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Chapter One:

John Winchester lay there in the dark, tequila bottle in his hand, sadness in his eyes. It's been a year since Sam left for his own life, well you might actually say since Sam has been kicked outta house by John himself, John who couldn't stand the thought that one of his sons might refuse his order, that Sam was too stupid and rebellious, stood up to his own father and screamed at his face that he doesn't want this life; that he craves normalcy and can't take the hunting crap anymore. Eyes closed, memories flooded through closed lids and he took another gulp of the burning liquor.

"All I want is a normal life, why can't I have one?"

"Coz you're a soldier, you're destined to do what you're told to. You can't just ditch the job!"

"Screw the job, dad, what did we gain from it? Pain, danger, acting like outlaws. Hell I don't want to live your life; I don't wanna be a part of your crusade."

"Sam, knock it off, alright?" that was from Dean, he has always been their guardian angel, their peacemaker! God he never knew what he'd do without him!

Sam snapped at Dean harshly "Listen Dean, you wanna follow dad's orders, fine, go ahead! I just won't fit in for his plans. I want to be a normal person, not a ghostbuster freak!"

John lost control, he yelled heading to the door, opening it and pointing to the dark outside, "Get out! Get out & don't show me your fuckin' face here, ever!" Dean gasped in terror "Dad you don't really mean…"

"Get out of the damn house. Your dreams, your shit are nothing to me! Not under my roof! Not under my roof!"

Sam looked at his dad; shocked and frustrated, he said slowly as he stormed to his room," Goodbye, Dean. Take care of Dad for me" Dean ran after his brother, tryin to convince him to stay. John heard argument, pleading and screams until Sam finally appeared, suitcase packed, raincoat on and slowly whispered, "Bye, Dad."

John didn't say a word; so Sam went through the open door, slamming it behind him. That was the last he saw of Sam, for a whole year.

"Dad, are you okay?" John raised his gaze to find Dean's green truthful eyes staring at him, concern and worry jumping from the pupils,

John had to admit, the kid grew handsome just as he grew strong, how proud Mary would've been of him! "I'm alright Dean, don't ya worry, son. What've you got?"

Dean threw his backpack on the wooden table in the middle of the room, took out some papers off his pocket and started reading out loud, "Well, uh, There's this banshee thing in Ohio, some kids missing in a small town, north Massachusetts, some voodoo shit in New Orleans and def…"

John grunted while standing up slowly, "Later, son. Right now all I wanna do is get some rest." He headed towards the bed as Dean mumbled, "Yes, sir."

John threw himself on the bed, groaning as his back ached; he's not as young as he was before & that demon possessing teenage girls back in San Diego gave him one helluva swing across the room, his back hurts and thanks to Jim Murphy's patching, it's healing better than he thought it would. Closing his eyes he listened to the sounds of the night; how peaceful and calm they used to be to him, back then when Mary was alive, Dean was a little kid, Sam was his son, young and helpless, always smiling in Mary's lap. He could remember her singing to him, silly lullabies he used to laugh at; she'd just smile and punch him in the shoulder or pretend she's mad at him. Well, those were his only happy memories since…how long? Ten years, eleven, eight, maybe? Hell he can't remember!

"Dad, are you really pissed cause of the fact that it's…"

John plunged his eyes open and rolled over to face Dean whose sadness was just showing. John sighed heavily and said "No, Dean I'm fine with it. It's you I'm worried about. You don't seem to be getting over it too well."

Dean straightened up, looked his Dad in the eye and whispered," It's just that it's the first time for Sammy to spend his birthday away from us, y'know? How're we supposed to know if he's okay, if something bad has happened or hasn't?"

John was angry now, that day was too much for him to take, he didn't need Dean's crap to remind him of the fact that Sam wasn't around in the one day that he fears each year and loathes yet can't show what he feels about, "He'll be fine, Dean. Now if you don't mind, I'm sleeping."

Dean mumbled in a disagreeable tone, "Yes, Sir. Goodnight."

Dean headed straight to his bed, threw himself on it and stared at the clock on the ceiling. It's four minutes past midnight, Sammy must be twenty now.

"Exactly twenty, Sammy boy." He said to himself, smiling, tears flickered in his eyes.

Hell, he hated to cry! What a wussy, Dean! Boys don't fuckin' cry. They kick and shoot, swoon women, spit, dine and wine.

"But am I one of those? I'm a hunter, a lonely drifter and I'm all alone here without you, Sammy!" he spoke to himself through gritted teeth and closed his eyes. Tears swept down like waves, he could feel the pillow wet underneath his head, "Happy birthday, Sammy!" He whispered, eyes closed, tears rolling and heart burning with missing and fear!

Dean woke up feeling better to find his dad already missing. He jumped off the bed and cursed as his foot hit the empty beer bottles on the ground, with two men in the house and Sammy not around the motel room looked as if a tornado had just passed by. Not too long till Dean heard shouts and yelling outside; his hunter mode tuned in & he grabbed his .45 caliber and checked his pocket knife then went outside to see what the hell is goin' on.

"What the hell are you talkin' about, man? Your son and I; it's ancient history. I didn't cause his death you know it was just an accident! Why the hell did you even show up here, Wayne?"

Dean recognized John's voice, angry and fierce, he could almost smell tequila from the distance, but who was the other bastard pissing his dad?

"Your I'm-an-innocent-shit ain't foolin' me Winchester; you and I know how badly you used Bradley, you killed him you asshole, you sacrificed him like a cowardly bastard. It's your habit, right? William Harvelle, my boy, who's next, huh? Or now you're working on your own?"

Dean felt the hair stand at the back of his head; what the hell did the man say? Who are these people? Dad killed them or sacrificed them, literally as the man said.

"You wanted to protect your damned kids now I'm here to take you away from them"

Suddenly Dean forgot all about listening; Dad's in danger & he had to protect him, he's a soldier and his commander was in trouble, so hello battlefield. "Hey, smartass! You watch your tongue here, okay?" Dean mouthed the words as his .45 rested coldly and firmly against the man's back.

For all Dean knew that black man wanted to harm dad, so he has to pay for that! John looked more frustrated and shouted, "Dean you enter the damn place now, for good!"

Dean raised his brows, diving the shotgun more in the back of the man's neck and replied firmly, "I'm not leavin' you here, Dad."

The man, though, wasn't at all angry or afraid, he smirked saying, "Hell of a kid you raised, Winchester. Let's see what he'll do when we face whatever you know we're facing."

John shouted, veins nearly exploding in his neck "I'm giving you an order, Dean!"

Dean just barked "You can have me grounded for that Dad." saying that; his grip tightened on the pistol and he finished the talk by saying "You throw whatever shit you're threatening my dad with, or I'm gonna kick some John Wayne ass round here."

The man laughed so hard and turned to face Dean; who was stunned by the man's surprisingly handsome features, he looked like an old version of Will Smith.

John ordered calmly, stepping towards Dean, "Lower your weapon, Dean and go inside. Ol' Garry Wayne means no harm, he's just a fool and an old friend."

The man faced Dean bravely, then turned around and stared at John sadly. For a moment none of the three men knew what to do, but in the end Wayne just murmured, sorrow dripping through his words, "Friends, yeah! Hell that was in the good ol' days not anymore."

John said firmly, addressing Dean and moving backwards "Let him go, Dean."

Dean still pointed the gun at Wayne, but his Dad's serious expression made him retreat. Ol' Wayne smiled faintly and walked away. His footsteps barely audible, yet he whispered to himself "Those were the days my friend" and walked without stopping or looking back!

"It's Garry Wayne!" Dean turned to see his father pushing a small stone with his foot, Dean's face relaxed, yet he was really pissed, "How come I never knew about him, Dad?"

"Hell I'm not your mistress, boy! Since when do you know everything about me?"

"He nearly killed you right now; maybe I could've helped with…"

"It's nothin' Dean, he's completely harmless, actually he never showed up before today and when I saw him; I thought he'd come to give me forgiveness."

"Why would you want fuckin forgiveness? Is he a fuckin' priest or somethin'?"

"Well it's a long story," John's face darkened as he added, "a long damn story that keeps getting to the surface, no matter how I try and drown it." John sighed and headed towards the door saying nervously, "We have to leave, it's not safe anymore."

Dean's heart beat violently, he couldn't passively watch so he jumped in front of his Dad and asked "Dad who the hell is he? You really killed his son?"

John looked at him strictly, his marine background and commanding nature burst out as he said, "No more talking about this, I say we move…then we move. Am I clear?"

Dean's head burned with questions, but deep down he knew it was an order and he had to obey it, no matter what, "Sorry, Sir."

John rushed towards the motel room, leaving Dean to wonder about the whole situation. "I'd die to see your reaction towards that whole John-Wayne-fighting-Dad thing, Sammy. You could've changed the whole Dad reaction, maybe pushed him to talk or say what the hell's goin' on here. I'm losin' my mind, man."

He stopped, sighed and looked at the lonely road. Nothing but silence and the bleak scenery ahead, "I miss you, Sammy." as if the words can bring him back!