Chapter 1

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Bad Girl

Present Day Tokyo...

Sesshomaru, Taiyoukai to Western Japan sat in his office talking with the American taiyoukai. "I'll conference you in, but I warn you if Muraco answers, you're in for a shock.", Andrew Beeson told Sesshomaru. Andrew could just visualize Sesshomaru's face if she answered and started chatting him up, he hid back a grin and pushed a few buttons.

"Hello?", a smokey, but very feminine voice answered the phone. Sesshomaru felt a frisson of a reaction to it. "Maruco, It's Andrew Beeson, where's Kohana?", he said, cursing his luck. "Why, Andy, you don't want to talk to me?", she pouted, laughed a little and said, "My brother and all my other keepers are off with their mates. Why would they want to hang with me, when they have all that? So," she said, suddenly all business, "Who, what , where, and how soon?"

"I'll handle this.", a deep baritone broke in to the conversation. "Who are two rat youkai; what is kidnapping, rape and murder; where is Tokyo; how soon- right now.", Sesshomaru said, tone with an icy edge to it. "Yes. my Lord." was the quiet response. " We will be there no later than sixteen hours from now. Lord Beeson will give you contact particulars, am I excused?", she responded in kind. ""You are dismissed.", he snapped, irritated with the unseen female youkai he had just spoken with.

They both heard the click as she hung up. Andrew chuckled into the phone, "I warned you how she is. I let her get away with it because she's the best of the best. That's saying something", he said, dropping his bomb shell, "considering that she's a human."

"She's a WHAT?", Sesshomaru seethed through the phone.

"You asked for the best. I'm giving it to you. That human woman has brought down more youkai than I'd like to admit. She has laid her life on the line for everyone of the demons she's assigned with. I'm telling you now if you refuse to work with her, they will mutiny, and you will have one hell of a fight on your hands."

Sesshomaru had no choice, his people had been unable to catch these bastards, and he had heard of this group from the British taiyoukai. He sighed inwardly, he had been cornered into this, "Send me the contact particulars, and I'll send the information." , he said, "She better be as good as you say." It was widely known what Lord Sesshomaru's feeling towards humans were.

Andrew Beeson laughed and gave Sesshomaru the information he required and hung up. He wondered how he would react to meeting her, thinking of the beautiful young woman, her sex appeal was legendary here. Youkai and human alike pursuing the Ice Queen as she was called.

Twenty-four hours later...

Sesshomaru's private line rang in his office. "Yes", he answered.

"It's done.", a gruff male voice answered, "We need a doctor now, he needs to be youkai, but one that can treat humans as well. Tell him hurry, Maruco's been shot."

He could hear near panic in the youkai's voice, and said, "Tell me where you are. I'll have one there in ten minutes." He hung up, made a few calls, then made one last one.

The private line rang three times when Andrew Beeson picked up, "She's been shot. How bad it is I don't know, but will call you when I find out.", he said without preamble.

Andrew was stunned, "Thank you, Sesshomaru. Do what you can and send her home. I owe her a lot, she saved my daughter's life."

It dawned on him just who this woman was. "This is the one who went in after that rattlesnake youkai, who kidnapped you daughter?", he asked.

"Yes, I told you I was sending you the best. My daughter is never going to forgive me for this.", he responded and ended the call.

Twelve hours later...

Sesshomaru stood in his office, back to the door, and bade enter in answer to the knock. Dr Takumi bowed to him as he came in. "Tell me.", he said, without turning.

" The youkai will be fine, even the female wolf demon that was being held by the rat youkai.", he said, "The human, it's touch and go. If she makes it, she will probably be paralyzed. She was shot in the stomach, close range, with an armor piercing bullet, it went through and is lodged in her spine. I stabilized her and they took her home. The Grizzly youkai told me she dove in front of the captive youkai to keep her from being shot, and that she wasn't wearing armor." He shook his head, "Such a shame, so young and pretty, to do this kind of work. Now, she'll be changed forever. May I go now, my Lord? I need to go say a prayer for her."

Sesshomaru spun around and said, "When did you start thinking prayer could help anyone?"

The doctor looked at him and said, "Today, I met a real angel. She is fighting for her life, after risking it for a youkai she doesn't know. How many humans do you know that would do that? If there is a God, he needs to save her, she deserves to live."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at him and said, "You are dismissed." He picked up the phone," Andrew, they are on their way. According to my doctor it doesn't look good. Please keep me posted, I would thank her for what she did."

Forty-eight hours later...

Sesshomaru's private line rings again. At his answer, Andrew Beeson said, "She died two hours ago. I'm taking her ashes to be spread on the Sioux reservation she grew up on. I have to go my mate and daughter are inconsolable." Sesshomaru could hear a young pup crying in the background. He hung up.