Blitz Magnum: Ace Attorney

By Brad Wolf

[Wright and Co. Law Offices

September 23, 4:15

This was Blitz's first day at the Wright and Co. Law Offices. He was a prodigy back at the academy, and couldn't let himself get too nervous. He graduated at the head of his class, so why was he so anxious about being at Wright and Co? It was only one of the most prestigious law firms, with over 100 defense attorneys working there. Funny how, in the beginning, Wright and Co. was a small firm, barely heard of until that famous Arroyo case, where Greg Arroyo was seen murdering his wife by a busload of eyewitnesses, had his prints on the weapon, and had confessed to the police. Still, Phoenix Wright insisted he was innocent, and defended him, anyway. It's still not clear how, but Phoenix not only won, he also managed to convict the prosecutor of the crime. This was the reason Blitz had decided to work at Wright and Co. Ever since he was a young boy, Blitz wanted to defend the innocent, solving cases and defending the accused at the age of 6. When his father was wrongly convicted of murder, Blitz decided that he would fight to defend innocents from the dark side of the law.

Blitz thoughts were interrupted by a harsh, female voice on the intercom over the door.

"Would a Mr. Blitz P. Magnum, please go to Mr. Wright's office," It shrilled.

Blitz slowly walked over to the door, out of the waiting room. He stumbled towards the room with the word "Wright" on the door. Slowly, he turned it, and walked in.

"Ah, Mr. Magnum, please have a seat." The gray-haired Mr. Wright commanded.

"uh…yes, sir." Magnum quivered.

"Please, call me Phoenix," He said, with a smile. As Blitz sat down, Phoenix ruffled some papers.

"Now, since you're new here, I've got just the case for you," He continued.

"What's the case, sir…Um, I mean, Phoenix?" Blitz asked, shyly. This was the famous Phoenix Wright, after all.

"It seems that a girl was impaled on a sharpened baseball bat. The defendant is a Mr. Gambi." He groaned.

"Joey Gambi, the famous baseball player?" Blitz asked, in disbelief. "But, sir, why are you giving me this case?"

"Because, I know that the prosecutor is a certain Max Payne, who will be perfect for you."

"I…I won't disappoint you, sir!"

"I know, Mr. Magnum, now get going."

To Be Continued…