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Chapter 7 Chibi

This was so not good. No matter how hard I kicked or screamed I couldn't get away. Finally I had gotten on everyone's nerves so much with all the racket I was making they finally gagged, bound and shoved me in a sack as to not arouse suspicion when walking through the village. And damn, being carried in that sack really hurt! I was being bumped and jostled around and I hit my head every time the guy who was carrying me took a step! I wished Sanzo would hurry up and get me out of this! Or maybe Hakkai, heck even Gojyo would be good around about now! The guy who was carrying me stopped abruptly and shifted the sack to his other shoulder and I felt him going down some steps. Probably to some basement where they'll hideout, god I hope they weren't perverts like Gojyo. Dumping me on the concrete floor and making me bang my head hard, my assailant opened the sack and lifted me out and set me on the floor. Then went on to leave me there face down on the floor and not being able to get up.

"Remgi Grat!" (1)

I started to struggled and roll over so that instead of staring face down at the floor I stared at the staring, which was pretty dull and made of grey concrete with cracks running along it.

"Let's look at the latest catch!"

I saw some ugly guy with a scar along his nose and greasy blonde hair, which might have been pretty if it had been washed in the last month standing over me and reaching to unbind my hands and legs. As soon as he had taken the gag out of my mouth I started to screech at the top of my lungs.


"Shut it brat!"

Getting kicked in the ribs hurts so I did the smartest thing I could think of at the moment and shut up. My stomach had other ideas though and started to growl, but the creeps ignored it and started to strip me. No. they were perverts! Once I was fully naked (which was the most embarrassing thing ever seeing as it was in front of strangers who were guys), two of them held me down while the boss looked me up and down searching for any flaws or birth marks that could damage how much I'd sell for. He then went and pried my jaws opened and checked my teeth, the nerve! To show my um displeasure I spat in his face, I got my point cross but a black eye in the process but it was worth it to see the disgust on his face after I did it, ah sweet revenge. I wasn't happy for long seeing as they put me in this freezing tub of soapy water and proceeded to clean me. May I remind you they were GUYS and weren't very gentle about it get soap in my eyes and pulling half my hair out as they tried to detangle it. If I ever meet them again I'll put soap in their eyes and see how they like it! Oh yeah and probably kill them too but the soap would come first. Once this was all done they dressed me again (as if I couldn't) and put me into some poorly made hammock leaving someone to guard me as they went and to gamble, drink and EAT!

"Hey, can I haffe thomefing to eat?"

"No and shh."


In the end just to make me quiet he gave me a peach, and even if it wasn't the freshest peach I've ever seen I ate it with gusto.





"Becauthe why?"

"If you don't shut up I'll make sure you get sold to a pedophile."

"Whath's a pedothile?"

I never got an answer to that question because just at that moment I heard a gunshot and the distinct bang of a door being shot at.

(1) Frankly I can't remember what this meant in the first place but I'm sure it'll come back to me sometime .

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