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It was amazing how far a problem could develop in a month's time.

Hermione could only guess as to what had given her away, but her mother couldn't stop the questions. She couldn't really blame her mom. She was being evasive and even dishonest, but still she could do with a bit of space. She needed the space because Minerva wasn't going to be happy about her pressing the issued of telling her parents, hell she wasn't happy about but it was coming to a head and they were going to have to deal with. As much as she wanted to push it all away until their relationship was on more solid ground, they still had so much to talk about and get use to, she wouldn't be able to wait.

Even though she had to, Hermione wasn't looking forward to talking about it with Minerva during their last summer weekend.

September first was fast approaching and Minerva would have to be off to Hogwarts two week before the start of term as usual, so she had invited Hermione over once again to the Scottish hills. She couldn't be more please about it seeing how they hadn't seen much of each other since the last time she had stayed at the house.

After the week she had spent at the burrow she had gone back to her parents house and proceeded to move out. Once she had settled into her London flat she had volunteered her last free weekend before starting her ministry job to help Harry and Ron move into their flat, which they had left to the last minute. When they finished she had given them a piece of her mind about such behavior trying to get it into them that she was no longer just down the hall but across town and would not be there to bail them out whenever leaving things to the last minute got them into hot water. Still despite everything they had a goodtime afterwards getting some takeaway and then a late movie. So she had been a bit tired when she had report for her first day at the ministry, but she had pulled off impressing her boss, Clara, and the week had gone by quickly after that.

She stretched her back a little as she packed her overnight bag, she had gotten off work not two hours before and she was tired yet she couldn't help the excitement she felt at the thought of seeing Minerva again… hopefully her current state of exhaustion would not impede making love to Minerva, which she was really looking forward to. It was something she had thought about frequently over the month apart, quickly becoming part of her favorite and most intense dreams. The notation of getting to express her love for Minerva overpowering her tiredness she quickly finished packing and made her way to her fireplace.

A minute later she was standing in Minerva's fireplace, but the sitting room was deserted. She was surprised since she knew how Minerva loved to sit in the room just as the sunset and listen to a bit of music, still she had been supposed to arrive tomorrow morning but the need to see Minerva had been too much for her and so she had made the trip early.

She dropped her bag on the sofa and made her way through the house looking Minerva, she found her in the library sitting behind the small oak desk with a small pile of correspondence in front of her. Despite her tiredness seeing Minerva was like a gust of fresh air, even while bent low concentrating on the paper she was quickly filling with quill strokes the woman was so beautiful. She tried not to sigh at the sight of her but even Hermione's dreams did not do her justice, and so the sigh was irrepressible.

Minerva's head immediately rose at the sound, and the frown across her forward fade as she noticed who had made the noise. "You're early."

"I hope you don't mind." She said leaning against the doorframe.

Minerva stood and walked up to where Hermione stood. "You know I don't."

Hermione engulfed Minerva in a tight hug, "Hello, love."

Both women couldn't help but sink into the warmth of their bodies pressed together. Hermione felt her tiredness ebb away as Minerva returned the hug in equal measure, and the other woman felt the relentlessness of the task she had been doing fall at the wayside.

"Did you miss me?" Minerva asked after Hermione had released her.

"What do you think? "

"Well from they way you hugged me a bit ago I'd say yes."

"Then you'd be right."

Minerva shook her head at nothing in particular, "I missed you too."

A smile formed on Hermione's lips for a brief moment before she pressed her lips to the rose-colored ones before her. Hands moved over t-shirts and robes, into brown messing curls and hips, remembering and exploring.

"I'm glad you cam early." Minerva's voice was close to her ear.

"Me too. I've missed you… I've missed this." She emphasized her point with caress of Minerva's hips.

"Yes." It was a tight almost sharp response that Hermione knew could only mean one thing. Minerva was aroused.

"Should we go to bed?" She tried to keep the question innocent. But they both knew they wouldn't be getting much sleep.

Minerva nodded and turned towards the stairs, Hermione close behind.


"My mother knows I'm seeing someone."

Hermione's comment came out of nowhere as far as the woman lying beside her was concern. "Really?" Was all Minerva could manage to say, or what she could think to say. They hadn't broached the topic of telling people about them since early June. She could still remembered perfectly the wounded tone Hermione had adopted then, and it didn't exactly make Minerva feel like a wonderful person, so she hadn't mentioned it and Hermione had gracefully let it go.

"I doubt she actually has a clue its you but she's picked up on the fact I'm hiding something."

"That does not necessarily mean she knows you're involved."

The younger witch sighed at Minerva's obtuse attitude. "No it doesn't, but she knows."

Turning on her side to look at her lover, she voiced a fear so strong she felt as if her chest was being constricted. "Is that going to be a problem for us?"

"No," Hermione immediately reassured her, "its not but that I don't like hiding things from her."

"Which means you want to tell her?"

"Yes, I do but it's not something we have to decided on right now…I just want you to think about it."

"I love you, you know that don't you? My wanting to keep this to ourselves doesn't mean I don't love you."

"I know Minerva, I know."

She felt the tension leave her body at Hermione's response. Minerva didn't know why exactly she wanted to keep their relationship secret…it was just an instinct to protect herself and in a way Hermione too, but she was clear that if it was going to be an issue…if it started to create a rift between them then it was no contest as to what she would do. She would choose Hermione over her own fears…over her own needs. Hermione was more important to Minerva than anything else.

She dropped her lips to kiss Hermione's shoulder and pressed herself tighter against the nude body beside her. Minerva heard Hermione's content sigh at the contact…it calmed her mind and urged her body on once more.


On Sunday morning they made their way down to the village to do so shopping. Hermione had insisted on cooking something special for lunch and as they weren't likely to see each other for a few weeks Minerva had relented.

As Hermione talked to the butcher, Minerva tried to pick the right wine for the dish. She was distracted by the happy, almost giggly, sound of Hermione's voice and the silly feeling of happiness it illicit in her own heart.

Once they were out of the shop Minerva took hold of Hermione's hand weaving their fingers together. "You should tell your parents."

Hermione looked very surprised. "Really?"

She nodded, holding the younger woman inquisitive gaze. "Yes. If you want to tell them you should."

"What about you? I thought you didn't want people to know."

Minerva shrugged and smiled, moving them forward through the small crowd on main-street. "I want to make you happy, Hermione. Besides, we'll have to do it eventually won't we?"

Hermione stopped to pull her into a hug while she laughed. "Thank you, love."

"You're welcome. Now," she pulled way and adjusted her grip on the groceries, "it's getting late and you promised me a delicious lunch."

"So I did." Hermione said as they began moving towards the edge of the village and Minerva's house.