Dean opened his eyes and embraced the painful faint night lights. He blinked slowly and scanned the place around him, he wasn't in the barn anymore, he was out in the cold and despite his worn out state, he was grateful for that. He missed the outdoors.

He felt deep throbbing pain in his left leg and he remembered unwillingly what happened. The stupid redneck broke his ankle as if he popped open a beer bottle. It was easy, quick and very painful. Dean shook his head in desperation, what happened killed his last hope of escaping from this shit place. What about Aurora?

"She's fine!"

He raised his gaze to find Wayne standing not far from him, watching the world in this sad observing way of his.

"Did you hurt her?" Dean asked and was surprised to find his gag removed. His voice came out weak and hoarse and he was actually amazed at his ability to speak, let alone gather the thoughts in his heavy head.

Wayne didn't answer him; he just walked towards him in slow, hesitant footsteps. Dean couldn't help but fear what might come next. Nothing happened; instead Wayne lifted Dean's head and approached a bottle of water to his lips. Dean couldn't help but drink greedily and swallow the refreshing liquid as he forgot about everything except his basic instincts. He needed more and more of it but Wayne took it away after a few sips.

Dean licked his lips and his lids drooped as he tried sending away the headache pounding in his head. Now what?

"We wait for Daddy!" Wayne's answer to Dean's questions came as fast as the young hunter expected. Dean murmured, eyes closed, sadness filling his weak yet dignified words, "He's not comin', Wayne!"

Dean could see the smile though he was nearly blind as Wayne whispered, "He's comin' and I can feel his presence. He's so close and I wish to hell he'd find us."

"I wish not!"

Wayne eyed Dean in suspicion; the lad now opened stern eyes behind swollen lids as he added challengingly, "I'm alright with him not coming. Hell I don't want him to come so that you'd perform your psycho games on him. I don't want him harmed and I don't wanna know my brother would be in the same fucked up situation I was in."

Wayne stiffened as he added dubiously, "You don't mean that!"

"Look at me and tell if I was telling the damn truth, hell you're the one who reads minds!"

That being said, Dean rested his cheek on the wet grass and sighed swallowing his pain and gasping hard for air.

Sympathy clutched Wayne's heart in a painful metal fist. Maybe the kid didn't deserve it, maybe…just maybe he should let him go!

"No," Wayne shook his head violently and returned to scanning the place, preparing it for the blood bath that would take place moments later.

Sam was dying. It was the end! He knew and felt it just as life turned into black and air seemed a faraway wish that he couldn't grasp. For once he'd wake up from his nightmare, try to fight the strong lady lying on top of him, try to move away her hands, squeezing life outta his body and strangling him but a force deadened his struggles and something unnatural kept him an easy prey for the succubus that sucked his soul.

He gave in to death, welcomed it then he remembered Dean. He didn't know how he could still maintain his logical thinking even when he was dying but that fueled him with rage and strength and he tried the best he could. The succubus seemed pissed or so, she placed her mouth on top of his and Sam moaned as she sipped his last traces of fight.

"Lilith, you are free."

Sam was soon freed and as he coughed and regained his composure, he found the succubus standing in the middle of the room, all her former beauty gone and her real ugly features appeared scaring the shit out of him.

She was black and huge and he couldn't tell how her face looked like. She was a living nightmare, no; she was the nightmare in all its glory!

"Lilith, you are free."

Words of ancient Hieroglyph were spoken and Sam recognized them to be old necromancy spells to send away succubi and incubi that invaded children's dreams. He blinked hard and took deep breaths, slowly yet greedily and closed his eyes.

Whoever saved him might be of great help later on, though he swore the voice that spoke sounded extremely familiar. "Open your eyes, Winchester. She's gone, after her mistress."

Sam opened his eyes to find a beautiful, middle aged African American lady who liked to be called black beauty when she was working at the stripping Brooklyn club.

"You?" Sam asked in astonishment as the lady smiled and said, "You can call me Cerise, hun. At your service!"

"How did you…?"

"I know a thing or two about necromancy. Some lass used ancient Pharaonic spells to enslave a succubus and use her for her own purposes. You know when you enslave a succubus, make her work under your command she'll kill your enemies in their sleep after sexually exhausting them. Kinda like a sexual version of Freddy Krueger. I freed the bitch and now she'll get back at her mistress."

"Are you a hunter?"

"I don't look like one, I know but I've been a hunter since I was nine. I'm a part of the Wayne family and like them I was born and raised a hunter, when tragic stroke our family I had to leave and go away but I remained Violet's closest friend."

"So she knows about you?"

"Not really, I've never hunted in open air; I always work in the shadows. My actual job is a stripping club owner and I used to be a stripper. I had a beautiful body back then! It was my dad's will; if I wanted to be a hunter, I better do it in the dark. It's not my official job, Sam. I just do it from time to time."

"A hunter and a stripper?! How could you be both at the same time?"

"Guess that's my precious little secret."

"Do you know where Dean is?"

"I'm not sure but I'm certain that you'll easily find out!"

Sam stared at her in confusion but she smiled and walked away. He could never imagine this irritating lady - yes he found her damn irritating - to be a hunter and on top of all to save his life.

"Yo!" He looked at her and she spoke seriously as she unlocked the door, "You might wanna make love to me when all this is done. I'll leave you my phone number."

He was more confused as he asked, knitting his brows, "What?!"

"Bye Sam!"

"Where're you goin'?"

"I'll go and save Violet. Someone must end this massacre and I'm gonna fuckin' do it. Our family has been cursed and to remove the curse, we must all die!"

"What're you…?" Before Sam got an answer, his cell phone rang. He turned and searched for it and answered to find Dad's harsh voice saying, "Hey, Sam. We're on our way to save Dean!"

"What about me?"

"You stay the hell where you are!"

"Dad you can't just go without me. I…"

John hung up and Sam threw away the phone in frustration. "Holy crap!" He shouted then turned to find out what he expected, Cerise was gone!

He noticed something that wasn't there before, though. That note hung loosely on the door, an address scribbled on it and when he read the words beneath it, he stormed out of the door with a mission carried heavily on his back.

Dean is in the middle of the Wayne ranch, deep down in the black forest. Make it count, use the other route and meet Wayne before he catches up with your Dad and ends him up. I've written all the directions you're gonna need and I know you'll be smart enough to finish him. Your brother doesn't have much time left. Go and save him.

I stood up, shotgun pointed at the back of Violet's head. She was bent on her daughter, mourning and grieving the dead girl, forgetting all about me and the danger that stirred in the damned motel room.

She didn't stop even when I dug the barrel deeper and deeper, causing throbbing pain to her mass of blood and hair. She moaned deeply and stated in the most uncaring of manners, "Go ahead, shoot me if you like, bitch. I don't give a shit if I died after my daughter."

I threw my head backwards and laughed so damned hard till my eyes watered. Still pointing the gun at her head and forgetting about the pulsating burning pain in my broken wrist I snarled, "I'm not gonna kill you, I'm gonna eat you alive."

She flinched but that flinch turned into a heavy shudder as I shot her in the shoulder without a warning. She was pushed by an invisible force forward and she fell at the foot of the bed. She lay there, all bloody and groggy, I felt like a queen on top of the world.

Violet has been haunting me for all of my life. She was after me like a watchdog and I nearly fell in her grasp once. She never hesitated to pull the trigger and without my wit and skills I wouldn't have survived her shooting me madly in the open air. I came across her another time and I killed a fellow hunter she had an affair with. Too bad I killed him fast, however what remained of his corpse has lived in her nightmares forever. I love toying with my possessions before I get rid of 'em.

Lowering my face to reach Violet's I held her head and fixed it backwards. She moaned and opened two watery eyes, all her rage and hatred turned into pitiful sadness and loss. I smiled and placed my lips on her throat, opened my mouth and took a huge bite.

Too bad she didn't scream as loud as I expected!

Dean woke up as he was grabbed harshly and thrown on a cool leather surface. He blinked hard as he saw he was placed on the backseat of a car. He tried moving his numb hands, paralyzed from the handcuffs bounding them together behind his back then he groaned as he sensed Wayne's presence in the driver's seat, "Where the hell are we goin'?"

Wayne answered bluntly as he started the ignition, "We're meeting them midways."


"Just shut the fuck up, Winchester."

"I wanna know where are you fuckin' taking me?"

"You wanted to see Daddy, you got your chance. He's not too far from here. Along with Bobby and a fellow asshole called Gibbs."

"Aaron Gibbs."

"So you know him, great! Your brother didn't know who the guy was as much as I recall." The car rolled smoothly and swiftly on the ground and Wayne checked on Dean through the mirror. He knew his words had their desirable effect when he saw the horror in the green tinted mirrors.

Dean's heart pumped hard and he panted heavily as he asked, "My brother?"

"Umhmm…Looks like John will prepare two coffins when he returns back home. If he returns."

"If you hurt my brother, I swear to God..."

Wayne cackled jovially and hysterically while Dean's breathing stopped for a second. No, this couldn't be. He couldn't kill Sammy!

"Not me, a fellow succubus who drained the life outta your brother. He'll be dead by now. I was kinda hoping you'll bury him but you wouldn't be alive by then."

"No, you're a fuckin' liar, Sam's not dead. No!"

"He is dead Dean and all you can do is…"

Wayne didn't see it comin'. Even for an esper; the collide was too sudden, too quick to avoid. All he could see was Dean's green emeralds flaring like burning charcoal and his hoarse voice screaming "Sonovabitch!"

The crash was inevitable. Wayne lost control on the wheel and the car ended up spinning around in crazed speed till it hit a tree, right in the back. Wayne touched himself and checked for fractures. Nothing other than a bump on his forehead. He looked angrily at Dean, curled on his side, shaking with hatred and exhaustion then he lost it.

Wayne got out of the car and grabbed Dean by the neck. He threw the kid on the damp ground and took his gun outta his pocket screaming in rage, "I was saving the best for the last but looks like you wanna end your filthy life now. Okay, pretty boy, you'll have your wish granted."

He pulled the trigger and aimed at Dean's head, he had to end it now or never. If he waited more he'd break the kid free and cut the reins that held this strong stallion in captivity. He never admired a man that way, he never even admired John. But that boy was different. That was better dead.

"Not so fast"

Wayne's hair stood on the back of his neck as he sensed a gun pointed to his head and a strong young voice ordering, "You drop your gun, now or I blow your goddamned head off."

"Sam, shoot him!"

Sam knew he ought to do it. He should kill the guy not just threaten him but he knew he might not be fast enough to prevent the bullet from entering his brother's skull and there was another thing. He couldn't shoot a man, especially from the back. He didn't like wasting lives easily. Even if these lives were worthless scumbags as this Wayne guy was.

"You shoot me little Winchester and I blow your big brother's head off."

"You won't have time; you'll be dead before you know it."

"How about you take the risk? Go ahead let's play roulette and Dean's life would be at stake."

Dean barked in weary frustration, "Shoot him, Sam. Now!"

Sam stood there pointing the gun at Wayne's head. He swallowed hard and the thoughts rummaged through his head. What the hell was he supposed to do? He couldn't put his brother's life in danger. He couldn't just take the risk. What the hell was he supposed to do? For the first time in his life; Sam wished Dad would come to the rescue.