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Ino, Temari, and the mysterious and enigmatic young girl, Yohizu, woke up late the next morning, having passed out after exhausting themselves with several hours of rigorous three-way lesbian sex. Still, their sleep would have to be interrupted as, all knew that it was their duty to protect the Orb of Eternal Sealing and retrieve the omega-power-blade-stick and in doing so save the world.

Rising from the bed with a healthy yawn, Yohizu spoke to the others, her voice already filled with lively cheer, "Good morning!"

Ino picked herself up at hearing Yohizu's voice, groggily she said, "Wha? What time is it?"

Temari, who had herself already awoken, answered, "It's about 12:35"

"Damn, we slept late. And on the day we have to save the world too." Ino said as she adjusted to being awake.

"Saving the world's one thing… Last night, that, that was awesome." Temari said steadily though slightly flush.

"Oh it was that good, huh? What, lover, am I not enough for you now?" Ino said with a hint of bitterness.

"What? No, of course not! You're the one I love. It's just…" Temari formed a defense as hastily as she could.

"Relax, I had lotsa fun last night as well. Yohizu here really knows how to please a girl." Ino said comfortingly offering the other two smiles.

"Or a guy. I really know like everything about sex." Yohizu corrected and declared boastfully.

"That's wonderful, Yohizu…" Temari said in deep sarcasm.

"I really think it'd be a waste to spend those talents on Shikamaru. Why don't you set your sights on some hot girl to make your lover instead?" Ino sighed.

"Either way. I mean Shikamaru is like hot. Though if I see something else good I'll like go after that as well." Yohizu said.

"All I know is, feel free to come over here and join us again whenever you want." Temari said with a deep sexual smile.

"Hmm, and all yesterday I was convinced you didn't like our mysterious and enigmatic new friend." Ino said suspiciously.

"What are you talking about? Cute, hyper, sex-obsessed girls who don't know when to shut up are my favorite. You should know that…" Temari said pointedly. Then with a quizzical expression, she added, "And I'm pretty sure Yohizu hasn't been either mysterious or enigmatic since chapter 2."

Completely ignoring the latter statement, Ino said, "Oh, so she really reminds you of me?"

"You two could be sisters." Temari said in a carefree manner.

"Ooh, I wish I had a sister. If I had a hot sister, I'd like have hot sex with her every chance I like possibly could." Yohizu declared with enthusiasm.

"That's nice…" Temari said, again with sarcasm.

"Yeah! Well anyways, my master is like waiting for us back at Old Kozi's house. We should like go over there and complete our mission!" Yohizu said with an excited jump.

"Yeah let's save the world!" Ino shouted in joy as she got to her feet.

"And today I get to wear something besides that robe!" Temari asserted her own excited statement at which the other two just stared at her.

The three spent two hours and thirty seven minutes getting ready before leaving Ino and Temari's low cost apartment and heading the distance back to the house owned by the old man Kozi. They arrived and Yohizu once more opened the door. They walked inside.

"Darkness devours the unsuspecting soul!" Kozi shouted in full boom as the girls entered.

Yohizu didn't even stop to greet him, this time, merely offering a polite wave as she walked past toward her Master's room. As the three girls climbed the staircase, Kozi offered even more cryptic words, "The fields are ripe with vegetables of the damned…"

As they reached the top floor, Ino, Temari and Yohizu soon came to face with not only the imposing great and wise Lord Ponybear but also an equally imposing giant swirling green gateway portal thing.

"Oh wow! The path of Treast is so pretty!" Yohizu said in awe.

"Grawllllkrawlllrllllgarrfffhwwwwlllll!" Ponybear called out in indignation.

"Yeah I know Master. I'm sorry were like late. We were like just up so late partying last night, and we didn't wake up till like twelve thirty five and then we spent two hours and thirty seven minutes getting like ready and stuff." Yohizu explained in an apologetic manner to her noble master.

"Rorrrrr… grrrrr krllllr rrrrrrr grllllllll." Ponybear said understandingly.

"Alright Master. I understand." Yohizu said respectfully.

"So what's the plan?" Temari asked, ready.

"We just walk in. Since we can't open the gate ourselves, Lord Ponybear will have to stay here and keep it open for us." Yohizu explained, this time she had already expected to have to repeat her Master's words.

"Alright. Let's go save the world!" Ino cheered.

"Yeah." The other two said in unison.

And thus the three girls headed through the swirling green portal. When she found herself on the other side Temari was quick to make observations of her surroundings. The Dark Shrine really did live up to its name.

It was a large monolithic building that seemed to float suspended on an island surrounded by nothing but darkness. It was as if this was a whole different dimension, different from the world Temari knew. Everything seemed hollow and lifeless; streams of pitch black chakra swirled about the air, touching one of which sent a cold shiver down your spine.

The building itself was cast out of a dark purple metal. It was large, solid and daunting. As she approached the main gate, Temari made the estimate that it was at least twice as tall as Lord Ponybear. What was truly terrifying though, was that this door was already open.

"Wow! This place is awesome!" Ino said in real awe as she looked around the ominous temple.

"I have to admit, I'm impressed as well. You're village must be pretty advanced to make something like this, Yohizu." Temari said as she too marveled at the buildings interior, gazing up at the high metal ceilings and staring at the ominous blue lights that broke the total darkness.

"The village didn't create the Dark Shrine it was created by Zazabiza." Yohizu informed the others.

"Who's Zazabiza?" Ino asked, already adorning the name with majesty as she said.

"Zazabiza is the founder of my village, the Hidden Darkness Village. He was like this great, powerful, ultra cool badass, ninja sorcerer dude who like is said to have single handedly driven off the dwarven hordes and defeated the vampire overlord Masanzi and also like invented the telephone and discovered cashews. Of course all that happened like probably at least fifty years ago... I think." Yohizu explained with pride.

"Oh wow that is so cool!" Ino declared.

"Did Zazabiza create the Orb of Eternal Sealing and the omega-power-blade-stick as well?" Temari asked with curiosity.

"Of course not. The Orb of Eternal Sealing was one of the treasures of Masanzi. It was discovered in the depths of his castle by Jimokai the hero around 27 years ago. By that time Zazabiza had already like died, so the village council deemed that the Orb be sealed in the Dark Shrine which had been built by Zazabiza to house the secrets of his arcane prophecy. And of course you should know by now that the omega-power-blade-stick was forged by the blacksmith of the of a demon god and fed the souls of virgins." Yohizu spoke with her usual quickness.

"Yeah Temari, don't you pay attention?" Ino said critically causing her lover to glare at her.

"Oh right, how could I ever forget that…" Temari said sarcastically.

"Anyways, this place is freakin' huge. How are we supposed to find the orb and this guy so we can save the world?" Ino asked as she looked around the vast empty structure, her voice echoing off the metal walls.

"I have the photocopies, remember?" Yohizu said tauntingly as she pulled a folded piece of paper from her pocket. Unfolding it was seen to contain a detailed map of the shrine.

"Since the door was open, our guy's probably still here. He's been here a while that means so he's probably gotten close to the orb by now. We should follow this path here straight to it and try and get there before he has a chance to do anything." Temari said strategically as she pointed to the map.

"Right." The others nodded in concurrence with the plan.

So the three young girls began the long and winding path toward their destination. Along the way were several doors, all of which seemed to be opened, and spying into the rooms Ino could see they contained nothing except more steams of pure black chakra.

Eventually Temari, Ino and Yohizu had nearly reached their set destination, when the sound of a man's voice echoing off the walls arrived in their ears. It said, "Ha! So this symbol here means that. Then that would mean that that is that and consequently this is that. So then finally, after spending nearly a whole month in this damn foreboding place, I have finally found where it is hidden."

There was a brief silence as the girls picked up their pace in walking toward the door. They worked to make their footwork light in hopes that they would not be heard before hand.

The voice soon continued, "Hmm, seems the council did well in the seals that protect this room." He gave a laugh before giving a large grunt which was followed by the sound of a small explosion and then the sound of thick, hard metal being ripped apart. He spoke again, "Sorry for them, that with this, there's no door I can't enter."

It wasn't long before the girls had caught up to their target, walking into the room through a broken and melted doorway. Ino looked around; of the rooms in the Dark Shrine this was one of the bigger and vaster. In the center of the large room, dimly lit with blue lamps the same as the rest of the shrine, was a large altar at the top of which set a very large emerald green orb that seemed to vibrantly glow. In front of the orb, examining it intently was a man.

This man was certainly familiar. He was tall and well built. His hair was a red-orange and his eyes were a sort of blue-gray that held about them a deep rooted evil. In his hand he held the omega-power-blade-stick tightly; chakra seemed to swirl magically around it.

"Ryukazakimaru! We've found you. We're here to finish what we started two years ago and see it's made permanent this time." Temari declared her challenge.

"Yeah and save the world." Ino added with as much punch.

"Ha! Ryukazakamaru? That is not me but, rather my sworn enemy." The man said with malice in his voice.

"But you look just like him…" Temari said doubtingly.

"No he doesn't Temari. He's like about half an inch shorter and he's got shorter hair and he's like more muscular. It's like rather obvious he isn't Ryukizakimaru." Yohizu said in a forthright way.

"Alright… but who is this guy then?" Temari said noticeably unconvinced.

"Mwahahahaha. I am Konaramaskuyoji Mitumarushime, Ryukuzakimaru's evil twin brother." The man declared with much evil laughter.

All three gasped in unison. Awe crept over Ino's face, terror over Yohizu's and disbelief over Temari's. This last said in her skepticism, "Um, really…?"

"Yes." Konaramaskuyoji affirmed.

"But Ryukizakaymaru didn't have any brothers." Yohizu said in puzzlement.

"I am the true heir to my family's name. I was born before my brother. Yet one day when I was not even a year old I was kidnapped by angry street performers who blamed by father for influencing the council to pass the strict anti-street performance law. They never found me, or even really looked. My family quickly denied my very existence. They already had a spare anyway." Konaramaskuyoji said with pure spite.

"That's terrible." Ino said somberly.

"I know. Can't you see why I curse the world, curse my family, curse my brother? Can't you see my suffering, my anguish? This is why I desired to reclaim my birthright and use it to bring destruction to this world. Ha… ha… mwahahahahahahaha!" Konaramaskuyoji said with heavy dramatics and even more intense maniacal laughter.

"Nah, I was more saying it was terrible that they would pass laws restricting street performers. That's just not fair." Ino explained herself nonchalantly causing a frustrated look to spread on the man's face.

There was brief silence an then a look of conclusion, like she had just solved some great puzzle went across Yohizu's face, "So it was you then? You're the one who has been working from the shadows to bring the Mitumarushime down!"

"Ha ha ha yes! It was I who abducted my brother when I was only nine years old and had his mind derided by the methods of my street performers who I had led to become bandits. It was I who pulled the strings of my uncle Kashiyozumakinara as he led his faction of the family to victory over the faction led my by cousin Romakizabanaki in the very violent and bloody Mitumarushime blood feud." Konaramaskuyoji spoke in his most evil tone.

"But then you got the omega-power-blade-stick and decided it would be the best tool for serving your diabolical evil purpose." Ino said sickened.

"Ah, yes. I was just strolling down the streets of Konoha randomly one day for kicks, celebrating the fact that, my faction having won the feud, I was a little closer to exacting my revenge on the family that had abandoned me, when I suddenly saw some guy polishing the omega-power-blade-stick. The very instrument that was to be my birthright. At that moment I decided I'd buy it from the guy, since I couldn't just take something like that from someone without asking, and use it to unleash terror unto the world." Konaramaskuyoji explained with a despicable excitement.

"Ha, you're not going to terrorize anything. Me, Yohizu and my hot lover are going to kill you now, just like we killed your brother, and save the world." Ino said courageously as she prepared for a fight.

"That's right. We offer no quarter to the evils of the world. Those who wish harm upon this world shall deal with the strength of the wind." Temari said in a suitably heroic tone as she drew the large battle fan off of her back.

"Yup yup. You gonna die." Yohizu said as she bounced up and down several times like a little girl who had had way too much sugar.

"I'd like to see you try and stop me! I will have my revenge! Mwahahahahahahaha!" Konaramaskuyoji shouted like a maniac as he began to twirl the omega-power-blade-stick over his head expertly.

The fight exploded in total fury as Konaramaskuyoji made his first move, leaping forward at Ino with his omega-power-blade stick. As he slashed his weapon forward a powerful purple laser radiated from the tip, disintegrating whatever it so touched. The girls all did well to stealthily avoid the destructive energy.

"Wow that thing seems powerful. When we fought Ryukazakemaru, it was a strong weapon, but now it's even better." Temari said as she tried to formulate a strategy on how to beat Konaramaskuyoji and his weapon.

"The omega-power-blade-stick's power corresponds to and grows with the power of it's wielder. Of course it's going to be more powerful in the hands of someone like Konaramaskuyoji who's spent years leading a group of street performer bandits then it would be in the hands of a complete moron like Ryukuzakemaru." Yohizu said fiercely as she found a battle stance.

Konaramaskuyoji laughed voraciously as he continued to fire his lasers all throughout the room from the tip of his omega-power-blade-stick. Temari managed to dodge all the strikes and soon found the opportunity to release her own attacks, sending several fierce gusts of wind from her powerful fan which caused Konaramaskuyoji to work on his own guard.

While Konaramaskuyoji was fully concentrating on Temari, Ino made her move, running forth to engage the evil man in hand to hand combat. Konaramaskuyoji was becoming hard pressed to keep up his defenses as he was met with fierce gusts and Ino's equally fierce combinations of punches and kicks. There was little room for the man to make any offensive move in fighting his two opponents, thus when he did make one it needed to be something different.

Konaramaskuyoji, whose offensive efforts had shifted to Ino, as he struggled to keep up with the speed of her incessant attacks, momentarily shifted his attention to the more distant opponent. Clasping hard to the omega-power-blade-stick and forcing some chakra deep into the weapon he caused the chain at its center to expand by great lengths, allowing the blade to fly across the room to eventually penetrate deep into an unsuspecting Temari's right shoulder.

"Temari! You bastard! How dare you stick your filthy stick into my hot girlfriend?!" Ino shouted in true indignation as her strikes reached a new level of intensity.

Ino was angry now, and as such she wasn't about to let Konaramaskuyoji avoid her attacks any longer. She made her contact and began to assail the despicable man with her fists and her kicks. Finding it hard to control her fan now that her shoulder wasn't moving without severe pain, Temari charged forth to join her beloved, attacking the man who had sliced open her shoulder with her legs and pain free arm.

Konaramaskuyoji crouched in pain on the floor as he felt Ino and Temari's feet slam repeatedly into his chest, stomach, spine, and head with as much might as they could muster. After only minutes of this cruel torture he resigned himself to the fact that even with the omega-power-blade-stick's power, he was simply no match for the fury of two pissed off lesbian girls.

"I-I'm sorry. Please stop. Please I won't be bad anymore. Just don't kick me to death. It hurts too much." Konaramaskuyoji begged pathetically.

Ino and Temari both kicked him a few more times as they were quite pissed off, before showing such mercy as to stop their assault on the now belittled man. Ino decided to ask, "Okay, so you learned your lesson? You'll forgive everyone, you'll return the omega-power-blade stick, and you'll stop trying to destroy the world?"

"Yes, yes. I see the error in my ways. I promise I am hereby forever changed." Konaramaskuyoji declared hesitantly.

"Alright then it looks like we just saved the worl-" Ino started in an excited voice.

"I wouldn't say that just yet, young one. Your struggle is just beginning." A familiar cryptic voice cut her off to say from behind them.

Everyone turned at once to see the speaker of these words; they were alarmed at what they saw. Standing there was a short frail looking old man. He was bald on the top of his head but had a long white beard and equal length hair. He wore extensive pure white robes.

"Old Kozi?!" Ino said in shock and confusion.

"No you're Grand Elder Kamizakunarakamito. What is the leader of the village doing here?" Konaramaskuyoji asked at a loss for words.

"Hey I never noticed Old Kozi looked like the grand elder. That's kinda strange." Yohizu said in an intrigued way.

"I am not Kamizakunarakamito and the identity of Kozi is purely fabricated… in truth, I am Kozihiromosikamisanzogogairensaikaji, evil twin brother of your exalted grand elder." Old Kozi said giving an evil laugh at the end.

"I can't believe that! Old Kozi, you've always been so nice to us. You were our dear friend! You can't be evil! No..." Yohhizu said with frantic hope.

"It was all a clever facade... Tell me do you all wish to hear the truth?" Kozi asked with a twisted smile.

"Uh, sure; why not?"Temari said apathetically, somehow wondering how much more insane and contrived the plot could possibly become.

"Alright then I'll tell you. My brother and I are the sons of the great founder of the village, Zazabiza. Despite the fact that we were twins, he was always better than me at everything, he was smarter, stronger, more creative, better at getting girls, and overall just more likable. It really freakin' pissed me off. So for the past 80 years of my life I have been silently concocting a plan to exact revenge on my brother... by destroying the world with the power of the Orb of Eternal Sealing and the omega-power-blade-stick." Kozi explained with a bitterness to his words.

"But that doesn't even make sense. He's your brother, and isn't going so far to destroy the world a little much just because your jealous? Oh and if all you wanted was the orb and the stick how come it took you so long?" Ino asked in puzzlement.

"Nothing makes any sense in this story, love. You just need to learn to deal with it." Temari said with a callous sigh.

"There were so many steps required to obtaining what I wanted. The omega-power-blade-stick was easy enough, all it required of me was to defeat a Mitumarushime heir. The orb was more difficult, to obtain that you must come here, to the Dark Shrine. In order to go to the Dark Shrine you must first acquire the Stone of Zakimaska and the Rite of Jo and open The Path of Treast. On top of that, it is impossible to accurately navigate the Dark Shrine without the Map of Yarnazki (or at least photocopies). Unfortunately as it was, the stone the rite and the map, are all treasures of the village reserved only to the exalted and noble high council, and since they all like worship my stupid brother, they all hate me." Kozi explained, acridity remaining in hie voice, especially as he talked of his brother.

"Oh then... gasp, you've been behind everything all along." Yohizu said in real shock.

"Ha Ha Ha HA Ha H Ha a. Yes, it was I who originally submitted the name of that oaf Ponybear for nomination to the High council. it was I who led him to the river the day he met you, Yohizu. It was I who actually pressured the council to pass the anti-street performer law while seeing that it was blamed on the Mitumarushime. It was I who sold you, Konaramaskuyoji, to the angry street performers when you were an infant. It was I who made the suggestion to the council that Yohizu be Ryukezakimaru's bride. It was I who suggested that he be exiled and Ponybear assigned to watch over him. I then adopted the identity of the senile old man Kozi so as I could stay close without being suspected of anything. It was then I who led Ryukizakimaruu to the forest both days when he fought you two. It was I who, actually orchestrated the Mitumarushuime blood feud so as to draw you into the open, Konaramaskuyoji. It was then I who,made sure that you passed by the shed where the omega-power-blade-stick was held that one random day you were in Konoha. I knew you would claim the stick for your own and, that you would use it to go to the Dark Shrine without realizing you needed the Map of Yanazki. I then knew that the council would want the omega-power-blade-stick recovered and that they would be willing to give Ponybear any tool necessary for that purpose. So I just waited patiently until the Path of Treast had been opened for me and followed you inside and then straight to the orb." Kozi explained in a very evil way.

"M-my, my, my whole life is a lie..." Konaramaskuyoji said trembling with hopelessness.

"What did you do to my Master?! He should have been at the gate protecting it... father..." Yohizu said sounding as distressed as you'd ever expect her to.

"I am the son of Zazabiza, there are few ninja who can stand up to my might." Kozi said with pride.

"H-he's not.. he's still a-alive, right? Please tell me he's alive!" Yohizu said crying loudly, her face dripping with tears. Ino moved over at this and wrapped her into a warm comforting hug.

"Actually, I couldn't really tell. He's so damn big I couldn't even tell if he was still breathing or not." Kozi said with little emotion.

"Old Kozi you are like a fucking bastard, and I am going to like kill you now." Yohizu said, dead serious with scorn ingrained in her face.

"No! Stand down girl, I will fight this man." Konaramaskuyoji said angrily as he gripped the omega-power-blade stick tightly and charged forth with rage in his heart toward the old man.

Old Kozi dodged the attack with incredible ease, moving faster than any eyes could see. Than with a quick powerful movement he forced Konaramaskuyoji's hands to release the omega-power-blade-stick. Seconds later with another untraceable motion he made his attack; when the girls were able to see what was going on again, the omega-power-blade-stick was sticking straight through Konaramaskuyoji's chest. Kozi applied some chakra into the stick and in moments a purple blast radiated forth and Konaramaskuyoji had exploded into thousands of tiny pieces which slowly disintegrated in the atmosphere.

"Oh my god... you really are a sick bastard." Temari said at a loss for words at the display of violence she had just seen.

"Lover, we absolutely have to stop this insane, psycho, evil bastard. We have to save the world." Ino declared as determinant as ever.

"Really, there is no hope of defeating me. With this stick, not even my fool of a brother would have hopes of defeating me. HA HAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Kozi said with real malevolence. He pushed some chakra through the omega-power-blade-stick and soon the room was filled with powerful mass of purple chakra.

"Alright, let's get him Ino." Temari said without hesitation, finding she was able to move her injured shoulder again.

"No! You two like protect the orb. I must avenge my master." Yohizu demanded as she began a long series of strange handsigns.

"Alright." Ino said somberly as she moved toward the Orb at the back of the room.

'Ino, no. We can't abandon Yohizu. She's our friend, and we had hot sex with her last night. Can't you see that if we leave her alone she will die?" Teamri shouted after her lover.

"Relax lover. I trust Yohizu not to die. Besides, I'm really curious as to what she can do... that and I know for a fact we don't stand a chance of surviving." Ino said softly, somberly as she continued toward the Orb, Temari reluctantly began to follow.

"Oh, so a little girl, a mere pawn in my plan, thinks she can stand in the way of this ultimate power. Ha. " Kozi laughed in Yohizu's face as the giant masses of purple chakra began to radiate laser beams in Yohizu's direction.

Yohizu with surprising skill managed to evade all the laser beams while still concentrating on her handsigns. She soon smiled as she finished the sequence, declaring, "This is the technique passed down to me by my master and father the great Lord Ponybear, and was passed down to him by his father the legendary hero Jimokai to whom it was passed down to by his father, who's name I don't really know. But anyways, prepare to like meet the wrath of my apocalypse shadow dragon's claw jutsu."

Suddenly pure black chakra began radiating out of Yohizu's body, what's more the natural black chakra of the shrine began collecting all around her. Soon her body was completely obstructed from sight, veiled completely in the chakra which took the shape of some sort of dragon like demonic thing with really big claws.

"Damn. Who would have ever guessed Yohizu would be capable of a technique like that..." Temari said in awe.

"I'm pretty sure the Shrine is helpin' her out, but it still pretty badass. " Ino replied, equally shocked.

"Oh wow, this is like fucking sweet. It's never been this good before. It's like so awesome and stuff." Yohizu's voice penetrated the black veil just as sweetly and cutely as it always was.

The fight began once more. Demon Dragon Yohizu was still slower than omega-power-blade-stick wielding Old Kozi but in terms of power and range they were now on par. The laser beams were continually being guided at the shadow cloaked girl yet seemed to, in the rare instances they hit do nothing but slightly chip away at the shadowy veil. Yohziu's own claw attacks rarely hit the old man as well, but the few times they did he was forced to his knees in real pain.

The battle had gone on for a great while; Yohizu's cloak was much thiner now then at the start, Kozi's body was largely torn up by Yohizu's claws. Old Kozi gave another laugh as he suppressed his pain and held his omega-power-blade-stick tightly. He said in hard breaths, "I have to admit, you are a worth opponent. But my power is limitless."

Then suddenly he forced a massive amount of chakra into the omega-power-blade-stick. A giant sized ball of purple chakra formed above Yohizu's head. Then in an instant a billion laser beams poured out of the ball and all found Yohizu. When things were clear again, Yohizu was on her knees, bruised and in terrible pain, her shadows completely dispersed. She soon fell to the floor face first.

"Damn. We have to do something Temari! We have to save the world now or never!" Ino said forcefully.

"Yohizu was our last shot at this. You saw what he did to her. We're useless here." Temari said with melancholy.

"No, Yohizu weakened him for us. Now it's our job to land the finishing blow!' Ino declared enthusiastically.

"Ino you know theres not an attack strong enough in either our arsenals to take this guy out." Temari argued realistically.

"Yeah but what if we use a tool? What if we use something powerful to stop him?"Ino asked with hope in her voice.

"That's fine, but we don't have anything like that right now." Temari shot back.

"Yeah we do, we have this." Ino said as she held up th Orb of Eternal Sealing.

"Yeah, but we can't open it without the Omega-power-blade-stick. And doesn't everyone assume it's evil anyway." Temari continued to argue for their hopelessness.

"Yeah but even if we don't open it's still like really hard and solid and stuff, and pretty damn heavy too." Ino said with a smile.

"So? How does that help?' Temari asked confused by her lover's plan.

"You'll see. Just throw it upward at a 47 degree angle as hard as you can when I tell you.:" Ino said decisively.

"Uh, okay..." Temari sighed.

Ino walked back toward Kozi who still was on his knees collecting himself after his difficult fight with Yohizu. In a cocky tone the girl spoke, "Don't think your done yet. Yohizu was just the first, you still got me to fight!"

"Ha, foolish girl. Your friend fought well, but that is only because the shrine was on her side. You however stand no chance of defeating me. My plan, which has cost me 80 years of my life shall come to it's triumphant end here today. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAH!" Kozi said evilly as he got to his feet and powered up his stick again. Orbs of chakra formed all around the girl.

"Now Temari, do it now!" Ino shouted as she began to race toward Kozi at high speeds.

"Um, alright...?" Temari said still deeply confused, though nevertheless following orders and launching the large orb forward with all her might at the designated angle.

It flew forward rapidly until it landed in Ino's hands. She gave a hard jump into the air and then with the greatest force she could muster she launched the solid heavy orb straight at Old Kozi's bald head. A weakened and unsuspecting Kozi failed in noticing the orb until it was tool ate, and with a crash the orb of Eternal Sealing connected in it's target, crushing Old Kozi's skull and thus his plans forever. He fell forward, dead on the spot, the omega-power-blade stick flew straight up into the air as his dead hands released it.

"That was your plan?!" Temari said in complete shock.

"Sure was. Tell me, who's brilliant?" Ino boasted.

"A heavy object to head? That has to be the most anti climactic end to a final battle ever." Temari said with indignation.

"Well, it worked didn't it? We won, we saved the world, lover." Ino said with relief and elation..

Then suddenly, the omega-power-blade-stick came back down. Blade first the powerful weapon landed, piercing straight through where the Orb of Eternal Sealing where it had come to rest.

"Oh my god no! What have we done?! We were supposed to save the world but now, now..." Ino said with strained emotion as she watched the green orb slowly crack in half.

"Calm down love. No one knew what this thing does, remember? There's a good chance it's not actually evil." Temari said optimistically as the orb completely split and a giant ball of green energy slowly floated upwards.

"B-but, but... look at it. It's so... ominous, it's obviously evil! Everything we ever cared about is going to die!" Ino cried out dramatically; Temari remained skeptical.

"I'm not so sure... look it's forming into something..." Temari said with a sigh as she observed the green ball, which slowly began to concentrate into a solid shape.

Ino and Temari watched as the large ominous ball of pulsating green light took the shape of a tiny little man. This man, who was only about a foot tall had a beard that went down to is feet, and wore an oversized green hat.

"What the.. hell? What in the... who in the hell are you?!" Temari asked completely taken aback by this odd character.

"Hot damn! Well I'll be! Finally outta dat God-fersakin orb... I be Zogluif and ai'm the right damn barzacai of Mantroja, ya here." The strange little man said in a very peculiar, very excited way.

"Um... okay...?" Temari said completely and totally freaked out.

"So which of ya litta missies be the one who broke me outta dat hell'a prison?" The bizarre Zogluif asked.

"Ooh, ooh! It's me, I did it." Ino said excitedly.

"Well a'right then. I thank ya humbly miss fer my freedem. As a litta reward fer helpin' me I'll be given ya a wish fer anythin' you desire." Zogluif said courteously.

"Oh wow... So does this mean you aren't going to destroy the world?" Ino said awestruck.

"I can, if dat be yer wish."Zogluif said happily.

"Oh no. I like the world; it has Temari. Please promise me you won't destroy the world!" Ino said with passion.

"Is dat yer wish?" Zogluif asked jovially.

"No that would be a lame wish, since you don't plan on destroying the world probably anyway. No my wish has to bee something cool... it can be anything, right?"Ino said contemplatively.

"Dat's right! There's nuthin 'mpossible fer the barzacai of Matroja." Zogluif declared gleefully.

"Alright, I think I know what I'm going to wish for... So do I just say it, or what?"Ino said smiling wickedly.

"No. Jus' be comin' down 'ere where I can see ya good." Zogluif said with his own far more innocent smile.

Ino followed the order, dropping to the ground so that she was face to face with the tiny little man. Zogluif put his miniature arms to Ino's forehead, there were several flashes of green light before he spoke, "There. Yer wish be granted missy."

"Seriously? Thank you!" Ino said with hear happiness. Then she noticed that Zogluif's colors were becoming faint; he was fading. Ino cried, "Zogluif. What's happening to you?"

"We Mantrojans ain't suited ta a world like this 'un, even if we are the barzacai. We can't last long 'ere" Zogluif said contently.

"No! Does this mean you are going to... die?" Ino said emotionally.

"It be the sorry truth. But hell I ain't sad by it. Dyin's a hella a lot better than bein confined to dat damn orb dat Mazani fella put me in."Zogluif said, he still smiled.

"Oh Zogluif. I'm so sorry. I'll always remember you." Ino said with tears.

"Goodbye missy. I wish ya'll 'appiness." Zogluif said warmly as he faded away into the air.

"Oh Temari, it's so sad! Why do good people have to die?" Ino said with dramatics as she rushed over and draped herself around her girlfriend.

"Wow, that has to have been the weirdest damn thing I've ever seen. I'm at a complete loss for words." Temari said still shocked at what ahd taken place before her eyes.

"Temari, please, be more respectful..." Ino said somberly as she cried into Temari's shoulder.

"I am kinda curious as to why you didn't consult me at all for your wish. I mean, didn't I help free that thing as well?" Temari asked earnestly.

"I already had a good wish picked out. I didn't need your help." Ino said, suddenly becoming her normal self again yet continuing to hug Temari.

"Oh, so what was your wish? What crazy sort of thing did you do?" Temari asked bracing for anything Ino might throw at her.

"You're pregnant." Ino said as simply as possible.

"Wha?! What did you just say?!" Temari was completely taken aback as she forced the girl off of her.

"You're carrying my child, Temari." Ino said bluntly.

"You're joking. Ino, you couldn't actually..." Temari started nervously.

"You don't want my baby Temari? I thought you loved me..." Ino said in all seriousness.

"I do Ino... it's just couldn't you have given this a little more thought? I mean we don't even live together permanently yet." Temari seemed a little scared.

"Yeah Maybe someone should finally do something about that..." Ino said rather pointedly.

"And also, why am I the one who gets pregnant? You think it's alright to just impregnate me without asking?" Temari asked, looking and feeling cornered.

"I'm pregnant with your child as well." Ino said with a slight laugh.

"S-seriously...?" Temari let out surprised.

"Yep. We're going to have a nice happy family together, my lover." Ino said letting her excitement finally escape.

"I can't believe you, Ino..." Temari said with a sigh, though she too soon began to smile at her lover's face.

Suddenly a rather loud yawn sounded from the floor. Ino and Temari turned their attention to witness Yohizu awaken. The girl spoke sleepily as she opened her eyes and saw the outlines of the other two, "Oh wow. I was like out. So what like happened guys?"

"Me and Temari killed Old Kozi and saved the world, then we broke the Orb of Eternal Sealing and unleashed this noble and pure soul, Zogluif, who sadly sacrificed his small life so that me and Temari could impregnate each other." Ino explained in a fluctuating tone.

"Wow Really? You two are having babies together?" Yohizu seemed absolutely delighted at this news.

"Yup we sure are." Ino nodded excitedly.

"That's awesome. That's like such a mature and adult thing to do. I like want to have babies too." Yohizu sad with cheer.

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea." Temari said while picturing what Yohizu's mothering skills might be like, cringing at the thought.

"Do you think Shikamaru would let me have his babies?" Yohizu asked inquisitively.

"Uh, maybe, why don't you ask him just like that." Temari said sarcastically with a light laugh.

"Alright." Yohizu said with a smile.

"We saved the world. We should probably be going home." Ino said with pride.

"Yeah, let's hurry. I like need to make sure my master's safe." Yohizu said as the three ran off in the direction they came, the omega-power-blade stick recovered and in Yohizu's hand. Following the twisting corridors of the Dark Shrine, the girls soon found their way back to the entrance and were delighted to see that the Path of Treast was still open.

Lord Ponybear was injured by Kozi, yet managed to survive easily. He was treated and returned to the Hidden Darkness Village where he continued to faithfully serve on the exalted and noble high council. Yohizu chose to instead settle down in her second home of Konoha, moving into Ino and Temari's old apartment. She managed with much incessant pestering to finally force Shikamaru into dating her. She remained close friends and occasional sex buddies with Ino and Temari.

Ino and Temari moved in to what had been Old Kozi's house. It was in bad shape, but with a bit of work they managed to fix it up into a kinda nice place. Temari upon asking, was given a position as an ambassador of her village in Konoha and was able to come to live with Ino. They gave birth to two beautiful daughters, whom they named Inoko and Yuzuki. The four of them would spend their days together happily.

Gazing back at how they had discovered their happiness, Ino and Temari could only marvel at how they had discovered the power of true love within those shadows of darkness..

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