A/N: Alright let me explain. I asked my readers to tell me which out of six of my fics deserved a sequel. Three of the six chosen fics swept up the vast majority of the support. Truth in Flowers was not one of them. I fact I think in all only one person besides myself even expressed any interest in a sequel. So then why the hell am I writing a fic that no one wanted me to? Why am I writing a continuation of one of my least popular fics? The answer, because I'm bored (and possibly insane). I started the Anko X Kurenai sequel but that doesn't even begin to fill the space in my schedule. I suppose I could write one of the sequels people actually want, but I still haven't come to a final decision on what the other one will be. So just for kicks I decided to do this fic. In case your unaware, Truth in Flowers in a poorly written (partly on purpose), self parody about Ino and Temari finding love together. Some people loved it others thought it was complete garbage. I still think it came out quite funny, but it definitely could have been better. As such I hope this sequel will improve the formula. Now I would normally give the usual warnings about yuri and sexual material in this fic, but in this case just read the first couple paragraphs and if it's too much for you then stop. Also I'll provide a summary (probably better written than the fic itself) of the first fic for those lucky enough to have not already experienced it firsthand.

Disclaimer: Zogluif is the barzacai of Mantroja (I am not Masashi Kishimoto).

Summary of Truth in Flowers: Things are looking up for Shikamaru as he has ensnared the heart of two beautiful girls, Temari and Ino. Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest and the unpredictability of a particular flower's bloom he ends up having dates with both girls scheduled for the same time in the same forest; naturally he decides to avoid the forest altogether that day.

Ino and Temari end up encountering one another in the forest. After conversing briefly, both are surprised to find the other laying a claim to Shikamaru. They have a brief fight in which Temari wins but gets cut in the hand with a kunai (something that is oddly never mentioned again...). Seeing the resolve of the other, the girls come to the conclusion that neither is lying and that they both had been seeing Shikamaru, which naturally pisses them off.

But then they somehow sense a mysterious presence nearby, venturing an unknown distance into the woods the girls find a man named Ryukuzaikmaru Mitamarushime. Ryukuzakimaru is insane and obsessed with evil and dragons and he caries a strange weapon called the Omega-power-blade-stick. He is defeated by Temari and Ino in seconds and left unconscious.

Ino and Temari become friends and decide to pick flowers together, have a picnic, go shopping, and then go get drunk at a bar. At the bar Ino starts to hit on Temari making her somewhat uncomfortable. As their leaving Temari realizes she doesn't have a place to stay the night since she's through with Shikamaru and blew all the cash she had on undisclosed purchases and probably alcohol (can't be sure since I gave absolutely no details…).

Ino offers to let Temari sleep over at her place but Temari doesn't trust Ino. The atmosphere suddenly transforms into something romantic and they kiss; Temari decides to follow Ino to her room. They have lesbian sex all throughout the night and proclaim their love for one another. The next morning Tmeari decides to help Ino run the Yamanaka flower shop. Ino proceeds to tell both Sakura and her own father about her and Temari's new relationship as if it were some kind of bizarre game. Leaving the flower shop she decides it's finally time to see Shikamaru.

Shiakamaru has already determined something's up with his ex-girlfriends based on rumors his father and Choji had told him. Still when Ino and Temari claim to be in a relationship he accuses them of just trying to mess with his head for some payback. The conversation meanders and proceeds to really go nowhere and the author decides the scene really needs to somehow end, so Ryukizakimaru Mitumarushime (who's name has inexplicably changed by a single letter) reappears and knocks Choji and Shikamaru out with the power of his omega-power-blade-stick. Temari and Ino fight and Kill Ryukizakimaru and the story ends in the most brilliant of fashions with rainbows and happy ponies and stuff.

---End Summary---

Ino Yamanaka gave a slight smile as she felt a hand light across her back. Temari's warmth was incredible as they embraced tightly, their unclothed bodies hot against one another as they gazed deep into each other's eyes.

Ino felt her tongue escape her mouth as she held her lover tightly to their bed. Slowly she began to lick at Temari's neck and across her cheek until her tongue met her love's in a heated open kiss.

Lingeringly, Ino began to descend the trek of her girlfriend's body, placing kisses all along the way until she found herself upon one of the girl's beautiful breasts which she began to lavish with the full attention of her mouth and tongue.

The younger girl switched her attention to the other breast as she let her hand travel down between the girl's legs. Her fingers found their place and began to passionately rub the rapidly wetting, warm slit that was Temari's sex.

Ino broke the suck at Temari's breast leaving a spit string at the hard nipple. She went in for a deep, hard kiss once more before moving her mouth to the new ordeal of pleasuring Temari orally.

Temari had her legs spread as far apart as possible, she eagerly pressed her sex closer as she felt Ino's tongue begin its ordeal. Soon Ino was in full stride as she ravaged her girlfriends hot pink slit, her saliva and Temari's fluids mixing and flying everywhere in the general area as Temari bucked and moaned in intense pleasure.

"That's it love! Eat me! Don't stop!" Temari was shouting between hard breaths and moans. Ino smiled at the words and proceed to increase her effort; her tongue was working in overdrive as it covered the whole of Temari from the top of her clit to as deep inside her as it would go.

Ino raised a single finger and let it replace the hard work of penetrating Temari while her tongue concentrated on the girl's pulsing clitoris. Temari's breaths were becoming even harder, her moans louder. A thrust of finger and a flicker of tongue later those moans reached a whole different level as Ino felt the other girl spasm in bliss as she reached a hot, wet orgasm.

Ino raised her head and bent in to kiss Temari's lips again. The desert girl's tongue met hers lovingly as Temari pulled her into a soft embrace.

The kiss broke and the two girls gazed endlessly into each other's eyes. Temari spoke in a romantic whisper, "It's been two years and it's still so good…"

"It is." Ino concurred lovingly letting her hand caress Temari's cheek as Temari's caressed her thigh. She gave a short laugh before adding in a light, sexual way, "Now fuck me, lover."

"As you wish." Temari said with a smile as she now forced Ino to the bed and reached out to claim something from the bedside.

Ino's eyes lit up as she studied the large double-sided soft plastic sex toy that Temari had retrieved and had slowly begun to suck deep into her mouth. Once one end was thoroughly coated in Temari's spit, the Suna girl removed it and attended the other in a similar fashion.

With a smile Temari took the toy from her mouth and inserted the soft plastic deep inside her still wet and hot sex. In a sexy voice she asked, "You ready/'

Ino smiled as she opened her legs and presented her warm moist slit to the one she loved. In a sensual manner she simply said, "Take me."

Temari needed no further encouragement as she guided Ino's end of the toy to its destination inside the other girl. Ino moaned lightly as she was penetrated, the thick plastic toy filling her with Temari's love.

Soon they had developed a rhythm, Ino cried out as she moved her hips in response to each new thrust Temari made. Temari gave her own muted moans as she felt her own end move inside her with each new motion.

Temari repositioned herself so that she could bend forward and stare into the other girl's eyes once more. She moved her hands To Ino's ample breasts as she continued to force the plastic even deeper inside them both.

Both girls moaning in ecstasy, Temari motioned upward enough so that she could bend forward for another hot kiss. Her tongue met Ino's in open air as they both moaned into the other's mouth.

As the kiss broke and Temari returned to the intensity of her deep thrusts; she felt Ino's breaths become heavy as she screamed in pleasure, her muscles tightening as she reached her climax.

Slowly Temari pulled the toy out from inside Ino and then herself. She proceeded to lick off either end before tossing it to the floor aside. Following this Temari got to her feet.

Ino looked baffled at this behavior. Indignantly she questioned, "What? Is that all for today? One round for each of us?"

"Calm down. It's cheap enough as it is to start with a hot sex scene, we can't have it taking up the whole first chapter." Temari said in a cool tone.

"I understand that. I just don't like it." Ino sighed grumpily as she brushed a hand through her hair.

"You know it's only the morning. We'll have plenty of time for more fun tonight." Temari said lightly.

"But I don't like waiting. Aren't you hot again from fucking me? Don't you want me to fuck your hot, delicious pussy with my warm, moist tongue again?" Ino spoke in a deep, sexy voice.

"As incredibly tempting as that sounds, I think I'm going to try and actually get some work done today." Temari said with a smirk.

"Oh come on, you still have plenty of time before you have to go back to your village. You can just save all that official Suna representative stuff for later." Ino suggested in a carefree way.

"Look, Ino, I already spent all of last month having sex with you two to three times a day. I have duties I can't continue to neglect." The desert shinobi said in straightforward manner.

"B-but don't you love me?" Ino asked, forcing a sad expression.

"I think that should be rather obvious." Temari said shaking her head at Ino's display.

"Then why won't you move in with me permanently?" Ino asked pointedly.

"We've been over this before. I'm an esteemed jounin level kunoichi of Sunagakure. If anything you should be the one to come live with me." Temari shot back coolly, giving a triumphant stare.

"And abandon my friends and family, my village, this wonderful apartment I rent at a low cost rate. I can't see how you could even ask me to do something like that." Ino spoke in a voice seeking pity.

Temari shot her lover a very peculiar look before deciding arguing would be hopeless. She opted for alternate explanation instead, stating,"I'm the Kazekage's sister. It wouldn't look right for me to just move away." She gave a laugh before saying jokingly, "Last I checked you weren't blood related to your village's leader."

"I could be." Ino said with an exuberant nod.

"What make's you say that?" Temari asked suspending disbelief.

"While me and the Hokage are both like really hot blonde women with like perfect figures and great complexion and incredible ninja skills. As I see it we got to be related somehow." Ino started in an excited tone.

Temari could only smile at this new conspiracy. With a definitive laugh she said, "But even so, you're not her sister."

"Probably not." Ino acquiesced.

Ino went silent giving Temari time to look around and gather up some clothes. She sighed as she said disjointedly, "Anyways, I think I'm going go take a shower."

"Ooh, can I join you?" Ino asked at once, excitedly.

Temari thought a moment before saying, simply, "Eh, sure, why not."

Ino smiled as she got to her feet and walked up behind her lover. Slowly she pressed herself against Temari's back and began to caress her lover's breasts with her hands. In a low moan she said, "Yeah, we can wash each other all over and just see where it leads."

As the two girls walked toward the shower a sound came to their ears. It was a hard knock at the door. Temari looked at Ino and when the girl didn't move she found herself rushing off to answer their unknown visitor, grabbing and adorning a light pink bath robe to cover her naked frame.

Temari opened the door to find a girl. The girl was roughly a year younger than Ino and had very long straight black hair. She had bright green eyes and an over sized smile on her face. She was fairly short and small in size though she seemed to possess very large breasts. She wore a strange, mostly black outfit and a rather large cape.

The girl spoke in an excessively cheery way, "Hello!"

"Uh, hello…?" Temari replied with a lost expression about her.

The strange girl continued to smile as she seemed to stare at Temari. In a soft, light tone she declared, "You're pretty."

"Um, w-why thank you…" Temari said, now completely baffled by the girl's presence. Several moments passed with the girl silently staring at Temari, just standing there and smiling. Now feeling quite awkward, Temari stammered, "C-can I help you?"

The girl thought for a moment before saying with uncertainty, "Hmmm, maybe." She paused a moment more before asking in a carefree manner, "You wouldn't happen to be Ino or Temari Yamanaka?"

"It's Temari… Just Temari." Temari corrected with an irritated glare.

"Oh is that so?" The strange girl said slightly indifferently.

"But you know it does sound cute, love." said Ino as she made her way to the door to join the conversation; unlike Temari she had taken the time to get herself completely dressed. She smiled as she walked beside her girlfriend, teasingly saying, "You totally should take my name. It'd be like we're married."

"And why the hell would I want your last name!?" Temari protested loudly, though she was blushing.

"'Cause you don't have one." Ino said simply.

"Well, yeah but…" Temari started feeling awkward yet again.

"Ooh, so you're Ino Yamanaka." The strange girl took the moment to reenter the conversation.

"Yup." Ino said with a nod.

"You're really pretty, too!" the visitor said as if it was some great conclusion.

"Thanks. You're a real cutie yourself." Ino said offering their guest a smile.

"You think so? I totally am. I work extra extra hard to keep myself looking so undeniably sexy. My skin needs to get just the right amount of sun to stay this lovely color, and I have to exercise daily to keep my figure so perfect, and of course I can only wear the most cutest clothes, and at night I have to wash my hair in special shampoo in order to obtain this amazingly awesome depth and luster so that it glistens in the morning sun, and…" The odd girl started off in rapid-fire, the other two just looked on completely baffled until they had heard enough.

"Uh, that's great. Can you tell us why you're here now?" Temari said sounding somewhat annoyed.

"Let's see… The fate of the world as we know it rests in the balance; you two are our only hope. I am your guide on this dangerous new task and shall guide you to my master who shall make all clear. Something like that." The girl said as if she was trying to recall something she really didn't care too much about.

"Ooh, really!?" Ino's eyes lit up as a look of excitement overtook her.

"Yup, yup." The girl chimed cutely. Then forcefully grabbing Temari by the arm she said, "Come on, let's go."

"Wait, let me get dressed." Temari said blushing as she tried to free herself from this girl's grasp.

"But you are dressed." The girl said offering a confused expression as she studied Temari's pink robe.

"You can't argue with her, love. You are dressed." Ino said with a hard laugh as she followed them out the door. She gave a hard nod before closing the door behind them and saying, "Now let's go save the world."

"Uh, a-alright…" Temari acquiesced reluctantly, still noticeably embarrassed to be out in public in nothing but a bath robe.

"So do you have a name, cutie?" Ino asked the strange girl.

"What an odd question. Of course I have a name." The girl replied seriously taken aback.

"Okay and it would be…?" Temari asked herself now curious.

"It's Yohizu. I thought everyone knew that." The girl replied confused.

"Nice to meet you, Yohizu." Ino said kindly as they continued.

So thus the young lovers with the enigmatic Yohizu as their guide began their perilous adventure. The three girls walked about a block down the street from Ino's apartment before turning to walk up to the front of an old run-down house. Slowly Yohizu reached out a hand for the doorknob of the door that when opened would show the first steps in unlocking Ino and Temari's new destiny.

A/N: Alright so I'm writing two fics at once again. As it was with last time I doubt I'll have any problems with it; though they're from the same anime this time, and both happen to be sequels, this and my Anko X Kurenai one couldn't be much more different. I still feel kinda strange for starting this fic in the first place, since no one really wanted me to. I hope some of you still enjoy it even if it was unwanted, and be aware that I will still be writing a sequel to either Guiding Light or Delusions of Bliss after I'm done with these current fics. Anyways, with that out of the way let me talk about this thing. It's nice to be able to vent out my bottled up insanity and this fic will give me that chance. Yohizu probably will go down as one of my favorite of my lame OC's (Though Ryukuzakimaru will probably always be my favorite…). I also hope no one minded that this fic started of with a completely random, unnecessary, rather dirty sex scene. I don't think I could get away that in most fics. Anyways, tell me your views. I love reviews.