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Summary: After George attempted suicide after the death of his twin, the Weasley family decides to give him a potion to forget everything about Fred and help him get over his misery. Until the 23 of May 2004…

A.N. This chapter will be kind of short but if you are interested in this story the next ones will be longer. I promise:)


George smiled as his last client left happily from Weasley Wizard Wheezes. Thinking how much he loved his job he started putting the money away and clean the shop for the next laborious day.

It's only been seven years since the war had ended but even if none dared to forget how the war had started, their only fear to make the same mistakes they done so long ago, everyone seemed to slowly forget the past and the terrors they had been through and decided to just live the day.

George Weasley himself was one of those people. Even if he was just 26 year old he did remember the war as he had been a member of the Order of the Phoenix, trying to put an end to Voldemort's rein of terror. He was glad no one of his family died in the Last Battle and that now every one of them was having the perfect and calm life they always desired.

And he was happy too. He truly was. Just a year before he had met the woman of his life, the only one who made him feel complete. Because until the day he met Daphne Jones he felt empty, as if something was missing. Something truly vital to him but that he couldn't really put his finger on…

Daphne made all the mysterious pain stop. Her smile and twinkling eyes. Her courage and her past of a troublemaker were balanced with his own calm, silent exterior self. They were made for each other, he knew, and he planned to ask her to marry him one day…

Suddenly the door bell sounded again and knocked him out of his thoughts.

"Sorry, we're closed!" he said, not looking up from the counter he was cleaning. Hearing someone giggle he stared up surprised at his older brother Percy. Seeing the man wide smile he couldn't help himself asking:

"Hey, what's up?"

Percy just shrugged.

"Hi, Fr-George…" Percy said, blushing a little at his slip of the tongue. George, however, didn't seem to notice and went inside to the back room to get his coat. Percy sighed and put a white envelope on the counter. "So, how's business?" the older of the two said then, loud enough, making sure his brother heard. Just then George's head popped back with a smile on his handsome face.

"Good! Perfectly well, I'll add…" George said putting on his coat. Just then his eyes fell on the envelope and he took it in his hands. "What's this?"

"Harry made The Step…" Percy simply said, his eyes twinkling. George stared curiously at him then he grinned.

"No!" he exclaimed.

"The wedding will be held the 30th of May and that…" he pointed at the white envelope, "…it's your invitation…."

"Fuck…" George stated simply and opened the envelope and he saw with his own eyes that Percy was not joking. "She's going to marry…"

Percy just smiled and stared at George happy face. His hearts ached a little at the thought of another as equally happy face, so similar to the one before him, and for a moment all the joy for Ginny's incoming marriage faded away. George read the invitation unsuspecting and Percy couldn't understand how he forgot everything, how they agreed him to forget.

'Oh, Fred…' Percy thought, 'I wish…'

"What is it, Perce?" George started then, noting the sudden change of emotion on his brother face. Percy looked at him surprised and for a moment, just a moment, he hoped it was Fred the one he was talking to and that George was somewhere else in the shop making sure everything was in place, as the two once used to do. But the one making the question was George and he was the only one who couldn't remember he had a fallen hero for brother, a twin, the other part of him. Percy planned many times to tell George the truth but when he came face to face with his younger brother all the courage disappeared, because, unlike seven years ago, George was truly happy now. The day of the attempted suicide always came back to him and the thought of that happening again made him stop planning, even for just a day or two. He knew everyone was living in a lie but he couldn't risk losing another brother again…

"Perce?" George started again, truly worried now.

"It's…" Percy started and cleared his throat. He tried to smile, as he always did when he blacked out before George, something that happened often and said: "I was thinking when Ginny was little…"

"Yeah…" George calmed down and smiled again, "It's feels like yesterday the day she was born, right? And now she's a woman, getting married…"

"I feel old…" Percy said and George laughed, patted him on the back and made his way out of the shop. Percy stayed where he was and looked around the place:


"Yeah?" the younger brother stopped in his tracks and looked at Percy questionably.

"I want to work here with you…" Percy stated, "You're awful with numbers and I'm not, so I… I could be your book keeper, you know? But only if you want, George, and…"

George smiled softly at him.

"Sure, Perce… I would like some company…" he said, "And as you stated, I'm awful with numbers…" Percy laughed and embraced his brother tightly.

"May I stay in your apartment tonight?" Percy asked suddenly. "So we can apparate to the Burrow together tomorrow morning…"

"Sure…" George said, "But, you know, don't ask me to bring you breakfast in bed. First of all, I can't cook…"

"No problem, I prefer not to be poisoned first thing in the morning…" Percy joked as they stepped outside the shop, making George laugh. All of a sudden George stopped smiling and looked at Percy strangely:

"It does always disconcert me why I have two beds upstairs..." Percy avoided his eyes but didn't comment. "… one beside the other, you know? But I can't bring myself to throw it away…"

"Maybe you hoped I will come and live with you one day…" Percy started, smiling a little. George laughed:

"No way, a night okay, but a lifetime with your books all around the place? That would be suicide!" George laughed, seeing the serious face Percy was sending his way he laughed even more, unsuspecting that it was for the 'suicide' comment. "I'm joking, Perce! Jeez! You are too touchy sometimes!"

"No, I'm not!"

"Yes, you're too… now let's go and get something to eat, I'm starved!"