This is just another of those ideas that popped into my head one day and I decided to write a story about it. This is going to be a four chapter story so I hope you enjoy.

It was a battle-armored warrior versus a gown-wearing princess in a battle to the finish in the Pokemon Stadium. The two femme-fatales had been going at it for quite some time, casually exchanging blows with one another as they battled atop the ever changing arena. However, from the beginning of the battle, the princess known as Peach had noticed something strange with her bounty hunter counterpart. The armor-wearing bounty heroine seemed somewhat distracted during the fight, never really pushing her advantage, fighting just enough to keep Peach on her toes. Though always calculating and cautious, Samus was not one to hold back when she battled.

Skidding back from an impending blast from Samus' arm cannon, Peach voiced her concern to the weapon's wielding blonde.

"Are you okay Samus?" she asked, cocking her head to the left to avoid a missile fired by Samus, "You seem...distracted." she commented

"I'm fine." Samus replied monotonously, deflecting a turnip flung by the umbrella toting ruler

"Are you sure?" she asked, swinging her frying pan toward Samus' helmet

"I said I'm fine." Samus restated, blocking the blow with her arm cannon

The two females pushed against one another, but it was Peach who began to gain ground, which was unusually since Samus was much stronger than she. Then she noticed the way Samus' feet were positioned on the ground and realized too late what the hunter was planning. Letting her weight take her, Samus fell to the ground, grabbing hold of Peach's dress and flinging her up and over toward the edge of the arena. As she flew Samus fired a fully charged Charge Shot her way and with no way to avoid the blast Peach was a sitting duck.

"Ah hell." She muttered before being taken out

"PLAYER DEFEATED!" boomed the announcer, signaling the end of the battle

"Oh…I lost." Muttered Peach for the umpteenth time since she got back to the mansion

Losing the battle was one thing, but being so easily tricked was another. Peach wouldn't easily get over this embarrassing loss. Although, that was not her only concern for the previous battle. Her thoughts drifted between losing pathetically and about how the bounty hunter acted during the battle

"Something is definitely wrong with Samus." She thought, not able to shake off the feeling that Samus wasn't her usual self

Albeit, her usual self consisted of her making smart comments, that bordered on rude, and normally keeping to herself. Now Samus was not a shy person by a long shot, nor was she reclusive. She was simply a person who didn't have a determinable personality or a person who was easy to figure out. Nearly a polar opposite to Peach, who wore he emotions like a hat and was genuine a nice, overly excitable person. This lead the princess to try and recruit Samus as "one of the girls" since she and Samus were of the few females who were currently Smashers.

"We girls gotta stick together." Peach would sometimes say, though Samus had her own reply to that one

"Well I guess I'm out." She would say

Peach just didn't get Samus sometimes.

"She never talks about herself, she almost always shuts herself in her room, and worst of all she hates the color pink. WHO HATES THE COLOR PINK?!" Peach yelled in her head

"Could you please keep your thoughts reasonable." She heard in her head, causing her to jump slightly in surprise

Turning she noticed Mewtwo glaring at her from across the couch.

"Oh…sorry about that, I forgot you could hear thoughts." Peach replied, blushing slightly in embarrassment

"Next time, remember to keep quiet!" He barked before turning his attention back to the TV

His mental exclamation happened to travel to the minds of the other Smashers in the room and they turned to the bickering princess and cat.

"At least Samus isn't as bad as Mewtwo." Peach thought

"I heard that." Muttered Mewtwo

"What are you two talking…er…thinking about?" asked Young Link from his position on the floor, a slight yawn escaping his lips

"Pika, pika, pi pi chu?" asked Pikachu, curious as well while he rubbed his eyes

"Yoshi?" muttered Yoshi, he too awakening from what seemed to be a nap

One could say the common room of the mansion was a great place to sleep, but that's for another time.

"It would seem Peach is having thoughts about Samus and her attitude towards her." Stated Mewtwo

"What kind of thoughts?" asked Bowser, sitting on the couch lazily, a couch which could miraculously hold his phenomenal weight, "Would they be involving anything in a bikini and mud-wrestling?" he asked with a grin


"Perv." Muttered Peach, her frying pan in hand

"Geez, sorry." Bowser muttered, rubbing his sore cheek

"Yeah…so, what's up?" asked Young Link

"Nothing, nothing really. It's just, Samus never says anything." Peach said

"Yeah she does, she talks when I talk to her." replied Young Link, "I mean, she ain't mute."

"That's not what I mean." Peach sighed, "She never talks about herself."

"And you talk non-stop." Replied Mewtwo, "That is simply the bounty hunter's personality." He said

"That's not the point!" Peach yelled, losing her cool for a moment

Everyone in the room took a pause while Peach calmed herself. Peach's emotions were a scary thing. They could change on the fly and if she felt one too strongly they had weird effects. She could bring down the entire mansion if she was mad enough or flood it if she was sad enough.

"All I'm saying is that we hardly know anything about her." Peach replied, breathing deeply to keep herself calm

"What are you talking about?" asked Young Link, "We know all kinds of things about her." He said, "She's a bounty hunter, and has a space ship, and fights evil pirates, and saves the galaxy on a weekly basis!" he proclaimed, "She even blows up a planet from time-to-time!"

"No, I mean about her likes, her dislikes, what she does for fun. Does she have friends or family, what about her past?" Peach asked, "I've asked her countless times and she never tells me anything."

"Maybe because you are intruding on her personal life?" questioned Mewtwo, "Everyone has their own secrets they wish to keep to themselves. You have no right to go snooping." He replied

"Well…maybe, but today, during our match, Samus wasn't acting like her normal self. She was even more reclusive than usual." Peach replied, "My woman's intuition tells me something is wrong."

"Are you sure it isn't just you nosy-nature?" Bowser asked, "Or menopause?"

Peach glared at the Koopa King and he chose not to continue.

"Pika, pika, pi?" asked Pikachu, his natural worry over those he considered allies pushing him to ask about Samus's well being, "Pika, pi?" he asked

"No, she isn't sick…just, something is off." Replied Peach, "I tried asking her during the match, but she said she was fine." She replied, "But I'm not so sure about that. I think I'm gonna ask her again when I get the chance." Replied Peach

"If she does not wish to speak to you, you should not push the matter." Replied Mewtwo

"Oh, what do you know?" she quipped, sticking her tongue out at him

"I know quite a lot." Replied Mewtwo matter-of-factly, "My intellect far exceeds your own, lesser intellect."

"Are you calling me stupid?" she asked

"I didn't have to." Replied Mewtwo

"Why you little freaky cat!" she barked

"I am no mere cat!" Mewtwo barked back, "I am Mewtwo, the world's most powerful..."

"Yeah, yeah, we know, "most powerful pokemon"." muttered Bowser, "Enough already, I can't take you too arguing, especially when I haven't gotten much sleep!" barked Bowser, "I'll go crazy if I hafta listen ta anymore of this.

Peach raised an eyebrow at this, having just noticed something peculiar about the others.

"Actually, now that I notice, you all seem tired." Replied Peach, "Have any of you gotten any sleep?" she asked the group

Having only arrived yesterday, Peach wasn't effected by this strange sleeplessness.

"Well…no." replied Young Link, "Every time I go to sleep I have this weird dream that keeps waking me up." He replied

"Pika, pika, pi pi, pikachu." Replied Pikachu, his answer mirroring Young Link's

"My times of sleep have been short as well, though I already know the reason why." Replied Mewtwo, "It is actually the reason for all of our sleepless nights." He replied

"Which is?" asked Bowser

"Simple." He replied, "If I were to say that all of you have experienced a strange dream that you normally would not have, I would be correct?" Mewtwo asked

Bowser, Young Link, Yoshi, and Pikachu nodded their heads in agreement.

"Could I also venture to ask that this dream has a few factors that are the same throughout?" he asked, "For example, a young blonde female child?" he asked

Bowser, Young Link, Yoshi, and Pikachu nodded their heads in agreement again.

"Now let me ask you, do horrible flashes of traumatic events happen to pop in an out of these dreams?" he asked

Bowser, Young Link, Yoshi, and Pikachu nodded their heads in agreement yet again.

"Now tell me, what conclusion can you come to from my explanation and these dreams?" he asked

"Well, we're all crazy?" Young Link answered

"No." replied Mewtwo

"Pika, pi, pika, chu?" Answered Pikachu

"No." replied Mewtwo

"Yoshi, yoshi, yosh?" answered Yoshi

"No." replied Mewtwo

"This is a big waste of time?" answered Bowser

"No." replied Mewtwo

"You're sensing someone's dreams in the mansion and that's what's keep you up?" Peach answered

"No…I mean yes." Replied Mewtwo, slightly dumbfounded, "How did you figure out?" he asked

"I've dealt with crazy dreams before. Mario once told me he had a crazy dream that involved an evil toad that was allergic to vegetables." She replied, "What really made the dream weird was that the toad lived in a place that was filled to the brim with vegetables. Weird huh?"

"Always knew that plumber was a few wrenches short of a set." Muttered Bowser

"Dreams can be very powerful." Replied Mewtwo, "They also give of signals and the more powerful the dream, the more powerful the signals." He told everyone

"Okay, I get it." Replied Young Link, "I think."

"Pika pi."

"Since these are signals within the mind, I can sense them with my vast and unmatched psychic abilities."

"Modest, ain't he?" quipped Bowser, granting him a giggle from Young Link and Pikachu

"I will ignore the peanut gallery and continue." Mewtwo retorted, "However, these powerful abilities of mine are not without fault, for they work as a two-way street, so to speak. I may be able to sense these signals, however I may also send these signals, much to my displeasure." He replied

"What are you GETTING AT!" roared Bowser, his patience at its rope's end

"Fine then, I will answer for the impatient. Should my mind become overwhelmed with a multitude of powerful signals from the mind, my mind instinctively releases these signals to the outside world in an attempt to lessen the strain caused on my mind from trying to interpret what each signal means. Since these signals do not simply vanish in mid-air they are sent to other minds. Whether they are interpreted or not is not of my knowledge."

"So you're telling me the reason that I haven't been able to get any sleep is because of you and your freaky powers!" roared Bowser, lifting himself from the blessed couch and glaring down at Mewtwo, "I should pound you into paste!" he roared

"I may be the cause, but I am not the originator of the dreams." Replied Mewtwo calmly, undaunted by Bowser's mighty physique

"Then who?" growled Bowser

"We in this room are not the culprits and most of the other Smashers are not in the mansion at this time. However, there is one Smasher not accounted for who I do believe is the true person at fault." Mewtwo replied

"You can't mean…Samus?" Peach asked

"Yes, I do." Replied Mewtwo, "I cannot decipher just what her dreams consist of, but whatever they may be they are very powerful and are the reason we cannot gain any sleep." He replied

"So that means I'm gonna have to have a little talk with Miss Bounty Hunter when she gets back." Bowser replied, "I'll get those dreams to stop."

"I do not believe that an excessive beating will stop this psychological problem." Mewtwo said

"Wait a sec?" asked Young Link, "If you already knew about this how come you didn't stop it?"

"Yoshi yosh?" asked Yoshi as well

"It is not my problem. Besides, I do not need much sleep in order to function properly." Mewtwo replied

"Well normal people do!" Bowser barked

"We Smashers are by no means normal." Replied Mewtwo, "And many of us are not people."

"He has a point there." Peach replied

Yoshi, Young Link, and Pikachu nodded in agreement.

"We're crazy." Replied Young Link, grinning from ear-to-ear

Everyone looked at Young Link for a few moments, perplexed looks on their faces, until they nodded in agreement with him as well.

"He's right. But that's not the point!" roared Bowser, "Where is Aran?! When I see here I'm gonna…"

"You're gonna what?" came a voice

Everyone turned to the common room entrance to see the root of their nighttime insomnia standing right there, armor and all.

"Samus!" cried out Peach, feeling the drapes of dread fall over her, "You're here…"

"Yeah, I am." Samus replied, giving no inclination of her current emotional state

"When did you get back…?" Peach asked, "And how much did you hear?" she mumbled quietly

"A few minutes…a few minutes enough." Replied Samus, her eyes narrowing into a glare

"Well then you should know what's coming next." Growled Bowser, stomping over to the bounty hunter

Samus remained undaunted by Bowser's approach, even though the Koopa King towered over her, forcing her glare upward.

"I don't know what your problems are and I don't give a damn. I'm gonna tell you once. Quit you're crazy dreaming or else."

"Or else what, turtle-breath?"

"Why don't I show you?" he said, clenching his fists, "And it's tortoise-breath!" he barked

"Yoshi!" cried Yoshi, jumping between Samus and Bowser

There'd be holes in the walls if Samus and Bowser got into a rumble and Yoshi was not about to let his friends toss each other around like tennis balls.

"Yoshi, yoshi, yoshi, yosh!" he barked at Bowser

"Get out of my way long neck! She wants some of the Koopa King then she can have some."

"Yoshi, yosh!" he yelled

"Grr…I don't care if she's you friend, she's going down."

"Yoshi, yoshi, yoshi!"

"I'd gladly go through you."


Bowser flinched slightly. Bowser had never known Yoshi to raise his voice to that level, none of the Smashers as a matter of fact. Yoshi was usually a calm creature, as per his nature. But Yoshi would not let Bowser start a fight."

At this point Bowser had some options. He could barrel his way pass Yoshi and assault Samus, immediately causing a fight to break out. But that would involve Yoshi gaining up on him as well and no matter how strong he was, Bowser couldn't handle two Smashers at once and win. His other choice involved him backing down, but Bowser just didn't back down. It was beneath him. Then, he had a third choice. He could make it seem like he was going to back down, saving him the trouble of fighting without making seem like he was wimping out. The Koopa King loved loopholes!

"You're lucky I haven't gotten much sleep our I'd wipe the floor with you." he growled, purposely glaring menacingly at her, "You got off lucky this time Aran." Grunted Bowser before heaving himself back over to the large couch and seated himself, nearly launching Mewtwo and Peach from it

With that settled Yoshi turned to talk to Samus, but the bounty hunter was already half-way up the stairs.


The dino-dragon quickly followed her up the stairs and to her room. He rushed to the door and luckily caught her before she could close the door on him.

"Yoshi, Yosh?" asked Yoshi

Samus turned to him, took of her helmet and glared at him. Unsure of what this gesture meant, Yoshi simple returned her look with a perplexed one of his own.

"I will tell you this once and only once. I don't need your help, or any one else's. I've dealt with my problems in the past before and I will deal with my problems now. So I will ask you to keep your nose out of my business. Got me?" she asked, her tone leaving no room for questioning

Yoshi simply nodded his head in agreement.

Hours passed and the night was soon upon the mansion and the residents of the mansion began to wind down, finishing off dinner and getting ready for bed. Young Link and Pikachu were in front of the tube, rotting what little was left of their brains while Mewtwo floated nearby in a meditative state. Bowser had decided earlier that he was going out for dinner, wanting to blow off a little steam from earlier. Samus was hold up in her room and nobody knew what she was doing or dare to find out. Yoshi had decided to take a nap in a strange place, but this nap had turned into full-blown sleep as the dino had yet to awaken. This left Peach in the kitchen, cleaning up, her mind though not on the sudsy dishes in her hands or the running water of the sink or even the fact that a piece of something made a mad dash for the window, but of the bounty hunter who refused to open up when something was obviously bothering her.

"There has got to be a way for find out what's wrong with Samus. I wish I could just go into her head and...wait a minute…maybe I can."

If there was a national record time for dish cleaning Peach would have broke it. The plates didn't even have time to settle in the cupboards before Peach was in the common room, making her way toward Mewtwo. But before she could pester Mewtwo, the aforementioned cat creature beat her to the punch.

"No." he replied

"But I didn't even ask you anything yet."

"You didn't need to. You're emotional state was so high it was a rather easy, if not annoying task to read you mind and discover what you want me to do."

"Well then if you already know then will you?"

"No. I have told you this already. No." he repeated

"Oh please, we'd be helping out a friend."


"Do it for the moral feeling?"


"I have catnip…"

"No…how much?"

"Let's just say you might want to put a day aside for this." She said

"No…" he muttered

"I'll throw in a ball of yarn."

"You truly think I can be swayed by a simple ball of yarn?"

"How 'bout a week's supply of cream."


"Would you mind telling me what you just conned kitty-boy into doing?" asked Bowser as he made his way inside

"We're gonna help Samus!" she cheered

"I'm gone."

"Oh no you don't, we need you too!"

"You do?" asked Bowser

"We do?" asked Mewtwo

"You do what?" asked Young Link

"Pika, pika?" asked Pikachu

"I've come up with a great idea to help Samus with her problems."

"No, it is a very poorly thought plan that involves me and my powers." Replied Mewtwo, "It most likely will end in failure."

"Then why'd you agree with me."

"I have my weaknesses."

"What's this plan?" Bowser asked

"Well, Mewtwo can go into people's minds right?"

"Yeah." Young Link, Pikachu, and Bowser replied

"So I got to thinking, maybe he can put somebody else's mind into someone's mind."

"Okay." All three replied

"So, if he can put my mind into Samus's then I can figure out what's wrong and help her."

"You're plan is screwed up in so many ways." Replied Bowser

"How?" Peach asked

"Well, one, Samus ain't exactly gonna to be willing ta let you into her head, two, we should let the blonde handle her own problems. I mean, why do we hafta go on a moral quest just for her, especially if we don't get anything out of it? And three, I'm gone." Bowser said, heading for the door

"Wait! I don't want to go alone!" Peach cried out, but Bowser wasn't interested

"Normally I'd jump head over heals ta help you princess, but only when it means that plumber gets his. I don't do charity work." He told her

"Oh…" Peach moaned, feeling defeated, until an idea popped in her head, "Please!" she begged, dropping to her knees and clasping her hands together, "Pretty please?!" she begged, her eyes beginning to tear up

Bowser remained an unmoving tower of determination. He would not be swayed by begging or tears. Nevertheless Peach continued to sniffle, looking like a small child being denied the joys life offered. The others watched in amazement as Peach turned from sniffling and whining to full blow tears.

"Erm…No…uhm…" Bowser muttered, trying to keep his unwavering disposition

But Peach was not making it easy on him and even he felt a little ashamed at himself for refusing, especially in the sad, pathetic shape Peach was in.

"You can't…I won't…I refuse to…" he muttered yet again before an irritated growl left his lips, "…fine…" he mumbled

"Yay!" cried Peach happily, all signs of sadness instantly disappearing from her features

"It must be quite profitable to be able to change emotions on the fly like that." Mewtwo thought

"You guys will help too, right?" Peach asked, turning to Young Link and Pikachu

"Pika!" Pikachu proclaimed more than happy to help the blonde bounty hunter

"Sure." Replied Young Link, curious to the going-ons inside Samus's head

"Good, the team is ready!" Peach announced, "Now Mewtwo, how do we do this?"

"Yeah, kitty-boy, just how does this work?" Bowser asked

Everyone stared directly at Mewtwo, awaiting his explanation while the psychic cat stared back, somewhat annoyed at their stares.

"It is quite simple to project one's mind into another's. However, the one receiving the thoughts of another would most likely be able to sense the intrusion consciously."

"So we do it when she's sleep?" asked Young Link,

"That would be the better plan…though I still do not recommend going into Samus's mind. She may grow angry with our intrusion."

"Sometimes you hafta go against what a person tells you to help them." Peach replied, "So come on, let's get this show on the road."

"Very well…though as I have said before it would be better to wait…" he began


Samus was feeling a little hungry and thought that a snack before bed would be good. However, as she opened her door she nearly tripped over something large at the foot of her door. Looking down she discovered it to be the one and only Yoshi, asleep on the floor.

"Yoshi…" she growled, ready to yell at the creature asleep in front of her

Though her rage cooled as she saw that Yoshi was oblivious to the outside world, lost in whatever dream he was dreaming and even though Samus was still quite annoyed at Yoshi's earlier intrusion she didn't have the heart to kick him out of the front of her door.

"Ugh…" she moaned, stepping over the large creature and making her way to the kitchen

As she came down stairs an uneasy calmness settled on the first floor. She new the others were still down there, she heard their whispers from the top of the stairs, but the strange thing was that nothing was going on. She half expected a large boom to have occurred since the time she locked herself in her room, but it was quiet. And when it was quiet in the mansion that meant something was going on. She slowly made her way down and peaked inside the common room. She saw Peach, Bowser, Mewtwo, Young Link, and Pikachu huddled in the middle, seemingly discussing something. From what Samus could see this looked very suspicious, but Samus couldn't tell what everyone was talking about.

"You can come out of hiding, I know you're there." Replied Mewtwo

Samus didn't give him the satisfaction that he surprised her, so she put on a mask of monotony and walked in, glancing over everyone.

"I wasn't spying, if that's what you think."

"I never said you were." Mewtwo replied, "May I ask why you grace us with your presence?" he asked

Samus could find no hint of an ulterior motive from the sound of his voice. But since this was Mewtwo he could easily mask his thoughts so she thought she would try someone alittle more see through.

"I was just coming down to get something to eat." She said, looking toward Peach, "Hey Peach, mind helping me in the kitchen?" she asked

"Sure." Replied Peach happily, following the blonde fighter into the kitchen

When they were out of earshot Young Link asked…

"Think she heard us?"

"No, but she is suspicious." Replied Mewtwo

Samus knew she had to play this smart if she was going to figure out what everyone was talking about. She had a sinking feeling it was about her.

"So Peach…" she began, trying to think of an opening line, "About before…"

"Oh, you don't need ta apologize, that was totally my fault. I shouldn't have pried and I'm sorry I got everyone else involved. Your problems are your problems and even if we could help, we shouldn't just push and push. So you just relax and don't worry about it. I promise ta never bring this up again; I just want ta know if we're cool." Peach said, "I mean we live under the same roof so we should be as close to friends as we can, which means we need ta know our boundaries and we shouldn't cross those boundaries. So whatever I have done I am sorry for it and I promise it will never happen again."

Samus's jaw remained in the air for a few moments before she actually responded. Peach took the term "long-winded" to new heights.

"Uh…yeah…okay…thanks?" stuttered Samus, unable to retort with a suitable response

Samus sighed inwardly. Like Mewtwo, she could find no sign of an ulterior motive behind Peach's words and if anything, Peach was not one to lie. The problem was that Samus didn't realize that Peach was one to hide the truth.

Time passed and Samus finished her dinner and headed back to her room to go to sleep. The others were simply sitting in front of the television, wasting away so Samus had no need to be suspicious of their activities. Samus climbed the stairs and headed to her room, stepping over the still sleeping form of Yoshi at her door. If anything, the dino-dragon could sure sleep!

Samus lied on her bed, staring up at the ceiling, her mind racing as she thought about the night she would have. Though she didn't need people worrying over her she was still concern about the nightmarish dreams she was having. Never before had they been so vivid. Whether she would admit it or not, something was definitely off and she would have to eventually figure out just what. With a sigh she closed her eyes and let sleep take her, hopefully to a place that wasn't as disturbing as her dreams were.

"Is she asleep yet?" asked an annoyed Bowser

The Koopa King didn't like this one bit. He was not one for charity but he was a sucker for Peach so he was irritated not only for helping Samus but for being suckered into doing it.

"I'm pathetic." He thought

"Yes, yes you are." Replied Mewtwo

"That was a private thought!" roared Bowser

"Whatever…and to answer you question, yes, Samus Aran is indeed asleep."

"Good, so let's get this thing over with." Bowser proclaimed, "The quicker we get this done the quicker I can forget I was ever generous in the first place."

"You shouldn't be so grumpy about it. You should be happy that you're helping someone." Replied Peach

"Yeah…happy." Bowser muttered

"Well then, is everyone prepared?" asked Mewtwo

"How can you be prepared to jump into someone's head?" Young Link asked

"Those without high psychic powers can never be ready, but I am ready enough for the lot of you." Mewtwo replied

"Thank you, I feel so much better now." Quipped Bowser

"Now then, let us proceed." Replied Mewtwo, "Close your eyes and concentrate on Samus."

The Smashers did as they were instructed and closed their eyes and concentrated on the intergalactic bounty hunter. Soon a picture of her was imprinted into their minds and with that Mewtwo was easily able to connect them to the psyche of Samus Aran. With a slight twitch the Smashers instantly fell into a state of REM-sleep, consciousness leaving them in a flash as they fell into the dreamland of Samus.

This will be a rather short story itself, but this is only part one in a series of stories involving the Smashers, eventually involving each and every one.