Itachi flicked his Sharingan on and off as he watched Hinata sleeping on the hospital bed with Sasuke sleeping on the floor next to her

Itachi flicked his Sharingan on and off as he watched Hinata sleeping on the hospital bed with Sasuke sleeping on the floor next to her. He smirked seeing Deidara tied to the bed post with a dog leash. Sasuke unknown to Itachi actually was awake…just listening to Itachi move around. They both looked at Hinata as she sat up in the bed, "Sasuke-kun..?"


"Can you help me up…I need to go outside for a bit. It's hot in here…too many people." Sasuke stood up, and nodded. He let Hinata wrap her arms around his neck as he lifted her off the bed. "Ok…I can walk now. But promise me while I'm gone you two won't fight."

Sasuke looked at the ground, "I'm not promising anything."

Hinata stared at him and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek, "Please Sasuke-kun." Sasuke blushed, looked away, and nodded. Hinata could tell Itachi was brooding, so she walked closer to him as well and kissed his cheek, "You have to promise as well."

Itachi frowned, "Fine…I won't kill him."

Hinata walked over to Deidara and kissed the top of his head, "Sleep well Deidara-kun."


Hinata stretched as she sat on the bench outside. She looked up and shrunk back into the seat, "N-Naruto-kun…"

"Hinata-chan…can we talk?"

Naruto got closer to her; he reached out trying to touch her but before he could Sasuke had one of his wrists twisted behind him and Itachi had the other. "What the hell are you doing here Naruto..?"

Itachi's eyes widened, "The Kyubi vessel…"

Itachi tried to punch Naruto, but Sasuke grabbed his fist and released chakra through it. "Don't even think about it Itachi."

Naruto's eyes saddened, "Just tell me what happened…Hinata-chan."

Hinata sighed, "After…you know…Sasuke knocked you out, and then Itachi captured me. Now I'm back…"

Sasuke sighed, "Also she's pregnant…via curse seal. She can only get pregnant by an Uchiha as well."

Naruto stared at him, "What the hell? Damn…didn't think the Uchiha were this desperate." Hinata squeezed her eyes shut as they bent his wrists back causing a loud crack. "Fuck…"

Hinata felt tears pull at her eyes, "Pl-please let him go…" They listened to her, and she caught Naruto as he slowly fell. "Naruto-kun, y-you should go see Tsunade-sama."

Hinata waited until the sound of his footsteps faded. She turned her back to the Uchiha, "You were…following me. Why?"

Sasuke shrugged, "I saw Itachi-teme leave so…I followed him."

Itachi glared at Sasuke and stepped closer to Hinata. She jumped slightly as she felt two arms snake around her waist. She leaned back against him slightly, enjoying his warmth, "I followed because I was worried about both of you." He rubbed her stomach emphasizing the 'both'. "Hinata-hime…that baby is ours, not Sasuke's. We should be together…he shouldn't even be a part of this."

She closed her eyes laying her hands over his, "We could…never be together. You are a missing-nin, and I am a ninja of Konoha. Besides…I love him too."

Itachi moved her hair to one side and trailed kisses up her neck, "Hinata-hime…I-"

"We need to get back to the hospital."

Itachi smirked, "What? Are you jealous, Sasuke?" He grunted and walked off towards the hospital. "We should probably go too." She nodded. They walked slowly together, while Itachi stole glances at her, she ran her fingers over the indentions of wings. "What's wrong?"

"Itachi…who…who are you? Really…I-I know you wouldn't kill them…without a strong reason."

He stopped walking, eyes dark with regret, "That is not for you to know."

She continued walking, tears threatening her, "Then…if you don't trust me enough to tell me…then you shouldn't love me enough to stay here. Pl-please…just leave if you can't tell me." She stopped walking when he grabbed her arm, "What…what do you want?"

"I…Hinata…I love you and I don't want to admit it, but…I love Sasuke too. He is my brother, I can't tell you because I want to protect you both from the truth. The truth would crush him, and I don't want you to know of that either."

"If you loved him, then why would you hurt him?"

His eyes were shadowed by his bangs, "I killed my friends, my family, my lover, but…I just couldn't kill my little brother…"


He nodded, "She was very beautiful, but she given to me as a substitute until you were old enough to have sex with me. It was an agreement between our two fucked up clans. I felt sorry for her, but it was in a way…her job. She ended up falling in love with me."

"But…you were so young then too. You…you were allowed to have sex?"

He nodded, "Yeah…I thought it was weird too."

"Why won't you tell me? I want…I need to know! Why did you kill them?!"

He pulled her into an alley, away from all ears. His cold breath sent shivers down her spine; they were so close together. She was squished between his body and the brick wall, which was snagging at her jacket. Itachi adjusted himself so that her head could lie comfortably on his shoulder. "I was ordered to…by Konoha." Her eyes widened, she started to ask him why, but he already knew her question. "The Uchiha were planning a… coup d'état against Konoha. I was ordered to kill them all…my father was the leader of the plan against Konoha."

"How could you kill them…they were still your family."

He gripped her shoulders tightly, "By killings them…I gave you the life you have today, I kept Konoha out of Uchiha rulings, I saved many innocent people. I will never forgive myself…but it had to be done." She felt wetness on her back, as she realized it was his tears she embraced him. She held him, knowing this was probably the first time he had told anyone. She angled her head up and kissed him gently. His arms wrapped around her as he continued to hold their lips together.


Sasuke lied on the bed with his eyes closed. Was he mad…no, he was pissed. He had told them to come back over 2 hours ago, but they hadn't come back yet. The door opened, Itachi was carrying Hinata in his arms as she slept. Sasuke glared at his brother, "Have fun…?"

Itachi scoffed, "We just talked about…something."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Fine, whatever…" Itachi laid her body down on the bed beside Sasuke. He sat in the reclining chair, falling asleep. Sasuke rolled over and cuddled up to Hinata. "I love you, Hinata…"


They sat in Tsunade's office, hands intertwined. Itachi wasn't able to come; they knew he wouldn't be able to get close to the Hokage's office. So she brought Sasuke with her; they waited for Tsunade to come in with the results. Sasuke kissed her cheek as Tsunade walked in. She smiled at them brightly, "It a girl!"

"Isn't that great Sasuke-kun!?"



"…A girl can't carry on the Uchiha name, so you just have to get pregnant again after this one is born."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, "Sasuke…I don't think you two should have had sex this young, much less have two children. I mean, I'm happy for you…but Sasuke are you sure you can take care of two children?"

"No, but Hinata will help me…besides I have um 8.9 billion since I inherited every dollar and cent the Uchiha's had…due to my-oh-so-loving brother."

Hinata nodded, "We will also have help every three weeks from someone else too." Sasuke glared at her, "Stop it Sasuke, you know he'll help."

Sasuke crossed his arms, "That bastard caused your pregnancy and will probably try and us."

Hinata elbowed Sasuke, "Sasuke…be quiet."

Tsunade slowly filled in puzzle pieces, "Sasuke…you said 'that bastard caused your pregnancy.' She is pregnant by an Uchiha…and there is only one other Uchiha. Sasuke is she pregnant with Itachi's child?"

"That doesn't concern you Hokage-sama."

She narrowed her eyes, "Well considering it could cause danger to Konoha, it does concern me!"

He stood up, "Like hell it does!"

She glared at him, "Damn it Uchiha! Don't play mind games with me!"

Hinata grabbed Sasuke's arm, "Sasuke…please st-stop."

Sasuke glared at her with a frown on his face, "Hinata do not interfere."

Tsunade glanced at Hinata, "This is getting no where. Hinata…sweetie…did you, or did you not FUCK ITACHI UCHIHA!?"

Hinata blushed at the wording, "N-no…I didn't, but it is his child…um technically. Um…actually I'm still a virgin. He got me pregnant via curse seal…"

Tsunade blinked, "What the hell? Anyways…Hinata do you know where he is? If so, we must apprehend him. He-he will most likely be sentenced to death."

Hinata's eyes widened, "NO! He isn't a bad person! He was ordered to kill them! It wasn't his choice!! And I…I love him."

Everyone stared at her with wide eyes; she clamped her hands over her mouth. They got closer slightly, "D-did you say he was ordered, Hinata?"

"I'm afraid that I've said too much…Tsunade-sama I'm sorry. But please don't try to harm him."


Sasuke stared at her, "That…was quite a scene. Now then, tell me what the hell you were talking about."

They arrived back at the Uchiha clan house, where Itachi and Deidara were waiting. Sasuke continued pressed for answers, but before she could say anything Itachi had pressed his lips against her, "You shouldn't talk about what I told you."

She stared at the ground, "I-I'm sorry…"

He kissed her temple, "Its okay. So boy or girl?"

She smiled at him, "It's a girl."

He picked her up in a hug, and spun her around lightly, "That's wonderful, Hinata. Any names in mind?"

She nodded happily, "Yes, I do. You…you took the news of a girl better than Sasuke. But I was thinking of Manushi Uchiha." (Yes, that's for you Itachi's Twin :D )

Itachi kissed her nose, "That's a beautiful name."

Hinata hugged him, laying her head against his warm chest. "I love you…"

Sasuke frowned and walked inside, "Damn it…I will make her love me more than him."


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