Rose shuddered as she watched the horrible scene unfolding before her. Her lover, her life-partner, the father of her child was locked in mortal combat with a ghost from her past. She had tried so hard to forget the Doctor and just when she thought she may succeed, the Master had turned up.

He was handsome and charming…and he was a Time Lord. Oh, he had told her the story about Gallifrey and how he had run from the Time War. He'd made himself human and hid away at the end of the Universe…and then the Doctor had found him.

And now he was here, in her world; living, breathing, caring for her in every way that the Doctor no longer could.

She fell in love almost immediately. Not the one-sided unrequited love that she had focused on the Doctor, but true, deep, emotional love that she believed bonded two people together inside and out.

Oh, he hadn't stayed with her, married her, the way she'd dreamed of. But she was alright with that. He was the same as the Doctor; he had a need to travel, to see the universe. But she stayed home, she'd seen enough. And true to his word, he always came back to her.

When she'd found out she was pregnant she'd been afraid to tell him. Time Lords didn't do domestic and she knew that he wouldn't relish the idea of being tied down. But he'd surprised her. The Master had been ecstatic at the news.

The day she'd given birth he'd been gone on one of his trips. She'd cried for him, cursed his name. And Jackie had uttered no end of expletives regarding "bloody Time Lords."

But when he'd returned he'd cradled their son in his arms like he was the galaxy's greatest treasure. They'd named him Harold, Harry for short. And he was beautiful. Blond hair, brown eyes and two hearts, he was a perfect little Time Lord. He was the apple of his father's eye.

When she'd heard the familiar sound of the TARDIS this morning she'd been stunned. It couldn't be…he'd said he couldn't jump dimensions. But apparently he'd found a way. And when the Doctor had seen her there, cradling her son in her arms, with the Master's arm around her waist, he'd been livid.

In all their travels and all of their adventures she'd never seen him truly murderous before. But she knew without a doubt that he would've killed the Master there and then if she and little Harry hadn't been standing so close.

And now here they were, fighting like madmen…and maybe they were. The last two Time Lord's in existence fighting over her. If it wasn't so terrible it would be quite a compliment.

Then the baby started crying. And she tried to soothe him, but felt like crying herself. A strangled sob escaped her as she stood watching the two men she had loved in her life trying to kill each other.

The sound of her anguish seemed to penetrate the awareness of the Master and he turned towards her, pausing in his battle. As his gaze fell on Rose and the baby in her arms his hearts contracted. He dropped to his knees and his head fell into his hands. They were his life…his everything. This child was his…his future and he could not jeopardize that.

The Doctor stood over his nemesis, ready to strike. But then he registered the change in his opponent and began to search for the source. His gaze rested on Rose and for the first time since he'd stepped out of the TARDIS he truly saw her. It wasn't the Master who'd hurt her, who'd made her and her child weep with such sorrow and fear…it was the Doctor.

"Rose," he said softly, "I'm sorry…I'm so sorry." And he left them.

As Rose and Harry were pulled into the Master's embrace and the little family comforted each other the sound of the TARDIS dematerializing could be heard far away.

And Rose knew that they would never see the Doctor again.