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Summary: Jason & Nicky are now married, living a peaceful life together until the CIA, under special request from Landy, enlists Jason to help them on one, final mission that involves looking out for Irina Neski, with a mission of her own. Now, as Jason sets out to fulfill his task, his once peaceful life becomes hectic as he tries to save his life and relationship with Nicky while Irina looks to revenge her parent's death but unintentionally falls for their murderer. Set on destroying him, she tries to seduce him. Now Jason is being torn apart. With a mission to fulfill, marriage to save and resisting the young girl he must look out for, where will it all lead?


In the still of night, Jason Bourne laid in bed, the cool breeze sending chills throughout his body. He shivered on reflex as he pulled the covers up to shield himself but mainly to shield her from the cold. Nicky was lying on her side, facing him, her beautiful eyes closed and her chest heaving rhythmically while she slept.

The window was open to let the moon's light in as she had requested since the first night. They had brought a house somewhere over a year ago. It had been almost two years now since they had moved out of Cronin's and it didn't seem long at all. Although Cronin had insisted they stay longer, they didn't want to impose and so chose to stay until they had found a place of their own.

They had decided to move out of state, somewhere far from the events that had so drastically changed their lives. Although California and Florida were two pleasant, possible options, they chose instead to go for Texas. Why? The city life had obviously worn them out, and they wanted a site where they could keep to their own but not far from the evolving industrialization of course.

Nicky stirred in her sleep which caused a string of hair to fall over her face, covering her side. He tucked it behind her ear and smiled to himself. She was so peaceful and innocent that sometimes he found it difficult to believe that she had ended up with him. They had been complete opposites but had somehow managed to find a way to pull through. Their differences mattered not any longer because they managed to see past that and come to understand each other. That was how it all began and it was because of it that they found themselves here, now.

In a way, they had been the right person for each other. Nicky had failed to miss out on love due to her focusing on her work. The only time available for her to squeeze in a date or so, it never worked out or so she had mentioned. As for him, it was more than obvious why things had gone the way they had with him. Mission after mission and like her, his priority was always his job. The only other time he had decided to get together with someone, she had been killed.

Marie...her name sounded so strange to him now. Although a part of him still missed her, the other part of him wanted to let go, leave it all behind as a good memory or better yet a realistic dream from long ago. It was less painful to him that way. Thinking about her meant he thought back on the past which was something they had decided to leave behind for the better. It was over now. The running and hiding had come to an end long ago.

He pulled back, getting off the bed, he made his way to the window. Outside, the trees swayed, the leaves rustling in the wind. He could hear crickets chirping softly below. A few yards away, the moon reflected itself on the calm lake below.

The house who was chosen by Nicky herself was situated a few yards from the local lake. It wasn't private property but it was near enough for them to enjoy. It was a two story house that resembled Cronin's in many ways with three bedrooms located on the top floor, and two bathrooms, one on each floor. As for decorations, Nicky once more had taken care of it all. Mostly white or ivory, she had thrown in a couple of earth colors as well.

She had been so excited that day and every morning he waked up to find her there, he felt the same thing she felt then. They had of course kept in close contact with both Cronin and Landy but they avoided talk about the CIA and it's works. It was sort of a silent treaty, a pact of some form that they had never settled but knew was not to be messed with.

Nicky had chosen instead to become a clinical psychologist. Having to work for the CIA in dealing with assassins, making sure everything was right, she had studied that science and was well educated to work in such field. It was a job that paid well and although Landy insisted on one or two occasions that she returned to work for them, assuring her that everything would be different now, Nicky declined once more. She was happy with the way her life was going at the moment and didn't want it to change as did Jason.

As for him, he was now surprisingly in the shipping business as his alias, Michael Kane was. Although not much exciting, he had to admit that it was a nice change from the kind of work he did before. At least with this, he was kept home, with his beautiful wife.

His wife. He had married Nicky a couple of months after the events. It was a small wedding, not many guests he might add. Cronin and Landy of course had been present, along with a couple of more closer friends, mainly Nicky's colleagues from the CIA who remained uncorrupted. He wasn't much fond of celebrations nor noisy gatherings and although he would have acceded to deal with any on that day, he was grateful he didn't. Small wedding but a big day and grand step in their lives.

Now, he was standing a couple of feet from her and he smiled at the mere thought of his life turning out better than he had hoped it to be. He was right where he wanted to be with the only person he would want to share it all with.

He heard the bed creak presumably from Nicky having stirred. A moment later, he heard her soft voice carried throughout the room towards him.


He turned around to see her propped up on her elbows, squinting to see better. Her hair was slightly disheveled, but she paid no attention to it as she straightened out her usual pajamas that consisted of the cami and pants set the night they first shared an intimate moment back at Cronin's house.

"What's wrong?" she asked slightly louder than before.

"I was just enjoying the scenery." he replied, smiling.

She merely gazed back at him for a moment before she too smiled back. She nodded for him to get back to bed and he acceded after he glanced one last time to the soothing scene outside. He got in bed, as Nicky snuggled close to him. He took her in his arms, embracing the woman he had as wife. Perfect...that was what his life was. With that thought in mind, he let himself be overcome with sleep, without the slightest idea that everything was soon about to change.

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