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"Inoue we're getting late. Wasn't it you who wanted to take me to the concert?" said an impatient raven haired girl while tapping her foot on the floor.

"I know im sorry. Just a minute im almost done."

"That's what you said half an hour ago. How long time are you gonna use now? Don't you look good enough as it is? And why are you styling yourself up so much? It's just a concert, its not like anyone is going to look that much at you when you stand in the middle of the crowd."

"Hehe well you know I know one of the band members a bit. The one playing on keyboards. He was the one who gave us the tickets too. I've been to their shows many times and he said that we could just come a bit later because that's when they will play their newest song. Plus we are going to get to the front and when we are there the one who has the best sight of us is the lead singer and let me tell you he's turning heads on the streets." answered the orange haired woman and grinned.

"Yeah, yeah but if you don't hurry we're going to miss the last song too, you know. And I've never heard of this band and you were the one who told me to listen to learn about more different bands." the raven haired girl said and sighed. "Well are you ready to go now?"

"Yeah, come on Rukia-san lets go!" Orihime said and grabbed her friend's hand. "We'll run to the concert."

They ran out of the door not bothering to lock it.

As Rukia and Orihime ran through the dark city they could hear music from the park. They sped up and soon they got mixed together with a huge jumping crowd. As they mashed past the masses of people the song stopped and someone yelled in the microphone.

"Thank you Karakura you're awesome. The last song for tonight is our newest song and I promise you've never heard it before. Thanks for the memories!"

The crowd went crazy and roared even though they didn't know the song and reached out for the band even though they were meters away. So that's how it is to go to a concert… People are mad!

Then the music started. Everyone screamed and Inoue even cooed. Rukia couldn't help but smile; there was something about the atmosphere she couldn't describe.

A voice started singing. People screamed again and screeched a name Rukia hadn't heard before.

I'm gonna make you bend and break

Say a prayer, but let the good times roll
In case God doesn't show.

Orihime grabbed Rukias wrist and pulled her through the wild crowd. They were heading towards the stage and Orihime had been to many concerts and knew how to get in the front in record speed.

And I want these words to make things right
But it's the wrongs that make the words come to life
Who does he think he is?
If that's the worst you've got, better put your fingers back to the keys.

Finally they were in the front and a man jumped and pushed Rukia in front of Orihime. The orange haired girl only laughed and yelled something about her being envious on Rukia, but she almost couldn't hear what her friend said, the music was too loud. After all she stood just in front of the stage with unrestricted sight of the lead vocalist singing. He was singing, playing on a black guitar. He wore a white t-shirt with a black blazer over. His pants were black as well as the shoes. But his hair was different from it all.

It was bright orange.

One night yeah and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See he tastes like you only sweeter.

She liked the voice. He sang with a strong voice but it still held a warmth she was unfamiliar with. She could listen to that voice in a whole night. It intoxicated her and she had to admit, she enjoyed it greatly.

Been looking forward to the future
But my eyesight is going bad
In this crystal ball

The singer seemed to take a look over the crowd. He smiled as he sang and his vision lowered to look at ones in front.

It's always cloudy except for

When you look into the past…

Then suddenly his eyes stopped moving. He stopped singing and the co-singers sang the line he missed. His eyes had caught something. Something he couldn't let go. Something that stunned him.

Rukia knew what had caught his amber eyes.

Because she was looking straight into them.

One night stand.

He snapped out of the trance and he continued from the chorus. But his eyes didn't move from their spot.

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you only sweeter.

Rukias heart was beating fiercely. That man. He looked at her. Into her eyes. He was paralyzed, just as herself. What had happened that short moment?

One night yeah one more time

Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you only sweeter.

Suddenly he smiled at Rukia and she blushed a little. That smile. It seemed like a rare thing. Something he wasn't used to. But it was warm, just as his amber eyes. Warm, friendly and with a fierce spark of life.

They say

I only think in the form of crunching numbers
In hotel rooms, collecting page-six lovers.

He swung his guitar on his back and crouched down in front of Rukia. He held a big hand out for her. He held it out for her, and only for her. Strangely enough no one tried to grab it; they knew it was only meant for one person.

She carefully took his hand and he pulled her up on the stage.

Get me out of my mind
Get you out of those clothes.

He rested his hand on her hip, but even though it felt weird for her, it didn't feel uncomfortable. It actually… felt good. His hand was warm and it was as if his hand fit exactly into the spot in her waist, like it was a missing piece of her own body. It felt like if even a bomb would explode right next to her, the spot where his hand was would never get burned. But although she felt comfortable she still blushed like crazy. If she wasn't wrong then she could swear she saw a tint of pink on his cheeks too.

I'm a line away
From getting you into the mood

He pointed out at the crowd, signalling that he wanted them to sing the chorus and closed his palm around his microphone. Then he subtly spoke to the small woman next him without showing the crowd and his mouth moving to the melody as if he were singing too.

One night yeah one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you only sweeter.

"What's your name, little lady?" he whispered only for her to hear.

"Kuchiki Rukia" she answered without looking up at him.

"Pretty name. Im Kurosaki Ichigo, nice to meet you. I'd like to see you again. Will you come to the corner of the scene when the shows over?"

Rukia felt her throat dry and she swallowed hard, her blush even more evident.


"Nice. Now, Rukia, may I hear your voice?"


She didn't get an answer as a microphone was placed in front of her mouth. He swung the guitar back in front of him and began playing to the chorus.

Rukia didn't get time to be nervous and actually she wasn't as much as she had thought she would be. The presence of this 'Ichigo' seemed to calm her. What was it? This moment. This boy.

One night yeah one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you only sweeter.

She sang and she didn't care if it sounded bad, she liked it. She enjoyed it. As Ichigo sang with her she felt she was the best singer in the world. She didn't really hear how it sounded but that was the way she felt. It was wonderful.

But it was only for a short moment because soon the song was over and the light faded.

Rukia knew she couldn't stay on the stage so she jumped down and was immediately greeted by Orihime.

"Wow I can't believe he let you up on the scene! You're so lucky! He has never done that before. And when he looks at the crowd his gaze never stops like that." she exclaimed and then began thinking. She seemed deep in thought so Rukia just slipped away without a sound.

She looked around. The band had left the stage. The lights had been turned off and the crowd began walking home through the dark night.

She got to the corner of the stage, but was stopped by a metal fence. There was a gap between two fences and she tried to get through, but suddenly a big tall man in black with sunglasses towered over her. He was intimidating and Rukia stopped dead in her tracks.

"Where do you think you're going young lady? You don't have a backstage pass. Get going the show's over." he said ominously.

"But I-"

"Don't make me repeat myself!" his voice boomed.

"Hey chill out Leo. I'm her backstage pass." said a voice from behind the huge man. He suddenly widened his eyes to a degree which you could see behind his sunglasses and immediately turned around and bowed stiffly.

"Im sorry Kurosaki-sama I didn't know." And then he left, showing the orange haired singer who stood behind him a few second ago. A towel hung around his neck and he had a bottle of water in his hand. He smiled at the raven haired woman and approached her.

"Heh they don't get my respect only because im famous." he chuckled. Rukia did so too, but not because of what he said. Just the fact that she was able to see him again and that he did come. "But what did he even mean with that?"

"Hi." she simply said.

"Hey. You enjoyed the show?" he asked.

"Well I only made it to the last song. But I loved that song though. I came here with a friend, she got two free tickets for your show, but she took too long make herself look good." Rukia answered and grinned.

"Heh that's okay you made it here so im cool with it." he said and stopped. He placed a finger on his bottom lip as if pondering. Then he let the finger 'fall' to point at Rukia in a realizing way. "Wait is her name Inoue?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well the one who gave her the tickets is the guy who plays on keyboards. His name is Ishida Uryuu. He told me Inoue would come to hear the last part where we would play our newest song and that she would take a friend with her. And you're the friend, no?"

"Yes that ought to be me, if im not mistaken."

Ichigo laughed. Rukia's heart skipped a beat and her insides felt like turning into a warm mush. What was with her? This couldn't be the feeling she thought it was. No it couldn't. Besides she was already dating someone else. But still that laugh made her feel so light and happy. It's just a freaking laugh, dammit!

"Kurosaki! We need you backstage!" someone yelled. Probably one from the band Rukia thought.

"Yeah im comin'! Geez." he yelled back and turned his head to Rukia again. "Look I gotta go now, I cant really just slack off ya know."

"When will I be able so see you again?"

"Hello, we're among some of the most famous bands in Japan. You can't miss us. We're called "Strawberry Jam" (A/N: Yes it's a pun) Besides, the reason why we play so often here in Karakura Town is that we all live here, so this is not a really big concert, more like a local one. You'll see me one day if I don't see you first." he said and smiled before leaving.

Rukia smiled back and clutched the fabric on her shirt. She backed a little and then ran back to Orihime.

When she got home the house was dark and her brother was asleep. She tiptoed into her room without turning the lights on. She threw herself on her bed and buried her head in the pillow beaming so much she would kill herself if anyone saw her.

"This is a song I'll definitely remember."

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