Okay, a little side adventure to the DeidaraXIno story that's been bouncing around in my head. This is really dirty (at least for me to be writing). I mean the whole thing is a giant sex scene, with flashbackmemorythought things. But I'm posting it anyhow because it will leave me alone once it's on paper. Umm...I think there will be a maximum of three parts. I don't want to go too in depth. Mostly I want it out of my head.

BTW- Naruto does not belong to me. I don't think I should have to say this five hundred times but I don't want to get into trouble or anything.

Even as he pulled off her shirt and kissed her collar bone, she pondered how she had gotten herself into this situation with him so soon. It wasn't like she had tried. But it wasn't like she hadn't tried either. Besides it was way too late to say no. He'd have her now, regardless of whether she changed her mind or not.

It hadn't originally been in her plans to have sex with the blonde missing nin. She was there to take a short break from her ninja life, relax, kick back, enjoy the scenery. And he'd been there too, waiting for his orders. Then they'd ran into each other. He'd turned a corner too fast and she hadn't been paying attention, instead thinking about the boy who she thought she loved. The boy that she had thought she loved until he'd gone to Orochimaru to gain power.

Stupid Sasuke, she thought to herself as the mouths on the blonde man's hands sucked on each of her breasts. His actual mouth was working in an intricate pattern, alternating between sucking and nipping the skin on her neck. She was only half paying attention to the ninja she was underneath, too consumed by her own thoughts to pay him much mind.

He lifted his head and said in her ear, "You don't seem too into this, yeah."

She smirked. She'd prove to herself that she didn't want Sasuke. "Sorry Deidara. I was thinking, but I'm all yours now," she purred. She thought he was quite attractive really, and unlike Sasuke, he paid attention to her. Actually Deidara was probably just what she needed to show herself that Sasuke wasn't worth her time. And as she thought about what she said, she realized that it had been true. Surprisingly enough, she wanted to be all his. She wanted to feel him inside of her.

He returned the smirk. "Well, Ino, if that's how you feel…let's make a bang."

She met his lips, wrapping her arms around his neck so that she could pull her body against his. He clutched her rear, pulling her hips against his. He ground down on her, forcing her to emit a gasp. Even though he still had his pants on, she could feel the hardened member underneath and his thrust had pushed it against her already throbbing region.

"Deidara...don't play with me," Ino begged in between breaths. "I need you now!"

"Come on, playing is the best part, yeah!"

"I'll get up and leave right now, if you don't give me what I want."

He looked into her lust filled eyes. "You can't. You want me too much, un," he said with a smirk.

Her eyes hardened, glaring. He realized that even in her heightened state of desire, she wouldn't hesitate to do it. She'd leave. He didn't want her to leave yet. At some point she would have to return home, and he would have to continue his mission in the Akatsuki. He wasn't quite ready for that seperation. As reluctant as he was to admit it to himself (and he'd never admit it to any of the other Akatsuki members) he was attached to the girl. Something about her set her apart from others in his mind. And he didn't know how much time he would get to spend with her before that seperation came. So he wanted as much time with her as possible. If giving into her demands provided that, he was more than willing to admit defeat.

"Fine," he said, eyeing the blonde kunoichi with lust. "Let me get these off, yeah," he continued, gesturing to his pants as he stood on his knees. Ino sat up, and pulled them down for him, making the most seductive face imaginable at him while doing so. She might have blushed when she saw his swollen manhood, but she quickly covered up any trace of it by gently taking the member in her hands and rubbing it. Deidara gasped as an electric shock ran through his body. Ino, deciding to see what other fun reactions she could get out of him, proceeded to put it inside of her mouth. She nibbled and sucked a little and the next thing she knew, a warm, icky tasting, fluid was in her mouth. She swallowed hard and pulled away. She gagged at the taste but forced it down. She hadn't wanted to go for oral. It was too gross for her.

Deidara being in a state of frenzy because of the act Ino had left unfinished, pushed her down onto the bed hard. He groaned and came down hard onto her, pushing into the soft folds of skin between her legs. Ino jerked underneath of him, letting out loud moan. He didn't care. She had caused this, now she was going to feel the consequence. He pushed deeper, grasping her butt to pull her against him. She choked out, "Deidara...go...hard." He took this as his cue, thrusting in and out as quickly as he could. She kept her body sycronized with him, moving perfectly in their copulation. She screamed his name in her pleasure. He buried his face in her bare chest as he called out her name. As she climaxed, he felt her tighten around his still pulsing manhood. He was reaching his peak as well, and within seconds he ejaculated, collapsing on top of her in exhausted ecstasy.

"I love you, Deidara," Ino whispered as she drifted off to sleep. This moment had been much better than the moment she had dreamed off. Sasuke had nothing on this beautiful, blonde missing ninja to whom she'd just given herself.

"Yeah," was his reply as he pulled her body against his. She snuggled against him. He played with a lock of her golden hair. She was lovely. A true work of art. At least her beauty was only beginning to dawn on him. It would be pity to have to destroy her. He sighed, and put his head on her shoulder. This was better than he'd imagined. He kissed her shoulder blade. He would preserve her beauty as long as possible, but something in his gut told him he would never think of her beauty as being fleeting, that something in his philosophy had been shaken by a single night in bed with the blonde kunoichi. He drifted off to sleep, the best piece of art ever created secured tightly in his arms.

Okay...I'm sorry that it's so short. I'll try to add a little more to this later. I hope you enjoyed it.