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Harry and Neville walked in to the council chambers and took their seats at the head of the table as Ginny took Hagrid and Fang to their new quarters. As they sat there waiting the elves slowly filed back into the room taking their seats.

Just as Harry was about to address them there was a flash of fire in the door way and Fawkes appeared followed closely by a centaur who appeared in a sudden starburst below Fawkes and moved to take up a position at the table that didn't have a chair.

Bowing formally to Harry he stood quietly and looked out over the group wondering how this human had come to power when he like the rest of his people believed the council to be destroyed.

Bowing gracefully the centaur snapped his fingers and a small ornate platinum ring appeared on the table before Harry.

Harry smiled and nodded politely to the centaur.

A moment later a tall pale figure seemed to blend out of the shadows in the room and step up to the table, inclining his head to Harry and Neville.

"I am Taziz of the vampire covenant, we once more pledge our allegiance to the council and all it stands for," he said softly, taking his seat beside the centaurin representative.

Harry motioned for Ginny and Hagrid to enter the room, noticing that they had returned and were hovering in the doorway, waving his hand he motioned Hagrid to one of the chairs at the table that had obviously been designed for someone of giant decent.

"Hagrid, I welcome you as a brother to the court of Avalon," he said inclining his head to Hagrid who started to weep quietly and bowed to Harry without a word.

Before Harry had a chance to say anything else a loud gong rang out through the fortress and several elves dressed in battle armour rushed into the room and quickly addressed Ellessar in fast elvish.

Ellessar looked up at Harry a sad look on his face "My lord it would seem that Albus Dumbledore is at the gates at the head of an army, they are demanding your surrender."

Harry looked shocked for a second before he snarled and turned to whisper something in Neville's ear whom immediately got up and left the room.

"To arms, I summon every able bodied warrior to join me in the defence of Avalon," Harry said looking around at each person at the table, seeing only respectful and somewhat wary looks returned to him as each person nodded and went to summon there forces.

Neville rushed quickly from the room, quickly asking Luna and Hermione to join him as he stepped on the apparition point in the front parlour of the fortress. Looking back over his shoulder he smirked at the two girls before with a soft pop he disappeared.

Moments later the trio appeared outside a large gloomy fortress somewhere in the North Sea, they had arrived at the island fortress of Azkaban.

Without even pausing the three of them pointed there wands at the front gates to the prison and blew it to pieces.

"Come on, we have to move quickly," Neville said as he moved quickly forward stunning the human guards as they approached.

Suddenly a loud boom rang out through the prison as Hermione who had remained just outside the gate managed to bring down the wards, without even pausing the three of them locked onto the magical signature of the person they were searching for and disappeared once more.

Amelia Bones had been sat staring at the walls of her cell for ages now, just thankful that the dementors were no longer present inside the prison as the place was depressing enough without them.

She had just started to drift off when she heard thunderous boom of the wards crashing down, jumping up from her bed she quickly made her way to the bars on her door and started yelling for her people that were imprisoned with her to get ready for either a rescue or an attack.

Neville appeared first in the cell, instantly flanked by the two witches who moved to break down the door while Neville turned to Amelia and gave her a small smile.

"Good afternoon Lady Bones," he said quietly, bowing slightly to her he quickly sat down with her and filled her in on the current circumstances at Avalon and what was about to happen.

Outside the walls of Avalon

"Headmaster, are you sure this is a wise idea?" Kingsley Shackelbolt asked the headmaster as he looked up at the battlements of the fortress that was slowly filling with armour clad figures directing arrows down at their position.

Albus Dumbledore smiled benevolently at the other man and nodded, "We are the army of the light Mr Shackelbolt, and we are right in our actions."

Kingsley nodded once to the headmaster took a step back to stand slightly to the left of the headmaster once again, stealing a quick glance at Mad-Eye Moody who had an eyebrow raised discreetly at what the headmaster had just said.

Harry approached the gate, flanked on either side by two cloaked elvan rangers the group passed quickly through the gate, hearing it click locked behind them as they walked slowly towards where Dumbledore stood.

Snarling softly Harry slipped his hood back and glared at his old headmaster "Dumbledore, What can I help you with?" he asked sarcastically, not missing the smirk that crossed Moody's face.

Dumbledore smiled at Harry before speaking "Mr Potter we are here to demand and if you refuse force your surrender, we cannot allow another dark lord to rise," he finished the last part gravely.

Shocking everyone around him Harry burst out laughing at the headmaster as he finished this, once he'd gotten his laughter back under control he replied still with humour in his voice "So that is the story you're going to go with? That I'm turning dark and you have to stop me?"

Flicking his gaze to Mad-Eye, he smirked and said "Mr Moody, Being a defence against the dark arts teacher, what can you tell me about Phoenix's and their reaction to dark magic users?"

Moody smirked already seeing where this was going and recited "A Phoenix is the strongest symbol of the light that exists in this world; it will not come to the call of someone who practices the dark arts."

Harry nodded to him in thanks and then called out sharply, suddenly a golden red phoenix appeared on his shoulder in a burst of flames.

"So now that we have settled whether or not I'm the next dark lord, perhaps we can move onto your unlawful assault on the true magical leadership of this world?" he said quietly, smiling at the man he had once respected like no other.

Waiting a moment to see what Dumbledore's reaction would be Harry looked to Kingsley Shackelbolt stood behind the aging headmaster and snarler "Auror, I command you to arrest this man on charges of sedition against the ruling power of the British Magical Isles!"

Kingsley was moving before he had even registered the command being given, his oaths as an Auror driving him to do his duty, he had one hand on the headmasters shoulder when suddenly Dumbledore sprang into action and snapped of a spell towards Harry, what happened next shocked everyone as Harry raised a hand letting the spell slam into before him and his two guards apperated back to the top of the wall behind him.

Harry shot a spell directly into the wall triggering Avalons battle wards, watching them snap quickly into place as the members of the Order of the phoenix started firing spells into the wards when suddenly there was a loud boom and the wards buckled barely holding up under the onslaught from a second group who had arrived unnoticed by anyone.

Voldemort and the remainder of his Deatheaters had arrived and thrown everything they had against the wards, Harry nearly fell over in shock when he saw Dumbledore nod to Lord Voldemort and the two of them started casting their strongest spells against the wards in an attempt to overload them and bring them down.

What shocked everyone was when Moody and Shacklebolt spotted this happening the pair of them touched the command gems around there neck and sent the retreat command to every Auror, instructing them to pull back, as they watched every Auror slowly vanish either by portkey or disappparting the two of them looked to each before both turning their wands on Dumbledore and attacking.

At the same time on the walls of Avalon...

Harry looked on watching this happening before looking to Neville and nodding slightly to him before speaking in a voice loud enough for those around them to hear "This ends today."

Once Harry had finished speaking both him and Neville apparated through the wards and begun actively engaging Dumbledore and Voldemort who were now standing back to back fighting the two Auror's who had remained behind.

Harry looked at Dumbledore and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear "look at you now Dumbledore, the so called leader of the light...co-operating and fighting on the same side as the very person you say you was fighting. Its over both of you, order your people to surrender and they will be treated leniently for simply following you!"

Voldemort let out a loud laugh as he turned to Harry "I will defeat you this time Potter, there will be no luck to save you this time!" he finished bringing his wand to bear on Harry and firing off a killing curse which Harry easily dodged.

With weary voice Dumbledore said to Harry "It is how it must be Harry, we must join together for the good of the wizarding world to remove the threat you pose!"

Harry sighed before him and Neville launched into action, both firing a stream of spells at the two wizards. Forcing them both back further and further, the ground around the four slowly becoming burnt and scarred as the magic they were using was becoming more and more destructive.

While this was happening, the rest of Harry's people, including the Elves and Madam Bones and her people were making quick work of the members of the Order. It didn't take long before Ginny, Luna, Hermione, Moody and Shacklebolt were back and focusing their attacks on Dumbledore, forcing him to attacking Harry and Neville and focus on the new threat.

Harry and Neville focused all of their attacks on Voldemort now, slowly driving him to his knee's as he buckled under the onslaught of the two sorcerers.

A few moments later Harry took the last couple of steps forward rushing at where Voldemort was kneeling, his hand flashing out in a blur of silver as Excalibur appeared in his hand and flashed through Voldemort's neck, as this happened Neville quickly cast a soul binding spell on him forcing his soul to follow him into the afterlife.

Sighing quietly Harry stepped back and whispered "Goodbye Tom," before vanishing the sword and turning to re-engage Dumbledore who was easily holding his own against his lieutenants, both him and Neville threw everything they had at the aging headmaster then.

Dumbledore seeing that he could no longer hold his own against the two younger more agile wizards began casting killing curse after killing curse at their position forcing them to dodge continuously to avoid being hit, as Harry was jumping out of the way of the latest attack from the headmaster he misjudged his landing and crashed to the ground.

The headmaster smirked as he instantly moved on Harry to finish him off, a green glow of a killing curse emanating from his wand. What happened next could have happened in slow motion for how quickly it happened, the killing curse left his wand and was speeding towards Harry when instantly Ginny was between the two, the sword of Gryffindor in one hand and an ethereal looking shield in the other, the killing curse struck the shield and a loud ping rang out. Everyone with in range standing there looking stunned, including the headmaster whose shocked expression would have been downright funny if not for the current situation.

Harry and Neville both took advantage of this springing forward quickly and casting the last two spells of the war against the headmaster.

Both of their spells punched quickly through his failing shields, hitting him in the chest with a stunning spell and piercing spell to his leg, knocking him out straight away.

As Dumbledore hit the ground Harry looked around the mass of people around him either bound and on their knees, or lying dead or unconscious on the ground.

Harry looked down at the fallen body of the headmaster and sighed, "It didn't have to be this way Dumbledore."

Casting a sonurus charm on himself Harry gave the order for the prisoners to be taken into custody and to help anyone who was injured. As he moved over to Ginny and wrapped his arms around her waist, he smiled to himself, "We finally have peace love."

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