Chapter 4

He made his way to the parking lot and to his black Chrysler 300. He was probably going to have to be changing cars now that he had taken up this mission. Actually, he was probably going to have to change many things if they were supposed to go unnoticed and that included her as well. At the thought of the young woman he was supposed to look after, he glanced over his shoulder to see Irina following at a safe distance but still close behind.

He didn't expect her to want to walk side by side or be near him but he knew that for the sake of this mission, that would all have to change sooner than later. They were going to have to break the ice somehow and they were going to start trusting each other. At least she was going to have to start trusting him if he was going to keep her safe and she wanted to live. He knew this would be no easy task, he didn't expect it to when he was informed of what the mission would be, but really, what mission that he had ever undergone had been easy?

He stopped outside the passenger's door of his car and unlocked it, and held it open for her to step in trying to avoid eye contact as much as possible for her personal interest, trying to make her as less uncomfortable as he could. However, when she remained standing where she was after a few moments, he turned his gaze towards her, and gave her the softest look he could muster.

"Go on." he finally uttered softly.

He didn't want to urge the girl but they couldn't simply waste any more time. Finally, she took a step forward and as if gaining courage, she made her way to the car, timidly but made her way towards it nonetheless. He took it as a very small step forward in the trust meter. Once seated, he closed the door gently for her and made his way to driver's seat. He could see from the corner of his eye that she remained uncomfortable at being in such proximity of each other but she tried to remain composed very much like she had inside the offices.

Staring straight ahead, he started the car and drove away.

And it was while driving that the distraction of his mind really began. Had he done wrong in accepting this mission? Could it possibly be too difficult, even for him, especially for him? If it was challenging for him, he couldn't even think of being in her shoes. Perhaps it was not too late to back down. He could easily turn back around now, go to both Landy and Cronin and let them know he wouldn't do this. He couldn't take on this mission. Sure he had been on tough missions before but this was different. This was much more demanding in so many different ways. Surely they would understand wouldn't they?

However, instead of turning around, he merely kept on his current path. Just as he was sure that no matter how strenuous the circumstances might get or how tempting it would seem to abandon said mission, he knew he would never do so. From the moment Cronin visited him on his home and explained to him what they wanted from him, from the moment he, Jason Bourne said yes, he would finish what he started. No matter how distressing the fact that he would have to care for the very young woman whose parents he had murdered years before would be. He knew the situation would be the same and much more for her. And yet, she had accepted it all the same.

He stole one last glance to her before turning his gaze back to the road and continue on his way.

Irina didn't know what to make of the situation, her and most importantly, him. The last time she had laid eyes on him was the time he had gone to meet her at her apartment and he had confessed the truth to her.

At the time, she had been scared when she saw him first, she didn't know who he was until he explained things to her and knowing he had been the one to murder her parents did nothing to take away the fright she had. She had been shocked as well, at knowing that they had been murdered. She felt anger too, how could someone take away another's life so cold-blooded and then go back years later and confess it to their daughter? The daughter who had grown to live without them? The daughter who had needed them growing up but would never have the opportunity to getting to know them because had decided to end her parents life.

However, she had to admit she felt relief and happiness at the realization that it had not been her mother as she had been made to know all those years. All her life she had felt appalled that her mother would do such a thing but it wasn't until that day that it all made sense. It had never been her, it had not been her father, it had been him.

He who now sat within a feet from him. He in who's car she was now in. He in who's house she would have to eat, sleep and live with. He with whom her life had been trusted upon. Him who's mission many years ago had been to end her parent's life and who's mission now was to keep their daughter alive. She had no doubt he would keep her alive. He was good at keeping said missions, the best if what she had been told back at the CIA were true. Then again, he had to be right? He had succeeded in terminating her parent's life, so how difficult could keeping keeping her alive be?

She had thought him to be a cold-blooded killing machine, which he is, she reminded herself, but that day he had seemed truly sorry. Otherwise, why would anyone go looking for the girl whose parents he had murder years before? It just didn't work that way. Ever since that day, she had been left to wonder on why he had gone looking for her just to reveal the truth. Why? He didn't need to do so, he could have let her continue with her life, thinking her mother had done the act but no, he had told her the truth.

She wanted to turn to him, gaze deep into his eyes as if in doing so she would find the answer to her questions but she couldn't, she wouldn't. She was having trouble as is to just keep still in her seat. She didn't know what was worse then, the awkward silence between them at that moment, the uneasiness of the situation they both had been trust upon or the fact that she was seated so close to him.

It was then that she realized something that she hadn't thought of before. He too had been trust unto this situation. She had never stopped to think how he would feel at having to care for her, having to have him in his home, living with him for who knew how long. She was told what the situation required for her, the only thoughts to occupy her head were those concerning her but she had never once thought that perhaps some of those same thoughts would be crossing his mind as well.

Now, she couldn't help but wonder; how did he feel? Was he angered? No, that couldn't be could it? Surely if he was, he wouldn't have accepted this task. Maybe it was out of guilt? She scoffed within herself at the thought. Then again, he had gone looking for her before. Maybe he was looking to turn his life around and he was looking for redemption? Well it would certainly not be easy.

She was looking straight ahead when out of the corner of her eyes she saw him turn to look at her. A brief glance, but it had been there nonetheless. It made her feel more unease than she already was but she tried not to show it much. She turned her gaze to her side window and fixed her eyes on everything else but him.

He would have to share his home with her. She would be a part of his life whether they liked it or not. She was going to live with him, live his life. She had known this all along but she had never truly grasped the idea of it until then. She was going to live with him and...was there someone else? No. There couldn't be, could there? She desperately tried thinking back on the day the CIA director, Landy, had told her what was to become of her. She had explained practically everything but the moment she had let her known that she was to live with him, her mind completely blocked out her words. She kept talking she knew, explaining, going over things but she had ignored her. Her words kept replaying over and over her head. He's too look after you which means he's going to be constantly at your side. The only way to do so'll have to live with him.

That was all she had heard before blocking out everything else she had to say. And now, she was desperately clawing at her mind, hoping that some of what she had said after had been grasped even without her realization at the moment. Did he live alone? Would it only be him and her? Surely he didn't have family did he? It was a stupid thought but she couldn't imagine someone like him having a family. People in loving homes didn't just become assassins did they? Or perhaps, he had been brought up in a broken home, maybe he had had a trouble childhood and that's why he had turned out like this?

She pushed those thoughts aside to try to focus on her current question. Would it be just him and her? Why hadn't she paid attention to director, Landy? Here she was going to live with a man she knew nothing about except that he was an assassin for the CIA and he had murdered her parents for a task. And though he hadn't lived her life, she felt he knew her more than she did him. It was not a pleasant idea but it was perhaps true.

"We're here."

The words, soft as they had been spoken in the silence of the car managed to shake her out of her thoughts. They had arrived? She didn't know how long it had been and she certainly hadn't realized they had arrived. She turned to look at him as he remained sitting on his seat. He was looking intently at her now perhaps, waiting for her to say something. She returned the look or so she tried but couldn't be as steadily as his.

He took this as cue and he opened the door and stepped out. He made his way to the other side and opened the door for her. She stepped out stood awkwardly before him. He looked her over once and turned to look over his shoulder at the house behind him.

"This is home." he said impassively at her.

She turned to the house once more. Two story house, nothing impressive from the outside but not completely void of appeal. It was completely white except for the roof which looked to be of gray color. The place where it stood however was completely breathtaking, at least for her. It was situated within distance of a beautiful, peaceful lake behind it and trees, green life everywhere. She had always lived in the city life so this was different for her. It was pleasant to say the least even though the circumstances would not be.

She was in the middle of her reverie when she saw, well more like heard the door open. She turned her gaze towards it and was surprised to see a woman step out. She was young, well, older than her for sure but she looked to be about his age. She had shoulder length blonde hair, partly highlighted. She had a slender body although not as slim as hers. As she got closer she could see her brown eyes fixed at them both, a smile gracing her face. She couldn't help but wonder who this beautiful woman heading towards them was.

"Hi!" she called out, making her way to them.

"Hello." she responded softly.

"Hi." was all he replied back softly as well.

"You of course must be Irina.I'm Nicky Bourne. Jason's wife." she continued, shocking her with her revelation.

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