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Seto's Secret Life

By: ash2009

Chapter: 1

Seto and Mokuba had not been in school today. The Yugi gang found out from the kaiba mansion butler that they were at the hospital. All were worried. It isn't everyday one of the Kaiba's went to hospital. They rushed to the hospital and saw Seto sleeping in a bed with Mokuba asleep in a chair next to the bed. Mokuba then woke up and soothed his brother's hair back before realizing they were there in the room.

He looked angry and led them out of the room. He stopped by the nurse's station and commanded, "Watch Seto. Inform me if he moves at all." He may be twelve years old but he knew what he was doing. He looked a lot like Seto when he was angry.

They all went into a privet waiting room to talk. As the door to the waiting room closed Mokuba proceeded to break down. Mai hugged him and Tea rubbed his back to help sooth him. He sobbed out the whole story. How Seto was raped 3 months ago and again last night. Also how Seto was pregnant now too. He explained that their cruel adopted father put Seto through hell. Seto had had oun a chess game when they were little so Gozaburo would adopt them. When Gozaburo was angry. He made Seto go through a risky surgery so he would beable to become prennet. How their adopted father had raped Seto before and got him pregnant at 9 years old. Because he kept raping and beating Seto, Seto miscarried. When he found out Seto lost it he got even angrier. Now Seto does not seem to be responding to anyone or any thing. He was in bad shape.

When Mokuba got a hold of himself again he led them back into Seto's room. Seto looked so small and fragile lying there on the bed. The side of his face was bruised and nasty looking hickies were all over his neck. He had a cut on his cheek and a black eye. They were told Seto had been asleep since he got there and it was almost a day already. There was a matt over his stomach and everyone could see the baby moving. Seto had an IV in his hand that was badly bruised.

Slowly Seto cracked open his eyes blurrily. Mokuba rushed over to his side and held his hand and the side of his face that wasn't bruised. Seto gave a tiny moan as his hand went to his stomach.

Yami said, "Mokuba look at the baby's screen!" It looked like the baby was thrashing around. Seto's eyes glazed over and his heart rate monitor sped up. A minute later Seto let out a window-shattering scream.

Mokuba rushed to the door and yelled, "Someone help! Get a doctor!"

Two doctors and four nurses rushed in and started disconnecting Seto from machines and lifted him onto another bed. He was crying out in pain as he clutched his stomach. Everyone else was pushed into a corner to get out of the way. A nurse got Seto hooked to another IV and they took him away. Everyone then went to wait in the waiting room.

Two hours later a doctor came out to them and said, "He miscarried, I'm sorry. We had to do a c-section."

"Does Seto know yet?" asked Mai.

"No" answered the doctor.

"Can we see him?" asked Mokuba.

"You can look through the cameras but you can't go to in," said the doctor. They got him to put their cards and little gifts on the table beside Seto. Everyone was led to a sitting room and watched Seto on the TV.

An hour later they saw Seto slowly open his eyes half way. He felt his stomach but when he felt the cut where the c-section was his eyes widened. He moved the gown and blankets over the stitches and his eyes filled with tears. He began to sob as he ran his shaking fingers over his cut. He moved everything back and looked around. He gasped as he swathe gifts. He was still crying but reached over to the table. He reached back passed everything to a red rose. He brought it to his face to smell it. As he did he calm down to whimpers and hiccups. He lay down on his side reading the cards and letters. While he was doing this he was holding a bear Mai bought him and a blue eyes white dragon that Tea got him. He slowly went to sleep again and everyone watched.

Mokuba asked, "Who gave him the rose?"

"I did," said Joey.

"He likes flowers. Gozaburo could never beat that out of him" said Mokuba. Everyone went to sleep but was woken up by Seto jolting awake screaming. Seto was sitting up and buried his face in his hands and began to cry.

Seto's pov

I woke up from a horrible dream and started to cry.

'I just lost my baby. I thing I deserve to cry when I want to instead of being strong' I thought. When no more tears would come I wiped my eyes. I looked around and tried pulling my knees up to my chest but it hurt too much. I saw my rose on the floor and slowly reached down to get it. After I got it I looked at the IV and started peeling the tape off. When it was off I pulled the needle out and through it. I saw my cloths and slowly pulled my pants on. I could not button them because it hurt my cut. I took the gown off and looked at myself. I had bruises all over and my neck was sore. I felt the hickies but it just reminded me of the rape. I wanted to go home. I put on my shirt and was glade it was a long sleeve turtleneck. I saw my duffel bag and knew Mokuba put it there. I put all the cards and gifts in it but kept the flower. A nurse came in trying to keep me in bed but backed down when I glared at her.

It hurt to move so I went slowly. I left and did not look back. I walked passed people that were protesting about me leaving and called a limo. Roland saw when I got out of the limo that I was tired and hurt so he picked me up bridal style. He carried me to bed and helped me change into pajamas. He has helped me through Gozubaru's abuse. He got me something to drink and then I went to sleep. I did not feel Mokuba sooth my hair back or hear them talking.

Joey's pov

Mokuba invited us too spend the night and we all agreed. We all saw Seto before bed too. He was on his side curled up on his big, fluffy bd. He looked so young and fragile lying there. We all went to bed and I was having a hard time sleeping. I liked Seto and wanted to be his friend. I did not think Seto was going to be able to trust people for a long time so I just lay there. I finally drifted off at 11:45. When we woke up we went down to breakfast. We heard soft footsteps coming and I went around the corner to see whom it was and was met face to face with Seto.