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Chapter 14- Epilogue

Suddenly they heard, "Knock, knock. We want to see our nephew and niece. Can we come in now?", an effeminate male voice asked. Sam smiled at Sesshomaru, "Well, looks like you are going to meet John. I'm guessing that's how you found me, probably with Kohana's help, huh?" Sesshomaru started at the question, but nodded yes.

John thrust the covering aside and came in. Followed by Nikki, Chumani, Jeremy and the wolf.
Suddenly Sam is surrounded by everyone looking at the pups. John was ecstatic, "Look how beautiful. I always knew you'd have pretty babies. Now I can say I have the prettiest niece and nephew in the world."

Nikki took the girl from Sam, and said, "What are you naming them?" Sam looked at Sesshomaru.

"The boy will be Katsuro, because he was born to us after victory. The girl will be Ami, being only second in beauty to her mother.", he said. Sam blushed at the look he gave her. John let out a long, dramatic sigh.

Then the wolf stepped forward and shocked everyone there. He looked to Sesshomaru and spoke, "You've chosen wisely, Sesshomaru. Now I'll explain how they came to be full demon, and not hanyou, even though they have human blood."

"Your Daibo was right when she said that I was the one who followed your father. I am the embodiment of the small amount of youkai left behind when one dies. I am a little bit of all of your ancestors, Sesshomaru. I helped your father choose your mother as his mate, and stayed long enough to ensure a pup was born from the mating."

"Part of my purpose is to ensure survival of our species. On occasion we are drawn to one who is not our species, Sam is one of those. I found her, fighting off a mountain lion. She was about three at the time, she had great courage. She stood in front of that thing and pelted it with rocks, until it turned tail and ran. I attached my self to her, and taught her. She has always understood me, just as Jeremy does now."

"When Sam and Kohana merged their blood, she became stronger and soon she was training. When I could teach her no more, I left her. I told her I would return when she needed me, but I knew I would come back to make her a youkai. I came to her, knowing the timing was right, and during the battle found a way to mix our blood. What went into Sam that day was the essence of a youkai."

"That's why your pups are full demon. She had started transforming before you mated. Mating her only accelerated the process. Treat her well, Sesshomaru, I created her for you. I have always known what you wanted, and why you couldn't find it.", the wolf finished speaking. He turned and looked at Jeremy.

Jeremy stepped forward and knelt in front of Sesshomaru. "Sesshomaru-sama", he said, "I most humbly request the honor of being your apprentice. If you would have me."

Sesshomaru was stunned. He looked at Nikki, who had tears in her eyes, but was smiling. Then to Sam, who gave him a grin. His eyes turned to the bowed head of the boy, and said, "This Sesshomaru will not be easy on you because you are human. I will expect more of you, being the nephew of Maruco."

Jeremy looked at him, "I will do as you demand, my Lord." Sesshomaru nodded his head at him. He could see his chest swelling with pride at being accepted. He wondered what will happen with this boy.

He looked at Sam and said, "This Sesshomaru wishes to go home as soon as possible. I want our pups to be at their home, with their parents and family."

Sam gave him a brilliant smile, all her love shining through it, and said, "That would be heaven, my love."