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Seto's Secret Life

By: ash2009

Chapter: 3

Seto's pov

I ran. I did not know what else to do. I was ashamed about how week I was. Cody could just nock me around and I could do nothing about it.

'I am useless. I do not deserve Joey. He deserves better than me' I thought sadly. I was crying and could not stop. I tried to hold back the tear but with everything that has happened lately I seemed to have lost control of my emotions. I don't know where I was running. I just wanted to get fare away from Cody. I was scared to death of him. Could anyone blame me for being afraid of him?

I finally stopped in the middle of the park. I looked around and was surrounded by trees. No one was around to bother me or ask me if I was all right. I was glade. As I stud there I tried to stop my crying. Soon I was only sniffling. I looked down at my wrist and saw a huge black and blue mark all the way around my wrist. It looked really bad. I wiped my eyes and slowly started walking. I found a big tree with soft, dark green grass under it. I threw myself down below the tree and started crying again.

'Why is this happening to me?' I ask myself.

'I feel like dying…'

I cried until no more tears would fall. I rolled on my side and looked at the bark on the tree in front of me. I brought my hand up to touch my hurt eye. It was swollen and bloody. I could hardly open it at all. It hurt very badly. If I had any tears left they would have fallen from the pain. My hand fell back down to the ground as I hissed. My eyes got very heavy and I could not keep them open. Soon my sight was fading to black.

Joey's pov

I ran after Seto but could not fine him. When Seto really wants to get away, you will never keep up with him. I ran around for an hour looking for him. Them I remembered that Mokuba said Seto loved flowers. I ran to the park.

'Please be there Seto. Where are you?'

I ran deep into the woods in the park but could not find him. I slowed to walking and was getting so worked up I could feel tears start to build up in my eyes. I saw something in the corner of my eyes. I turned and there was Seto. He was almost hidden by the brush. I ran over to him. I realized he was asleep. I knelt down beside him and rolled him on his back. I saw Seto's swollen eye and it made me angry.

I called, "Seto…Seto wake up."

Seto moaned and asked, "J-Joey?"

"Shhhh…I'll take you home" I whispered.

Seto started to cry again and tried pushing me away. I did not let him and picked him up. He struggled and whimpered out, "Let me go Joey. I'm just trouble. Please…Please let me go." I held him to me tighter and started walking home. When he realized I was not going to let him go, he stopped struggling and just cried into my shoulder.

"Why…why wont you just leave me?" asked Seto.

"Seto I love you and am not going to leave you. You are not trouble so don't say that again. I will never leave you," I said firmly to Seto. He gasped in surprise but did not argue more. I must have gotten through to him. Slowly, he hugged me.

"Thank you" whispered Seto into my shoulder, "I…I love you too."

"Your welcome" I whispered back to him as I held him tighter.

He hummed and laid his head on my shoulder, staying quiet. About half way home I heard his breathing slow and even out. I looked down at his eye and saw on his eyelid had a deep scratch on it that went to his temple.

'It must have come from the class ring Cody was wherein' I thought.

'If Cody or anyone else touches Seto, I swear they will regret it' I thought angrily. I must have accidentally squeezed Seto too hard because he whimpered and shifted around.

He whispered in his sleep, "Don't squeeze so hard Joey. You're hurting me."

I leaned down and kissed him softly on his forehead, whispering, "I'm sorry"

Seto hummed and went still again. I smiled and looked back up. The limo was coming my way. It pulled up beside me and the back door opened. I saw all my friends waiting inside, looking worried. I got in and set Seto gently in my lap. He did not move.

The yami's looked at Seto's swollen face and chanted something. I looked at Seto saw the swelling slowly went down. They healed most of the cut on Seto's eye until there was only a thin scab over it. Seto would be able to open his eye normally now.

"There might be a slight sting when he first opens his eye but other than that it will be fine" said Bakura.

"If Cody had hit him with more force Seto would be blind" stated Yami.

"Yeah. Seto is really lucky," I said, while looking at Seto's sleeping face.

'But I promise you Seto, No one will hurt you again'

Mokuba's pov

We saw Joey take off after Seto so I went to get the limo. We all piled into the limo and took off to look for them.

"Where could they be?" I asked.

"I'm not sure where they are, but I'm sure we will find them soon" said Yugi reassuringly.

I smile at him and nodded. We drove around for along time, but finally saw Joey holding Seto to his chest walking towards home. He got in and we drove home. I watched Joey hold my brother securely and did not look like he was going to let go of Seto anytime soon. As soon as we all were in the house Joey took Seto to his room and put him in bed.

By now it was nighttime and all went to bed early.

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