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Rukia liked the snow.

No, she loved the snow. So simple and clear. So pure and beautiful. And so fluffy looking. She wanted so much to run out and throw herself in it. But she couldn't. First she was an aristocrat, or her brother was. She had to behave like one as well. And second she had a ton of homework to do. Though it was Friday there was so much she wanted to be done as soon as possible.

Then she could maybe have a few moments in the snow when Byakuya wasn't looking. If he was, he'd freak out. He hated seeing Rukia acting childish or immature. He said it was bad for their reputation for her to be seen playing around.

She always wanted to yell at him when he said no, but Byakuya had a thing with making it horribly hard just say something against him. Rukia could prepare a whole speech to say something against him, but when they were finally face to face she couldn't put up a single argument against him since it always wounded with him having a ton of arguments and her being completely blank (A/N: I've tried it a hundred times I know what im talking about :P).

Rukia looked longing at her thick coat hanging outside on her dresser, ready to be used along with a thick scarf, mittens, a hat and a pair of warm boots. She sighed. Sometimes she wished she was as free as Ichigo. He could do whatever he wanted. He could go buy a gold watch, then break it and sell it on eBay saying it was once owned by Kurosaki Ichigo and no one would complain. His life was so very easy. At least that's what Rukia thought. Ignorance is bliss they say.

She gazed out of her window with a solemn face. The sun was setting while it was snowing. Rukia smiled. The two colors was a funny mixture. Bright orange and white dots everywhere.

Again Rukia's mind wandered to the singer she met almost month ago. The sunset reminded her of the day a few weeks ago; when he went to her house to give her back the paint she bought. He was packed up in a coat, a scarf and gloves. But what Rukia noticed was the lack of a hat. His orange hair shone through the white winter and Rukia couldn't help smiling at the sight. Lots of small snow flakes had stuck in his vibrant hair dotted it with small spots. The amount of snow that was in his hair told Rukia that he had walked the whole way to her house. She had asked him inside after seeing the small clouds he breathed out because of the cold, but smiling he thanked no since he had a gig in the mall. He just barely made it to go to Rukia's home before he had to perform.

Rukia smiled wider, warmer. The snowy sunset reminded her of the genuine smile he wore on his face that day. How wonderful and sweet he looked in the snow, huffing small clouds out in the fresh air. How she had suddenly longed to come out in the snow with him. How she realised that Ichigo indeed was a loyal friend she had to treasure, greatly.

Her eyes wandered to the paint he brought. It was still packed in the small box. It hadn't even got wet from the snow since Ichigo had kept it under his coat. Rukia smiled. He had made a pretty big effort in protecting the otherwise meaningless thing, and Rukia knew that some of the reason was that Rukia had wanted it. So he protected it. As a friend would do.

She couldn't help herself anymore. Her feet forced her to her desk and she sat down, found paper and one of her best drawings and then she fingered the little box. She delicately scratched the small pieces of tape off the box to be able to open it and then just as carefully she slid open the box and picked a tiny veil of paint and held it. Why, oh, why was that particular color orange? For some reason these little bottles had become precious. Like something fragile that would cause disaster if they broke. For that reason the raven haired girl just sat and carefully eyes the little veil holding it with her fingertips.

She placed it silently on the table in front of the drawing. Pulled out a paintbrush and gazed at the drawing she was about to colour.

A drawing she had inked. She was proud of it since she had used hours drawing it. But still she had a lack of sheer talent and so it was two bunnies holding each others small stumpy hand, smiling each their bunny smile. The first one was Rukia, she had drawn her haircut and it surprisingly looked like her and her hair had been painted a bit black with the pencil. The other one was unknown. Rukia hadn't made out who she wanted it to be yet. But still she had roughly given it some crude drawn unruly hair.

She fingered the brush and carefully dipped it in the small bottle of paint she first took out. The orange one. She lifted it from the bottle, let it drip off on the rim and let the brush hover over the drawing. What to color?

She smiled softly and then let her brush land on the paper, on the hair of the unknown bunny.

Orange hair.

Yes she wanted to paint him.


A few hours later her brother called up to her that dinner was ready.

"I'll be right there Nii-sama!" she called back and returned her gaze to her final work. It had become herself with her raven black hair smiling happily with her left hand clasped into another's. Its orange hair made her eyes hit it immediately. So she ended up drawing Ichigo after all.

Rukia looked at her drawing one last time before standing up and starting to search for a needle. As soon as she found one she started to hang it up on the wall beside her desk. Until it hit her. What would Renji say?

She hadn't thought of that. Renji knew she had something with drawing humans in rabbit form and a drawing with her happily holding hands with some orange haired guy/rabbit would possibly make him mad. She didn't want to put up that fight with him. And she didn't even have anysort of feelings towards Ichigo, like she had for Renji. Ichigo was a good friend. One she could depend on. Not give her heart to. Could she?

She was snapped back to senses when Byakuya called again and Rukia noticed that she had just been standing, staring out into the empty air. The drawing was left on her desk as it was and the raven haired girl ran down to her brother.

When their dinner was about finished Byakuya put down his knife and fork and looked at Rukia intensely. First after a while Rukia noticed that she was being watched and ceased eating her meal and looked at her older brother in an almost matching way.

"Rukia." he started.

"Yes, Nii-sama?"

"I'll be going on a business trip the next two weeks. I know it's been a long time since you had needed to be alone, but I have to go tonight." he said slowly and controlled radiating his power in anyway even when he spoke to his little sister.

Rukia was just about to reply when he spoke again.

"I can have someone to look after you. I will have guards watch over you 24 hours everyday. There will be no…" he spoke but Rukia cut him of.

"Please, Nii-sama. I can take care of myself. I don't need guards or a babysitter. Im 19 now I'm sure I can handle two weeks alone." she spoke and tried to sound as respectful as she could seeing that she just rudely cut off her brother as he spoke.

The older aristocrat looked slightly offended at first but then his eyes softened and Rukia could have sworn that she saw a tiny hint of a smile on his lips.

"You remind me so much of Hisana, Rukia. Just as determined and self confident." he said and yet again his expression fell to the calm condescending look as he spoke again. "Very well, Rukia. I will let you stay home, alone. I trust that you will be able to handle this and there will be no problems on the way. I also trust that if anything happens you will contact me immediately and I will make sure to get guards to protect you. Understood?"

Rukia nodded with a stoic expression, though inside she was beaming. "Yes, no guards. Im all alone. I can stay at Inoue's for days and be with Renji and I can have fun with Ichi….I… uh… HOME ALONE YAY!"

"Yes, Nii-sama." she said.

"Good, I will go to pack my suitcases. I'll be leaving in four hours. Would you please take the dishes?" he said, stood up and left to his room, fairly far away from both the dining room and Rukia's room, after all it was a very big mansion.

Rukia had sat at the window and stared out at the snow, still falling, but now with a dark background but still just as beautiful. If not more beautiful with the contrast between black and white. Byakuya called her down again and said goodbye before leaving out in the cold winter night.

Two weeks with the enormous house all by herself. What to do? First go to bed.

And with that said, Rukia went upstairs to change to her night gown. It went a few inches below her knees and was white as the snow with small flower patterns on it in light blue. Byakuya bought it to her as a Christmas present last year. It almost looked like a normal dress but the fabric was softer and more comfortable.

She brushed her teeth and then slid under the covers in her big bed. She turned off the lights and took a last glance out the window, then breathed out deeply before closing her eyes.

About five minutes past and Rukia's eyes snapped open as she heard a sound from the window. A thudding sound. Rukia got nervous. A burglar? Not now. Not already.

She soundlessly slid out of her bed and just as she put her feet onto the floor the sound came again. A thudding sound against the window. Rukia wasn't sure if she dared to look out the window. She slowly turned her head, but as she looked out the window there was nothing to see. Just the black sky and white snow falling peacefully from it. Rukia sighed and turned to her bed again to get some sleep.

But then the sound came again and she whipped her head around. She hurriedly went to the window and looked out. There was still nothing to see until her gaze fell upon the big white garden. There stood a figure in the snow. Rukia recognised the person immediately.

The orange hair can't be mistaken.

He was standing below, packed in a thick coat, gloves, a fluffy scarf and this time a hat which hid most of his flamboyant hair. Though the thing that was most obvious of the stuff he wore was his huge grin, splitting his face in two. Rukia couldn't help but smile. He had a snowball in his hand and it was obvious that the sound she heard was the snowballs he threw at the window.

She opened her window, hurriedly hid her smile and stuck her head out in the crisp air.

"You moron, you scared the hell outta me! What are you doing at this time out here? It's freezing and I was almost sleeping."

"Come out and plaay!" he yelled and threw another snowball at her window. She quickly closed it and shielded her for the oncoming doom in the form of a small ice cold ball of frozen water crystals.

"Don't tell me you drank too much coffee again."

"Nope, I haven't had any." he said and as he saw her sceptical face he added. "I swear."

"Then why are you here?" "Why am I being so sceptical when this is exactly what I wanted just a few hours ago?"

"'Cuz I want to and 'cuz you told me that you never get to play in the snow for your frosty brother. So now that he's asleep you can get to play, right?"

"He's on a business trip in two weeks." Rukia deadpanned.

"Then what the hell are you waiting for, idiot? Get your ass moving and come down and play!" he yelled and bowed down and began forming another snowball.

Rukia spun around and leaped over to her winter suit.

So when she had crawled down the gutter she stood in a huge coat, a thick scarf, knitted mittens, a matching hat and small thin legs sticking out with a big boot at each end.

Ichigo would have laughed if she didn't look so cute. Somehow a coat that's too big always makes one look cuter than usual. That's a confirmed fact.

Rukia bowed down to pick up some snow to create a snowball until suddenly she felt a cold chill down her back.

"Ichigo!" she shrieked and began shaking her body to get the snow out of her coat. He had thrown a huge heap of snow right onto her head and most of it ended down her back. And Ichigo ended in the snow laughing his head off and holding his stomach.

An opportunity Rukia took to bury him alive in an enormous pile of snow. She laughed and didn't stop until only his head was visible. Then she jumped on top of the pile with Ichigo under and forced his mouth open and began stuffing snow into it.

The poor singer began choking and tried to get free and as he pushed the small girl off he screamed. "GAAH BRAINFREEZE!!" and held onto his head.

Rukia felt a small pang of guilt and she slowly walked to him, concerned.

But then a moment after she lied in the snow, Ichigo now on her and stuffing hermouth with snow an evil grin matching with his devilish actions.

"Ichigo you… stupid…moron… here I was… trying to… help but… ya… cheate-… me!" she yelled through the snow and spit it out as she herself got brain freeze.

"I'll never be concerned about you again, idiot."

But Ichigo didn't listen and just pushed her into the snow threw himself down next to her and began pulling her arms up and down against the snow.

"I demand you to make a snow angel!" he… demanded and then laid down himself as Rukia obeyed and began moving around in the snow. Ichigo mimicked and sat up and took a look at Rukia. Her cheeks were all red now and her legs matched the color pretty good.

"Wow your legs are as red as your face!" he gasped comically and moved in front of her and took his gloves off. He placed his hands on her shins.

"Ah your hands are warm!" she sighed and threw herself back down into the snow.

"Yup they're always warm. Even in the summer. You know you should have put some pants on before going down here. You'll catch a cold or something."

"Hmm I guess I just forgot." she said and rolled over in Ichigo's snow angel. She moved her hands and legs but she didn't hit any snow at all.

"Ooh your snow angel is so big! You're big." she gasped and looked at him with that curious look. She pointed a finger at him.

"Nah you're just small."

That earned him a snowball in the face and he kinda expected it anyway.

"Snowman time!" yelled Rukia suddenly and jolted up and began rolling the bottom part of a snowman. Ichigo slowly stood up and began forming one on his own.

"As you wish, milady."

"Hey-umpf!" she said and brushed the snow off her face while she grumbled.


"It's finished!"

"A masterpiece!"


Ichigo and Rukia stood and admired their work.

Ichigo rubbed his chin with a snowy, glove clad hand thoughtfully.

"We need a nose… a carrot."

"Not necessary."

"Why not?"

"'Cuz he wont live to see it anyway."

"Whaddya me-AARG!" he screamed as the 1.95 cm snowman fell right in his face.

Rukia died from laughter and threw herself on the ground holding her stomach. She wiped away a tear and looked at her friend. He just kept lying there on his back, legs out on each side of the now totally ruined snowman, which more looked like a pile of snow with eyes.

"Hey why don't you get up?"

The orange head shuffled around under the snow to look at her and then lay back down.

"Cause I don't wanna bother getting up again. Besides it is quite comfy." he spoke and put his hand under his head and smirked at his female friend.

But Rukia grabbed his hand and pulled him up forcefully and glared for a moment. But it disappeared when she took a better look at him. Now his cheeks and nose was red too and small clouds of air came out from his grinning mouth. His eyes still held playfulness, she happened to really like that look in his eyes. They screamed trouble.

"Come on let's go inside. Do you want some coffee?"

"Nah, but a cup of hot cocoa would be nice."

"Fine I think we can handle that." she said and pulled him into her warm house.

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