth.

"Oh hey Hakkai..." I say trying to act casual but slowly sneaking away from the maids view.

"Thank you for your concern Miss but it seems he is perfectly fine." Hakkai says smiling up at her.

Blushing at the handsome, cheerful smile she murmurs "Oh if you're sure then, I'd better be going back to work." And disappears from view.

"Now Goku you better come with me." Hakkai says smiling at me and before I can protest he picks me up firmly with no chance of escape.

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