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Brennan loved to watch Booth eat Malteasers. He didn't just inhale them like most people; he slowly wrapped his tongue around the chocolate and bit it off before slowly dissolving the crispy center in his mouth. He slid one into his mouth and sighed in satisfaction. Brennan narrowed her eyes at him-tease.

"Booth? Can I have one?" Brennan asked, her mouth watering as the smell of chocolate wafted towards her.

Booth smiled, "Nope!" then popped another one into his mouth and groaned in satisfaction. Brennan sighed and then smiled evilly, if he wasn't going to give her one, she was going to get one herself.

Brennan slowly walked over to where Booth was sitting on the couch, and stopped. He looked up with a confused look on his face. Brennan slowly sat herself on his lap so that she was straddling him, and lowered her mouth to his. The response was immediate, Booth's hands fell to her waist and hers entangled themselves in his hair. Her tongue swept over his and he groaned and allowed her entry. Her tongue gently swept his mouth as her hands snuck down to Booth's lap, where the Malteaser packet lay, deliberately brushing against the front of his jeans as they did so, causing him to moan and pull he closer. Her hands finally found their target-Bingo. Pulling away, Brennan dangled the Malteaser packet in front of Booth's face,

" Thanks for that Booth!" she said, getting off him and walking out the door, hips swaying seductively as she went.

Booth just sat there, dumbfounded, what exactly had just happened? But only one thing really went through his brain. He got up and followed Brennan-He wanted his Malteasers back.