Hinata watched Naruto train with Sakura, "I wish I was like her…" Hinata jumped as she felt a powerful presence behind her. She turned around and laughed, "O-oh it's just you Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke smirked, "Rice ball?" Hinata smiled and took one out of his hand. Sasuke had become closer to Hinata since he had come back, he loved her, but that would never come out in public. Sasuke sighed, "Hiiiiinnnnaaaa…"

Hinata smiled, "Whaaaaaaatttt?"

Sasuke flicked his eyes to see Naruto and Sakura still training, 'If I can't have you…I want the dope to, because you love him.' Sasuke started running down the tree, "Catch me if you can!" Hinata laughed as she chased Sasuke down the tree.

Naruto and Sakura stopped as they watch Sasuke run down the tree followed by Hinata. Hinata chased Sasuke, unaware of the new audience they had acquired. Hinata tackled him to the ground, and laughed as she sat on his stomach victoriously. Sasuke smirked, "You haven't won yet." Sasuke rolled them over and held a kunai to her throat, "Give up or you die! Hahaha!"

Hinata pouted, "That's not fair Sasuke-kun I-"

Naruto gaped, "Sasuke-teme what the hell are you doing!?"

Hinata gasped, "N-N-Naruto-kun!"

Sasuke climbed to his feet, "Let's play truth or dare-"

Sakura frowned darkly, "Sasuke-kun why are you playing with a little girl?"

Sasuke scoffed, "She's bigger than you see…" Sasuke poked Hinata's breast. Hinata screamed and slapped Sasuke. Sasuke rubbed his face, "It's not my fault you have gigantic boobs." Sasuke smirked as Naruto's face faltered, and Hinata blushed deeply.

Sakura cried anime tears, "Fine game on!" They all sat in a circle. Sakura started out, "Sasuke-kun I dare you to…give Naruto a hug." Sasuke flinched and hugged Naruto.

Sasuke smirked finally his turn, "Naruto I dare you to…make-out with Hinata!"

Naruto blushed deeply, rivaling Hinata, "H-H-Hinata wouldn't let me do th-that!"

Sasuke yawned, "I bet she would. So hurry up!" Naruto leaned forward slowly; Sasuke 'accidentally' pushed Naruto's lips against Hinata's. Sasuke stood up, "I'm bored, let's play a new game." Sasuke quickly tied Hinata and Naruto together by their ankles, placing explosive tags everywhere on it. "I will untie you guys in one week."

Hinata tried fainting, but Naruto was yelling, "Sasuke you asshole!"

Sasuke kissed Hinata's cheek, "Have fun, kiddies."

Naruto sighed and started walking towards his house. Hinata tugged on the rope, "N-Naruto-kun…we n-need to go to m-my house. My F-F-Father would k-kill us." Naruto picked Hinata up and ran towards her house.

They arrived at the gate and Naruto set Hinata down, "Where have you been Hinata-sama? Also why is Naruto's ass here?"

Hinata swallowed, "U-um…S-S-Sasuke-kun tied us together."

Neji smacked his head roughly, "Dammit…go to your room…I will tell Haishi-sama you are sick, so he will not bother you. Also Naruto, if you try to take advantage of her you are dead. And I don't give a fuck if you are a demon or not."

Hinata looked at Naruto curiously, "D-demon?"

Naruto scoffed, "Forget it. Let's go."

They entered her room and Hinata sat down on her bed yawning, "I um n-need to t-take a bath." Naruto shrugged and sat down on her bed. Hinata smiled and closed the bathroom door.

Hinata reappeared from the bathroom an hour later. Naruto was lying on her bed reading a book, "Wh-what are you reading?"

Naruto grinned deviously, "You're perverted Hinata-chan. That is what you want me to call you right."

Hinata looked closer at the book, "MY DIARY!!!" Hinata tackled Naruto, who turned them over while smirking.

Naruto flipped a few pages, "Oh Hinata I think you wrote something about this…let's see…oh here it is 'I wish Naruto would…well I'll save the rest for later."

Hinata noticed Naruto start to look sick, "Naruto are you okay…y-your eyes are turning red!"

Naruto gasped, "Hinata get out of here!"

Hinata tried to move but Naruto was pinning her down, and she couldn't move, "N-N-Naruto I can't get-who are you!? You are not Naruto-kun!"

He smiled wickedly, "That's right, love. Now how will I kill you? Oh by the way, Kyubi nice to meet you."

Hinata started crying, "N-Naruto-kun help me! I know you're in there! Please!"

The Kyubi's eyes changed to Naruto's blue ones, "Hinata!?" Naruto saw the tears falling down her cheeks, "What did he do!?"

Naruto tightened his hold on Hinata's shoulders; she winced, "N-Naruto that hurts."

Naruto blinked, then evilly responded, "I know it does, love."

Hinata started struggling, "K-Kyubi!"

-Inside Naruto's head-

Kyubi grinned, baring his fangs to Naruto. He cackled evilly, "How about this, I let you take over and finish our fun, eh?"

Naruto growled, "What the hell are you talking about Kyubi!?"

"Come on boy, claim her as yours."

Naruto punched the cage, "You going to-to-to…"

Kyubi smirked, "That's right boy, by the time we're done with her there will be little foxes running all around. So do you want to take over?"

Naruto flicked the Kyubi off, "NO! We can't do that to her! She is only nineteen!"

Kyubi frowned, "Take over…or I will kill her slowly. Besides don't you want to be a daddy…?"

Naruto ran his hands through his hair, "Fine just…just don't hurt her!"

-normal world-

Hinata smiled as she saw blue going and staying back into Naruto's eyes. Hinata hugged him, "You're back!"

Naruto smiled in a sad way, "Hinata…please just cooperate with what I'm about to do. Listen to me, you-you must have sex with me unless you want Kyubi to kill you."

Hinata shook her head, "No!" Hinata fumbled with her phone, '676-5788'



Hinata grasped the phone tighter, "S-Sasuke-kun I need help! N-No Naruto STOP!"

Sasuke slammed the phone down, "Shit!"

Sasuke opened Hinata's bedroom door, Naruto was still trying to take her shirt off. Sasuke kicked him in his stomach, knocking him and Kyubi unconscious. Sasuke quickly untied the rope, "Hinata are you okay!?" Hinata wrapped her arms around him and cried. A raven landed on the windowsill, Hinata grabbed the letter out of its beak.

"Dear Hinata-hime,

Hello my princess. You have no idea who I am, but I love you. Meet me at Konoha gates in two minutes. Hurry time is ticking away.



Hinata folded the letter and put it in her pocket, "Sasuke, I'm going to go meet him. I'll see you later." Sasuke rubbed his temples and sighed.

Hinata tripped over a stone as she ran up to the gates. Hinata closed her eyes and waited for the impact of the ground. But instead she was caught by a strong pair of waiting arms. "You took a fall there, un."

Hinata blinked, "Wh-who are you?" Deidara waited…3…2…1. "Y-Y-You're Akatsuki!"

Deidara smirked, "Bingo. Hey Itachi catch the girl you wanted." Deidara tossed Hinata towards a shadow that caught her with ease. Hinata screamed as she was chunked through the air.

Hinata looked at the man now holding her, "Uchiha…Itachi."

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