Icha Icha Onsen

"Hot springs! Hot springs! We're going to the HOT SPRINGS!" Naruto sang as he bounced up and down in his seat, the seatbelt straining and tugging, barely able to control his glee. He was going to a hot springs for the first time in his life! Naruto continued humming and squirming until a voice exploded from the front of the van.

"If you don't shut up Naruto, I'll turn this van around and we'll go straight home! So help me, I WILL!" Iruka shouted from the driver's seat. Naruto immediately shut his mouth, glued his legs together and stuck his hands under his lap, afraid that Iruka just might deny everyone their vacation.

Kakashi sat in the front passenger seat, and turned his masked head slightly, enough to look at the stressed man next to him. Iruka certainly seemed on edge, his tanned face was tensed into a mix of concentration and nervousness, as a thin beading of sweat began to grow near his temple. Kakashi could see why Iruka had snapped at the normally energetic boy. Driving a van of eight rowdy teenage boys, not to mention three unhelpful chaperones, up a tricky mountain road certainly can make anyone a tad strained.

Asuma took a slow drag on his cigarette as he rolled his eyes lazily over the passing scenery, and decided to call out to Iruka, "Oi, Iruka, if you're still tired from Kakashi keeping you up last night, then maybe I should drive instead?"

A deep crimson spread over Iruka's face as he tried to maneuver a tight bend. Too embarrassed to yell, Iruka merely tightened his death grip on the wheel and glared forward. The silence only made Asuma laugh. Score! Remember that topic for further use.

Kakashi mentally chuckled; he should feel bad about making Iruka's life more stressing by denying him sleep, he really should. But memories of last night floated through his head, each more pleasurable than the last. The silver-haired man smiled to himself, he didn't feel one ounce of remorse.

I'll make it up to him tonight.

As Asuma laughed, the last chaperone, Gai, blathered on how amazing Iruka's power of youth was strong enough to get them this far, and how he should be commended for taking on the challenge of driving them to the vacation point. Only his prodigy, Rock Lee, paid any attention. Behind the chaperones were two facing rows of seats. On one side sat Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, and Shikamaru. Across from them sat Kiba, Shino, Gaara, and Lee.

Naruto, Kiba, and Lee started talking animatedly about their past experiences at hot springs, once they thought it was safe to talk again behind Iruka. Sasuke, Shino and Neji listened, occasionally adding in well-thought out comments, while Gaara gazed silently out on the blurring scenery. And Shikamaru kept his title as "World's Laziest Shinobi" by sleeping the entire trip through.

Iruka turned a final bend, and the group entered what could be mistaken only as Paradise. The blend of stark cliffs worn by a series of waterfalls eased into soft, green blur of trees. The inn nestled in the trees, it's two stories partly obscured by an overwhelmingly large, leafy maple.

Traditional in every sense, the inn had opened its sliding doors to accommodate with the sweltering summer heat. It must have been painted crimson, but had faded with time, leaving it a dusty red. The tiles were also supposedly a vibrant green, but all was left was a mute jade, capped at the four corners with enlarged, chipped gold rafter caps with symbol "peace" carved in them. In front of the entrance were two red banners attached to bamboo poles with the inn's name written in an elegant hand, "Peaceful Heart Hot Springs"

The van slowly turned into the curved driveway that bent right up to the large and comfortable entrance. Naruto simply gaped at the building through the glass. His brain was turning over, slowly processing his surroundings. He mindlessly shuffled out of the van with the other passengers, still trying to negotiate reality with his fantasies of a hot springs. This is the hot springs we're staying at? Wha- wha-

"What a DUMP!"

A fist swung out, and connected resoundingly with the back of Naruto's head. Iruka's patience had finally snapped, and still clutching his fist, shouted over Naruto's theatrical yells of pain.

"Watch your mouth, Naruto!"

Kakashi appeared right behind Iruka, laying one hand on his shoulder while the other held the quivering fist, gently stopping any further admonishments. Iruka turned his head, finding his lips a few inches away from Kakashi's masked ones. Kakashi smiled, causing a blush to burn Iruka's cheeks. Iruka gulped in a much-needed breath, losing any thoughts of reproaching Naruto any further.

Kakashi wound his arms around Iruka's waist, resulting in a small gasp from Iruka, who blushed even more furiously. He rested his chin on Iruka's shoulder as he addressed the scowling Naruto who was still clutching his throbbing head on the ground. "Don't underestimate this place, Naruto. Konoha ninja have been coming here for generations."

Pain forgotten, Naruto swung head around, eyeing his teacher suspiciously. "Like I can trust you, Kakashi-sensei. You lie all the time."

It was true, the legendary Copy Nin always had some fantastic reason, usually involving a little old lady, or cat, or whatever; for being late for everything. Kakashi's one visible eye turned down at the edge slightly, as is if the highly dangerous ninja was pouting. He audibly sniffed, and said in a hurt tone, "It hurts me Naruto that you don't trust your own teacher."

Naruto simply scoffed, "It's your fault, Sensei. If you didn't keep on telling bizarre excuses for being late, I would believe you more."

The remaining teenagers were helping the other two chaperones unpack the trunk. Asuma tossed a duffel to Shikamaru, who deftly caught it, and replied to Naruto from around his cigarette. "He's right, actually. Some ninja found this place ages ago, and eventually an inn was built. Later it was discovered the waters around here contained some amazing restorative powers."

Naruto perked up "Restorative powers? How? Like healing wounds and stuff?" That would be incredible! A simple picture played out in his head of him: bloody, maybe some limbs missing and barely alive, dragging himself into the hot springs. Some bubbling and gurgling later, he popped out, fully cured and invigorated enough to skip off and eat some ramen.

Asuma grinned and looked into the sky, obviously evading the question. "Among other things, yeah."

The scenario in Naruto's head poofed into smoke. He forgot that Asuma was really no better than Kakashi in the reliability department. His depression deepened, as the chance of gaining supernatural powers was torn away. He could deal with a shabby inn that had magical waters, but not a normal, run of the mill shabby inn. His angst was cut short with a well-aimed duffel bag.

Injured for the second time today, Naruto glared up fuming while still clutching his twice-wounded head. Shikamaru and Neji stood ominously over him, luggage carelessly thrown over their backs. Neji's pale eyes drilled into Naruto "Are you going to continue to huddle right in front of the entrance, Naruto; or should we just walk on you to get inside?" His smooth voice sent chills down Naruto's spine, as if dunked into a freezing river, while Shikamaru simply stared off, muttering about how troublesome everything was.

Naruto simultaneously hopped up and pulled his hefty bag in front of him, just in case Neji felt a need to emphasize his words with actions. It never hurt to be safe, it was when you weren't safe that hurt. Neji smirked and walked in, while Kiba followed, barking a short laugh. Naruto scowled, and flopped over his bag dejectedly, this time away from the entrance. He had a sneaking suspicion that this was going to be the worst vacation ever. He knew it. Might as well leave now, he was missing valuable ramen-eating time. But how to leave without being dragged back? That was a problem.

His mind started to wander over ways of escaping this dump. Kage Bunshin? Nah, he couldn't maintain it for long enough. Genjutsu? Why, did he even think up that? His illusions were used only at kid's birthday parties, and usually the kids try to beat him up afterwards for such a bad show.

Still pondering, he barely noticed the shadow covering him. Two fingers poked the back of Naruto's head, causing the tall ninja to yell and flail a fist back towards his supposed attacker. Naruto recognized the 'oof' triggered by his punch "Sasuke-kun!"

Sasuke stood behind him, holding his stomach as he wheezed a little. He smirked a little. "That extra trainings' paid off, Naruto. I think you cracked a rib."

Naruto scrabbled around the ground, effectively ignoring Sasuke as he freaked out. "Sasuke! I'm sorry! I didn't see you! Well, you were behind me…but I thought you were an enemy! Aw man, what do I do-"

Sasuke's smirk widened. Naruto, though well-muscled and tough from continuous training, still had the mindest of a small child. Sadly, while watching the tall blonde turn emotional somersaults in the air was entertaining, it wasn't getting them inside. "You could start by stop flailing around, you're bound to hurt yourself. Second, you can get inside. Kiba thought you couldn't find the entrance, even being less than five feet from it. Here."

Sasuke offered his hand to Naruto, who smiled as he lifted himself up. Still wound-up, Naruto had pulled a little too hard, off-balancing Sasuke. Naruto's fast reflexes saved him, catching the brunette in his arms. Sasuke instinctively grabbed onto Naruto's orange sleeves, trying furiously to rebalance himself. They stood there motionlessly, arms wound around each other. Naruto's chest instinctively tightened as Sasuke's pale cheeks flushed. Naruto's mind went blank, only recognizing Sasuke's heartbeat was fluttering so close to his…

"Now isn't that a cute sight?" a voice drawled.

"Indeed. Something you'd wish you had camera with you for." Another voice said, a hint of iciness in the tone.

"Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun, I fully support and celebrate your expressions of youthful bliss, but we must first register before we express our overflowing fountains of joy at being here!"

"So troublesome…."



Naruto' and Sasuke's heads snapped around to find Kiba, Neji, Lee, Shikamaru, Gaara, and Shino watching them from the nearby entrance. Kiba had his usual smirk plastered on while Neji looked a little brittle. Lee looked a little puzzled as to why anyone would stay on the outside of such a wondrous place, despite the reason. Shikamaru lounged against the doorjamb, finding the effort to stand upright too much effort. And Gaara and Shino were impossible to read, as usual.

Naruto and Sasuke sprung aback, as if magnets had been inserted into their spines. Naruto quickly bent down to get his bag, while Sasuke just stood there, fists stuffed into pockets, face hidden behind his black bangs. Shikamaru shifted his weight, "If you'll move it, Kakashi said we can take a quick soak in the hot springs before dinner, after we've put our stuff in our rooms."

"Ah, sure! Be right in! No problem!" His mind repeated the previous moment, trying to explain the tightness he felt in his chest. Well, it certainly was awkward, whatever it was.

Naruto's belly growled. He sighed. I guess I'll plan on escaping after dinner. His mind brightened. Maybe they have ramen! The thoughts of dinner chased away any puzzling over the earlier awkward moment with Sasuke. Considering only his immediate need for food, he swung his large duffel over his shoulder and gripped Sasuke's hand. Smiling, Naruto pulled him along while singing a tune of his own making about ramen.

Satisfied with the pair moving forward, Shikamaru and the others turned back into the inn. The song died on Naruto lips when the inn's interior was presented to him. Contrary to the weathered exterior, the hall was gleaming from utmost care. Simple grace exuded from the polished floors to the spotless ceiling. It felt like it was planned for your eyes to find the sparse, but opulent decorations placed around the rectangular room. Naruto's feet bumped into the raised tatami floor. Sasuke sighed. "You need to take off your sandals before you can enter, moron."

Naruto, still shocked, slid off the ninja sandals without a second thought, and was handed a pair off indoor and outdoor sandals by an attendant. Sasuke looked to see Naruto gawping around, still barefoot, and limply holding the sandals. Sasuke smiled to himself, the blonde could be adorable in his innocence. The kind of innocence that begged to be teased. "You put those on your feet, you know"

Naruto shook his head, as if waking from a dream. He blankly noticed that he held slippers, and promptly flopped onto the raised floor to put the indoor pair on. Sasuke simply watched his friend, his mind wandering from thought to thought. It had it been what, five, six years since they first met? Back then, if you had told Sasuke that he would befriend the loudmouth clown, he would have punched you out cold, and then Naruto for good measure. But somehow, Naruto had gotten through his carefully placed defenses, broken down every emotional barricade by his sunny, joyous, vibrant, annoying smile. That smile brought him back from darkness. And for that Sasuke was eternally bound to Naruto. But that wouldn't prevent him from being a jerk though.

"Could you be any slower, idiot?"

"For someone who could give a statue a run for its money, you've got quite a mouth, Uchiha." Growled the whiskered ninja.

"Feh. You've got nerve, Uzumaki. Consider the next time you criticize my focus that you were gawping like some slack-jawed monkey."

"Oh? 'FOCUS' is what they call it nowadays? I think you should give up being a ninja and be the world's first "Paint Peeling Inspector" for your dedication to the walls."

"Idiot. I wasn't staring at the walls." Sasuke's mouth shut before he revealed what exactly he was looking at. Naruto's next retort died on lips. A crackle went between them. Their eyes bored into each other, in an effort to replace the awkward mood with an antagonistic one. They remained silent, daring the other to even breathe or blink.

"Ah, young love in one of it's innumerous forms.

The pair snapped around to see the weathered, cracking voice. There stood on the edge of the tatami, a small, ancient woman swathed in a light brown kimono. She was smiling softly, holding her hands politely in front. Her eyes were squinting with a mix of amusement, reminiscence, and shortsightedness.

Naruto quickly overcame his surprise and greeted her in the one way he knew, enthusiastically.

"Hiya, old lady! My name's Naruto!"

Sasuke clenched his fists, ready to pummel Naruto before Iruka or Neji did. But the woman's smile broadened, easing the knot of embarrassment in Sasuke's stomach.

"My, what an enthusiastic boy. My name is Chiyoko, Naruto, and I will be escorting you to your room."

Naruto hopped up, eager to see more of the inn. And secretly he wanted to stop bickering with Sasuke, before it came to blows. That side of their friendship-cum-rivalry had remained, despite how close they had become.

Chiyoko turned, gesturing them to follow, "Please follow me."

They followed the quick shuffles of Chiyoko through a small maze of muted corridors. Then a quiet garden was revealed after a final turn. Chiyoko bent gently down onto to her knees, and opened the sliding door with a small click. She beckoned them to enter with a smile and wave. After Sasuke and Naruto were in, Chiyoko raised herself up with one foot, and walked over to the right wall, where another door was. She touched the door "Your room is connected to your companions' room here, and the hall to your other companions' rooms is there. After dinner, I'll set out your futons for the night. And with that, I humbly welcome you, young sirs, to the Peaceful Heart Hot Springs."

Sasuke was curious about the name, but Naruto piped up first. "Grandma Chiyoko, why is this place called 'Peaceful Heart'?"

She motioned to a wall scroll on their left wall. It had yellowed with age, but the ink still cut through the silky expanse with clear lines. It held a picture of the surrounding forest and cliffs, with ornate kanji on either side.

"This hot springs was found a hundred and thirteen years ago by a team of Konoha ninja. They had discovered it after a particularly harrowing mission, and used the waters for relaxing purposes. The team was amazed as to how their wounds had eased in pain, as well as their hearts for their fallen comrades. Soon, more ninja and even civilians ventured the hard path up the mountains to enjoy the springs. After some years, the team that originally found the springs retired, and set up an inn here, naming it for the calming effect it had on people's souls."

"Calming effect?"

"Indeed. When a person with a troubled heart; confusion, sadness, guilt, and hurt seem to melt away in the waters."

"So…it doesn't heal lopped off limbs or anything like that."

Sasuke whacked Naruto as Chiyoko chuckled behind her kimono sleeve "Oh no. It will clean wounds, but don't become careless on the springs' account."

Sasuke bowed, forcing Naruto's head down as well. "Thank you very much for your time."

"Yeah, thanks!"

The old woman waved her hand dismissively, blushing into her sleeve. "Oh, you two are too kind to an old biddy like me. I've taken enough of your time. Please enjoy yourselves."

The two teens bowed again, while Chiyoko took her leave, shutting the patio screen behind her, a small smile on her lips.

Naruto stretched, scratching his head as Sasuke searched his bag.

"Man, no healing limbs. Darn. Oh well, might as well try it out anyways." Naruto began to shrug off his t-shirt when he saw Sasuke, "Sasuke!"


"W-what are you doing?"

"Undressing. What does it look like, knucklehead?"

Sasuke was half-naked, and in the process of unzipping his khaki shorts. Naruto's mind flooded with images of those milky arms clinging onto him, Sasuke's soft hair brushing against his cheek and his breath tickling Naruto's ear. NONONONO! Sasuke fell, and Naruto caught him! There was nothing embarrassing about saving your best friend from falling! Nothing subtly erotic about his dark eyes burning into yours for what feels like forever. Nothing mildly thrilling about seeing his breath slow and his lips part slightly as…

"Gyaargh!" Bad Naruto! Bad! He tried to break his train of thought by intently focusing on something in the room. Unfortunately the first thing he saw was Sasuke. And Sasuke had finished taking off his pants.

"Now what?"

"Um," Naruto shook his head furiously, trying to rid the memory of loose, dark blue boxers. Oh, how he'd love to rip those off…Wait, when did he ever want to rip anything off Sasuke? Except his head, on certain occasions. This didn't make sense, all these feelings towards Sasuke. What was going on with him? Any way, it wasn't going to get any better with Sasuke practically naked in front of him.

Naruto raced to the door adjoining the other room. As he slid the screen open, he called hurriedly out behind him, "I'm just going to go and check out—"

"Check out what, Uzumaki?" came a frosty voice in front of the blonde.

Naruto turned into stone. He had escaped one embarrassing situation to land smack into another. Shikamaru and Neji were in the center of their room, half-dressed. Shikamaru was lounging on the ground, supporting his naked upper half as he sluggishly kicked off his sandals. Neji stood over him, white shirt clinging to his upper arms, with his gray patterned boxers barely visible from the bottom hem.

Blood rushed to Naruto's face. He had about two and half seconds before Neji before covered himself decently and then beat the peeping tom into nothing more than a small blot on the tatami.

Naruto simultaneously wheeled around and covered his eyes as he threw apologies and curses back. He slammed the screen behind him. At least in this room, there was only one naked guy who didn't seem like beating him up for staring at him. Naruto caught Sasuke's eyes and blushed. "Looks like I'll change in here."

"Smart choice."

Naruto swept his eyes down Sasuke's figure. Damn, he was good-looking in that yukata. He had looked so powerful, like a coiled spring, with his shirt off. Now that lean muscle was hidden, giving his narrow figure a delicate appearance. With those piercing black eyes staring into his, Sasuke was drop-dead sexy.



"You're bleeding."


"From your nose."

Naruto rushed a hand to his nose, and found the trickle of warmth that revealed his pervertedness. He swore under his breath, turning to find something to stem the flow. Sasuke smirked. This was too, too easy. He pondered whether to push the swearing blonde further. At that moment, Naruto turned back toward Sasuke with what looked like half a pack of tissues stuffed into his nostrils. So much for deliberation.


"Shut up, bastard! It's not funny!"

"Actually it is. In fact, it's hilarious."

Naruto grabbed the front of Sasuke's yukata, pushing his furiously blushing and tissue-stuffed face into the silently laughing Uchiha's.

"I said it's not funny!"

"And I continue to ignore you." With that, Sasuke pulled Naruto's hands off with some difficulty and moved to the hall door. "I'll leave you to change. Yukata are in the closet. See you in ten minutes."

"Wait, where are you heading off to?" asked the blonde, head perking to the side in confusion.

"Look around a bit." Came the short reply.

"Wait! I wanna join you! Give me a sec!"

Sasuke turned head around, revealing the smirk slowly "Looking like that? I think not. Wait here and I'll be back."

Naruto shot a hand to his nose, and blushed. He muttered under his breath, "It's your damn fault for this."

Sasuke paused right before the door. Without a second glance he opened the screen to the hall. "I know" He said softly.

Naruto began to strip, after hearing the definite click that Sasuke was gone. After he was down to his boxers, he rummaged through the closet. Claiming victory, he began to pull his boxers off when a voice stopped the descent of his hands.

"Guess he's a boxers boy."

His frozen form sprang back to life, whirling around as he ripped the tissue from his nose, to find the intruders. Shikamaru and Neji stood there in the open entrance, looking quite at home checking out his backside. What was worse, Shikamaru held a blinking portable camera.

Neji cocked his head to the side, analyzing Shikamaru's statement and Naruto's choice of underwear.

"You seem correct, Nara. But I don't see the cartoon characters, flowers, or dinosaurs on them. Maybe he's trying to look mature and cool to Uchiha."

Naruto finally found his voice. Sadly, his anger was flawed by a squeak. "How did you two get in here!?"

"The door. Duh."

"I mean…without me hearing you!"

"We're ninjas. Again duh." They looked completely nonchalant.

"Well, why are you filming me then!?"

Shikamaru and Neji shrugged simultaneously, never moving from their spots.

"That's not an answer!" finally Naruto's voice sounded somewhat threatening

"Ok, then" replied Neji smoothly, "Revenge."


"And money" piped in Shikamaru, "Let's not forget money."


Neji smirked. It was probably the scariest expression Naruto had ever seen in his life. Next to Sakura's patented Scowl of Doom© when you told her that she would look hot in one of those cute nurse's uniforms. "Why, for sneaking a look of Shikamaru and me."

Snap. I'm dead. Naruto wasn't a person for pain, but the question still came out. "And the money?"

"Gonna sell it to Uchiha and every other perv under the sun who's been eyeing your butt for a while. Or to you for hush money. Either way, I get a new shogi set." Shikamaru refocused the camera to get a close-up of Naruto's belly button. Naruto went silent.

Scratch that. NOW I'm dead. Wait a second, why would Sasuke want a video of me?

"Apparently he's doing the internal monologue thing. Surprises never cease to abound." Said Neji with a hint of sarcasm.

"If you're wondering why Sasuke would want a video of you, there are two things to say to that, which are both troublesome."

Naruto was worried, but stubborn was his middle name. "What are they?"

sigh "One. If you can't figure out why Uchiha would pay for this video, you deserve to be caught on camera."

"A-and the second?"

"Second. You haven't thought of who the other people are who would pay for this." Shikamaru clicked the viewing screen shut. "We've got enough footage, I'd say. Hyuuga, let's go."

Neji's smirk would haunt Naruto to the grave. "Fine. Uzumaki, better change before Uchiha sees you like that and bangs you into the ground."

"Why would Sasuke punch me for just wearing my boxers?"

Shikamaru and Neji shared a look that spoke volumes. Unfortunately, Naruto missed it entirely. "Seriously. Why?"

"I said 'bang', Uzumaki. Not punch. Big difference. See you in the springs." With that, the two blackmailers retreated to their room.

Naruto blinked. And blinked again. One final time. Then it dawned on him. Shikamaru and Neji shared a high five at the blonde's shout of embarrassment. Neji tangled his fingers in Shikamaru's, dragging him out of the room. Turning, he almost crashed into Sasuke. Forcing his face into a mask of indifference, Neji nodded curtly to the brunette. Sasuke eyed him, he had heard Naruto, and Shikamaru's barely contained smirk made his ninja senses tingle all the wrong ways. He acknowledged the retreating two, his eyes lingering on their interlaced hands. Sasuke smirked to himself. Turning back to his room, he plotted. He swiftly opened the door, only to be thwacked by a stiff sandal in the jaw. "Ha! Nice try boys, but I'm prepared this time for your trickery!"

"…the hell Naruto! What do you think you're doing?" Sasuke was mad now. He'd taken enough abuse from Uzumaki today. Naruto was petrified, holding another slipper as if ready to pitch it at the trespasser, who turned out to be his perfectly legitimate roommate. All he could do was grin stupidly, hoping his good looks would save him. "Oh, uh, hi Sasuke" he said sheepishly.

Sasuke looked ready to shove the tray he was holding down Naruto's stupid throat. Naruto flinched under the glare. Nope, good looks aren't going to save him this time.

"Naruto…" Sasuke started quietly, "what's going on?"

Naruto hid the would-be projectile behind his back. "Uh, Shikamaru and Neji were teasing me. So I tried to be prepared this time."

Sasuke shook his head exasperatedly. Trust Naruto to give him that a lame an excuse. "At least you've changed." Sasuke closed the door and motioned to the ground, "Sit down."


The ensuing death glare had Naruto firmly on his rear. He usually wasn't so obedient to the slighter brunette, but he didn't want to ruin the vacation by walloping Sasuke with a slipper, and then expect to live after arguing with him. Naruto woke from his reverie by a biting cold on his lip. "Sasuke! What—"

"Shut up and stay still. Honestly, you wriggle more than Orochimaru in a candy store."

Sasuke began to softly wipe the dried blood from Naruto's lip with a before unknown tenderness. Naruto was shocked, to say the least. Sasuke was being, dare he say, gentle to him? Naruto shifted his gaze to Sasuke's face. It was some sort of mix of concentration, annoyance, and something else. An emotion he'd never seen before in Sasuke's eyes. They were softer than usual, holding a warm thought in them, but what? Naruto traced Sasuke's face, following the curve of his eyelash down to his strong jawline, mapping the pale neck's path to the narrow triangle of smooth chest…

"Eyes up here, Uzumaki." Naruto's head shot back up. A blush crept across his face as a smirk graced Sasuke's. "You may like what you see, but it's hard to clean you up with half your face hidden."

The blush almost reached Naruto's hairline. Sasuke smirked a little harder. For someone half a head taller and more intimidating than him, Naruto looked positively adorable at times.



"This why you went out? To get the towel?"

"Yes." Sasuke's mind turned a little, puzzling over the questions.


Sasuke's smirk deepened. The Uchiha didn't allow smiling, smirks were the most he was going to give. But he felt a warmth in his chest spread. "No problem. Besides, I needed to do something else. And I'm not telling, so save it."

Naruto frowned into the towel. This vacation has been nothing but torture so far. He seriously hoped that those hot springs were worth his pain.