Pein's Fairytales

Chapter One- Meet the Author

Pein could not sleep. No matter what position he laid in, no matter how many times he fluffed his pillow, his body refused to let itself rest. His mind never ceased thinking. Much had changed these last few weeks in the Akatsuki hideout, and weird aliments had begun to plague his minions. Strange cases of people being quieter, and there seemed to be much less arguing going on. Many of the Akatsuki were ending up wounded more often, and all of them seemed to be making sure to get their "injuries" checked out by their new resident medic-nin. Yes, everything seemed to change when she arrived…

A few weeks ago the Akatsuki acquired the Kyuubi's teammate, Sakura Haruno, a decent fighter and top medic-nin. The girl was also extremely close to the Kyuubi and would play a major role in luring the damn fox right were Pein wanted him. But it was after Ms. Haruno's kidnapping that things started to change. All Pein could figure it out to be was that his Akatsuki members needed female attention, and all of them had to be dieing of sexual frustration. Last week Deidara "accidentally" knocked out 5 of his teeth by a "stray" explosion from one of his little birds. Too bad Pein knew that Deidara could never accidentally harm himself. Even Kisame made a special point to visit with the girl and enjoy a Dragon Chai tea every afternoon. Not to mention Tobi…the puppy-love sick fool followed her every where, and sometimes even tried to follow to the bathroom or her private room. Pein's men were becoming pathetic.

After flopping over ungracefully to his other side Pein sighed in dissatisfaction. His eyes wandered across the room to his desk. Upon the desk nice stacks of parchment laid, just waiting for him to come back. For one thing Pein loved to do was write. It was his way of releasing stress, and an outlet for his creativity. After staring at the desk for another few moments Pein arose and went to his little desk. He told him self he would only write a little, just enough to calm down his nerves.

He sat there for a while, contemplating what to write… Usually Pein enjoyed writing poetry or analytical reports on jutsus and bloodline limits, but tonight they just didn't seem to inspire him. His gaze drifted from his paper to his bed and then to his books self, where the binding of a book caught his gaze.

'Fairytales…' The though came like a brilliant blot into his mind. It had been a long time since Pein had written anything fantasy like, and he had never tried writing a fairy tale. He smiled; it was actually more of a cross between and smile and a smirk, but a smile none the less. Pein lifted a pen from the table and began to write…

'Akatsuki Fairytales'

…But what tale to write first? His thoughts quickly sifted through the last few weeks events looking for inspiration…Quickly his eyes widened when the perfect scenario formulated in his head.

'Snow Pink'

'A Tale of Sakura and her knight Deidara'

'Once upon a time…'

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Next Chapter: The Story of Snow Pink! A Pein re-write of the original Snow White

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