This is a fic from a friend of mine (I was Beta)…. Cause we can't believe he's gone…

Written by Elise de Reso

Betad by Kaillinne Arami

For Fred, cause we'll never forget you.

Disclaimer: Characters, places and events are property of J.K. Rowling.

George wandered through the Hogwarts corridors, Voldemort's forces had retreated a while ago, but he hadn't gone to the Great Hall yet. He was looking for something, or someone.

"Where is he for Merlin's sake!!" He said to himself. "Has he gone to the Great Hall already?"

Yes, he was looking for Fred. George could not fight well without him. In fact he could not do anything well without Fred. They had always been together. George and Fred, Fred and George. But now he just could not find him. He wandered into the Great Hall and saw his mother standing beside Percy and crying her heart out.

'Oh no' he thought. 'Mum's having a highly annoying emotional collapse because of Percy AGAIN. Just great, what's that idiot done now…'

But when he came closer, he started suspecting that something was wrong. Really wrong. His mother collapsed and started screaming. "No, NO, NOOOOO. Why? Fred, FRED!"

'What has Fred done this time' thought George. He had never seen his mother that agitated before. 'What on earth had Fred done that would make mum scream like this?' he wondered before looking at what his mother was hugging.

And then George saw. Fred had done something terrible. Something George could never ever forgive. He had left them. Had left them all. Had left him.

'He looks so peaceful.' Was the only thing George could think at the moment, trying to not let his mind acknowledge what it all meant. Hands folded eyes closed, the ghost of a smile on his face. George grabbed his hand. It was so cold, so very cold. George felt like crying out. He wanted to lie beside Fred. To die too. 'To be together again.' The idea struck him like an ice cold shower. He tried with all his might to believe that he and Fred would meet again. Would meet in heaven some day. But George could not believe in heaven. Not now, not ever. All that he believed in at that moment was that Fred was gone. He believed in his unbelievable loneliness. His best friend, his double, his twin, his constant companion was gone.. His knees gave away and now he was kneeling on the ground beside Fred's' cold body and his mother's sobbing one.

"No", he whimpered and a tear rolled down his cheek. And then another, and another. He wished his life would flow away with those tears. He had never imagined that it would be so hard to let go, to let go of his grief, of his love for Fred. He didn't notice when his mother wrapped her arms around his shaking figure, nor did he see the silent tears the rest of the family were crying, for he could not imagine a life without Fred. A life that he would have to spend…alone.