Chapter 4
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The group of four ninja trekked up through the forest, all traces of a trail or path invisible. This place was on par with Training Grounds Forty-Four on the creepy scale, even without the flying vampire slugs. Naruto frowned, watching Shikamaru and Neji lead on silently. "I got a question."

"Surprise, surprise. Uzumaki is confused." Neji threw back over his shoulder.

"Jerk! I just wanted to know how you guys know which way we're going!"

"You seem to be forgetting," Shika replied without breaking his focus on the trees ahead, "That Hyuuga is with us."

Though red-eared with embarrassment, Naruto's curiousity wasn't sated. "But he's not using Byakugan right now. So how does he know where the shrine is."

"Simple. Hyuuga already knows where the shrine is."

"Uzumaki, if you can't find something smart to say, don't say anything at all." The sarcasm in Neji's voice was just enhanced by the calm manner he said it.

"I still don't get it!"

Sasuke sighed, "Just tell him, you two. Otherwise he won't stop asking questions."

Shikamaru and Neji looked to each other. Silently agreeing, Shikamaru replied. "Naruto, you know about Kakashi and Iruka, right?"

"Yeah…" Naruto replied hesitantly. How did this figure in with the competion?

"Well, Kakashi has been trying to get a little "special time" with Iruka all night. But Iruka won't let him until all the planned activities are finished. So he made a deal with us right after the fright walk started."

Neji picked up the conversation. "He told us where to look, and if we got there first, we'd get the prize and a little extra. But you got lost, and Iruka got worried."

"He notified Kakashi, who told us, since Neji knows your chakra signatures." Shikamaru finished.

Naruto's mouth opened for a second, then shut. "Oh."

"How about the other two teams?" Sasuke spoke up.

The blackmail team smirked a little. "Gai is probably taking the fright walk to new levels of youthful endeavors at scaring the living daylights out of them." Shikamaru answered.

Naruto scratched his head in confusion, "What about Gaara and Lee?"

The smirks widened, "Let's say Asuma is smart enough to leave those two alone."

Naruto's face deepened to an unhealthy red.

"Done asking questions?"

Naruto was pulled out of his blushing daze, "Wait a second! Did either of you push us into that ditch?"

The two ahead finally stopped. Turning enough to give Naruto a mix of annoyed confusion and confused annoyance, Neji answered before walking on, "We didn't know you got pushed in. We thought you fell in out sheer stupidity."

"Besides, pushing you in is too troublesome."

"Scaring you in would've been a lot more efficient."

"Like showing Naruto an empty bowl of ramen."

"Stop teasing me!"

"But it's so easy.

"And entertaining."

"Indeed. Immensely entertaining."

"Stop it!"

"Oh come on, Uzumaki. If you wanted to, you'd beat our asses into the ground. But I can tell you're too confused and flustered to fight back."

Naruto shot Shikamaru a dirty look, but was cut off from insulting his family tree by Neji. "I'm putting out that it has something to do with Uchiha jumping you."

"I agree. Uchiha, word of advice. Stop jerking Naruto around, life will be much more enjoyable for all parties concerned."

Uchiha smirked, "Including your little extortion racket?"

"Hey, it's not our fault you two got voted "Hottest Pieces of Shinobi Butt" for the last two years. We just follow the majority's tastes and deliver accordingly as such."

"You've been filming me for TWO YEARS?" Naruto couldn't help but fear the worst. All those more-than-possibly-embarrassing situations… They must have a bigger library that Jiraiya!

"Heavens, no. Just the last year and eleven months."

"Got to make sure the supplies investment is worth it."

"And boy, were you worth it."

"Sasuke too."

"You didn't." Sasuke's voice sounded cracked, like the tension had affected his vocal chords.

Neji answered this time, "Oh yes. Be good or I'll tell Naruto about that little secret of yours."

"Don't. You. Dare."

"I dare."

"That was an order, Hyuuga. Don't."

"Tell me what?" Naruto was relieved he'd been finally let out of the victim corner, and was ready to get a little payback. It was only fair; Sasuke knew about the flaming pants incident, he got to learn one of Sasuke's skeletons.

"No one orders a Hyuuga, Uchiha."

"Except me." Piped in Shikamaru. Neji turned a pale rosy hue, which was rather impressive how pale the guy was. "Shikamaru, not here."

"Ah, you know you like it."

"Neji, that's the first time I've heard you call him Shikamaru." Naruto's face got a grin that would frighten small children. Now both blackmailers turned pink from embarrassment and worry at the revealed information.

"Well, now, that's an interesting turn of events. Not that it wasn't plainly obvious." Sasuke smirked.

"Tell anyone, Uchiha, and Uzumaki finds out about your secret collection." The pale-eyed man growled.


"Collection? Collection of what?" Naruto had this uncanny ability of latching onto shreds of information that probably should have let be. That ability earned a fullblown Sakura's Patented Death Glare© from Sasuke. Naruto immediately switched subjects. "Are we there yet?"

"Naruto, you already one Death Glare©, don't be asking for another one." Shikamaru lazily replied. Could that blonde ever shut up?

"We're here." Neji responded.

Ahead of them about a hundred feet, was an ancient Shinto shrine. Mossy steps through an aged red gate, led up to a large bell under a vine-covered arbor. The mallet was held by weathered, but still strong, cords. Underneath the iron bell was a charity box, the grooves of the wooden slats smooth with age. Naruto whooped, and raced toward the shrine, only to be tripped by three pairs of sandals.

"Nice try, Naruto. But we're doing as a group. Even if they weren't wanted, Neji and Shikamaru got us out of the ditch."

"Wow. You're welcome." Shikamaru let sarcasm cover his words; subtlety was Neji's forte, not his.

Naruto huffed, "Fine."

The four walked up the creaking steps, to see the metal sign behind the charity box.

'The secret wishes
Shall find deliverance
In one's open heart'

"What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto tilted his head to the side, trying to find an answer in the new angle.

"It means don't go asking for regenerative limbs." Neji jibed.



"You two shut up and dig up some change."

Naruto turned his attention to Sasuke searching his pockets. "Why? We just need to ring the bell to win."

"You want to make a wish, don't you?"

Naruto saw the gentle light in Sasuke's eye, that small light only he saw. Naruto immediately fished his frog wallet, and dumped all the spare change he stored.

"You don't need that much for a wish, dummy."

"Yeah but I really want this wish to come true."

Sasuke smirked and held out his closed fist over the aged slats of the box. "Ready?"

The other three followed suit, and simultaneously dropped their offerings. Four hands clasped the rough cord, and pulled it back. The hammer hit the bell for the first time in decades, the metallic voice echoing through the stillness. All four clapped their hands together, praying for their earnest wish. Naruto squeezed his eyes shut as his soul whispered to whatever god that would listen. 'Please, please let me be the one to understand his heart. Let me feel what he feels---'

"Congratulations. You both won." Kakashi's voice came from the bottom of the shrine. Naruto whirled around, to find Iruka beaming and Kakashi smiling through his mask.

"Hand over the prize." Sasuke went straight to business, as usual.

"My, my, such a lack of appreciation. Can't you savor the moments of teamwork and friendship that you developed on this as prize enough?"

"No." came the resounding chorus.

"Ah. Touché."

Iruka punched Kakashi firmly on the arm, where Kakashi whimpered, "Iru-chan, that's my groping arm."

Iruka gave him a smile, "Stop teasing them. You're terrible."

With a dramatic sigh, he summoned Pakkun, who sat comfortably on a large sack. The nindog hopped off muttering darkly of ruined naps, while Kakashi rustled through the sack. The four winners stood around the sack, with varying levels of excitement across theirs faces. Iruka pressed the communicator's activator and spoke to Asuma and Gai. "It's over. Bring the others up here."

"Roger. I'll go see if it's safe to break it up now."

"Affirmed, enchanting boyfriend of my eternal rival!"

Kakashi pulled one hand out of the sack to tap his communicator, "Gai, hit on my Iru-chan again and they won't get be able to remove that green suit with a blowtorch." He lazily threatened. Iruka swatted his messy head, "Don't call me that in public!"

"My eternal rival, what makes you think I ever take this one off?" Youthful confusion came over the radio. Kakashi paused, his body stiffened as the statement sunk through.

"…Give me second, Gai to get rid of that mental image and come up with another threat."

"Haha! I beat you Kakashi! The record is 201 to 200! It's Dance of Youth TIME!"

"Gai-sensei, please retrieve Kiba and Shino and then you can dance." Iruka moderated as Kakashi went back to rustling through the sack, to finally present the spoils to the winners.

"Awesome! Ichiraku Ramen coupons!"

"A new shogi set. Nice."

"A new camcorder! Very good."

"...'Madame La Zonga's Guide to Love Making'?"

"Thought you could use a little inspiration in the memory-making department, Sasuke." Was the calm reply.

"Like I need help in the sex department."

"Couldn't hurt to help."

"Kakashi-sensei, believe when I say I am going to blow Naruto's mind in the 'creativity' department!" Sasuke clamped his jaw shut, unwilling to worsen the already mortifying situation. Kakashi's grin widened, as Iruka tried to better the atmosphere. "Well! On that note, here comes Gaara and Lee!"

True to the statement, the two shinobi exited the forest with a still-smoking Asuma in front. Gaara and Lee were both disheveled and flushed, but their expressions were different. Lee blushed and smiled nervously, while Gaara had a full-blown smirk of satiation plastered on his face. Everyone caught onto the reason behind their appearance, and proceeded to high-five the pair.

Gai burst out of the brush from the opposite direction of Asuma's entrance, Kiba on his back and Shino following at a measured step.

"Yosh! I have my targets in tow!"

Kakashi raised his visible gray eyebrow, "Any reason that Kiba passed out?"

Gai turned his head to Kiba's unconscious one, and scratched his head, "I think I might have overdone it with the frightening elements. I dressed up as a giant cat and jumped at him. He screamed and tripped, hitting his head on a low hanging branch. I revived him, but I was still wearing the costume, and he fainted again."

"Well, when he wakes up, you can apologize." Iruka said, trying to muffle his mirth at the situation.

Kakashi threw the sack over his shoulder and proceeded to walk down the slope, "Let's go, kids."

Everyone began the descent, when Gai looked at his identical student, "Lee, why is your bodysuit backwards?"


Naruto and Sasuke walked up the now familiar path to the springs, quietly enjoying the remainder of their vacation. Naruto looked at his best friend for the umpteeth time. Curiousity was definitely his primary weakness. That, and action before thought. But combined had devastating results. And this is one of those situations where devastation is wrought.



"We, um, never finished that discussion."

"Which one?"

Naruto blushed, "C'mon, Sasuke. You know, that one about…."



"About us?"

Naruto fidgeted with his yukata tie, which Sasuke found immensely interesting to watch. "…Yeah. That one."

"The one where you asked me how I felt about you."


"And you want an answer."


Sasuke stopped right under a pine tree, the giant red lantern above him cast him in a rosy glow. His face was hidden from Naruto, the blue highlights of his hair fighting with the red light for dominance. Naruto stood silent, hoping that he didn't seem pushing Sasuke by standing so close to him. "You really want to know?"

Naruto breathed a small sigh of relief, Sasuke wasn't being defensive, that was good. Naruto spoke in low voice that made Sasuke shiver. "I do. You mean so much to me."

Sasuke's head jerked up, his eyes glittering with anxiety and anticipation. "What am I to you?"

Naruto saw that look before. Just before when Sasuke tried to kill him and leave Konoha for Orochimaru. Sasuke was struggling to speak, all he needed was a gentle push in the right direction. Naruto gently brushed a tendril of ebony hair away from his view of Sasuke's face. He smiled, "You're my most important person, Sasuke. I couldn't live without you."

Sasuke's fear melted with those words, a genuine smile on as he stepped closer, his hands barely touching Naruto's waist. "Funny, that's how I feel about you, too."

Naruto snaked his other arm around Sasuke's waist, tilting the brunette's chin up slightly to memorize that smile. "Good."

Sasuke pulled one hand away from his gentle grip on Naruto's hips, to slide it up the blonde's broad chest, whispering, "Do you want to know what I wished for?"

Naruto grinned, enjoying the slender but strong fingers feel on him, "I give up."

"This." With that, Sasuke brushed his lips against Naruto's, so softly that Naruto wasn't sure if the sensation was real. When Sasuke pressed on for a deeper kiss, Naruto opened willingly for the intruding tongue. He found his arms around Sasuke's waist, pulling him closer for more contact.

Unlike their kisses earlier, this one they took their time on, fully exploring the reactions they could draw out of each other. Mapping Sasuke's mouth, Naruto flicked his tongue over Sasuke's reddening bottom lip, earning a low gasp. He smirked at the opportunity to be the attacker this time, and nudged Sasuke back, until the brunette's back hit the rough bark. Sasuke groaned at the loss of contact of Naruto's mouth, and fisted a hand into the blonde's hair to crash their lips together again.

Naruto pulled back again, further annoying his new lover. "Do you want continue here or the springs?"

"Do you ever shut up, moron?"

"Answer first, name-calling later."

"Oh I have plenty of names for you, none that should leave the bedroom."

"And the verdict?"

Sasuke slid the hand on Naruto's chest down to trace the outline of his hipbone, eliciting a groan. "You decide."

"I'm going to have to interrupt again, but you should take that to your room."

Sasuke and Naruto jerked the heads to the springs' direction, to see Shikamaru. Sasuke threw the dirtiest look he had in his arsenal as he growled, "What. Do. You. Want?"

Shikamaru put his hands up it surrender, "Just to let you know Kakashi has claimed the springs and threatens unpleasant things to whoever interrupts him."

On cue, Iruka's cry "Oh God, Kakashi!" was heard. Smirking, Naruto nodded his understanding, and proceeded to scoop up Sasuke bridal-style.

"What the—Let go, you nimrod! Put me down!"

"See you Shikamaru!

"Pay attention to what I say, you lunkhead!"


Naruto skillfully opened the room's screen door while still clutching a writhing Sasuke.

"Let go!"

"Aw, Sasuke-chan, I thought you liked touching me?"

"Don't call me that!"

"I beg your pardon, young sirs," Sasuke and Naruto promptly froze to notice Chiyoko standing by the double sized futon she laid out. "But I wanted to make sure neither of you were hurt from your fall into that ditch."

Naruto smiled "Oh we're fine! Thanks for… wait a second, how did you—"

"Know? Oh well, I thought that I might have pushed too hard, and wanted to make sure you were alright." Chiyoko gently smiled.


"I thought you two needed just a little push in the right direction, and the ditch was in that direction."

"You could of killed us!"

"I don't think I could kill you that easily. Us Konoha ninja are pretty sturdy, if I do say so myself. By the way, was the ramen up to satisfaction, Master Sasuke?"

Sasuke smiled, as Naruto stood gawping, "Yes, it was just as I requested. Please tell the kitchens I was very satisfied with the meal. It must have a difficult order to fill on such short notice."

Chiyoko waved dismissively, "Nonsense, it was an honor to fulfill your request."

"Sasuke, what is she talking—"

"And with that young masters, I'll take my leave." Chiyoko bowed and exited before either of the young men could react.

Naruto cocked his head to look at Sasuke, "What's this about ramen?"

Sasuke tried to find something else interesting to look at beside Naruto's half-exposed chest. "I might have asked Chiyoko about the menu."

"And you asked for ramen to be made for me especially." Naruto couldn't keep the sheer glee out of his voice.

"You came to that conclusion on your own, Uzumaki."

"Admit it, Sasuke, you did it for me." Naruto nuzzled Sasuke's ear, inhaling his aroma. Sasuke blushed, "I…might have. Now put me down."

Naruto finally let down the slim ninja, only to see his vision blur and fall heavily on the futon. "What the—"

"Shut it, Naruto."

Naruto took in his surroundings, which included Sasuke straddling his waist, pressing a pale finger to Naruto's lips. Sasuke traced his jaw before dragging the finger to the yukata tie. "Just enjoy this."

Naruto jerked Sasuke's head down to capture his lips, teeth clacking at the roughness of the act. "Done." He breathed throatily, pushing the interfering yukata of Sasuke's shoulders as the brunette nimbly untied the knot.

He bent down for another kiss, raking his fingers over Naruto's defined muscles, slowly rubbing their growing erections together. Naruto gasped at the friction, which Sasuke took full opportunity and sucked Naruto's tongue into his mouth, grinding more furiously. Naruto groaned as loudly as possible for the situation, and clamped his hands onto Sasuke's hips, guiding the mounting pressure. Sasuke released the pink muscle only to attack Naruto's neck with equal fervor. Naruto felt like he should reciprocate, somehow, so he slurred, "Sa-sasuke, where's the lube?"

Sasuke continued to ravage Naruto's neck with licks and bites, while he fished under the pillow. He produced a small tube to an amazed Naruto. "How did you—ah—know--Oh god-- that was there?"

"Ninjas can anticipate their enemies' actions. Now shut up."

"Shouldn't we take this slow?"

Sasuke pulled away, to glare at Naruto. "Do you want this?"

The vision he presented Naruto was heart stopping. Sasuke's hair was mussed and barely shielded his eyes lowered to half mast with lust. The yukata he was wearing bunched up at his thighs, revealing his lean frame to the dimmed room.


It was Sasuke's turn to be whirled around, his back collided with the futon as both yukata were thrown across the room. "Naruto!"

"Shut it and enjoy this. Actually, I take that back," Naruto lowered his head to Sasuke's arousal, "Be as loud as you want."

Sasuke half-yelled when Naruto engulfed him fully. Naruto smiled to himself at the reaction from the usually stoic ninja, and proceeded to pull his head up, dragging his tongue on the underside of Sasuke's length. Sasuke panted and writhed under Naruto, fisting blonde hair as Naruto sucked and licked him into a frenzy. "Naruto—ah—stop teasing me!"

Naruto pulled off for a moment, giving the head a lick, "What's that?"

"Stop teasing me!"

"What's the magic word?" His breath ghosting up and down the erection, as a lubricated finger began circling the tight entrance behind.


"Nope. Try again."

"Naruto," Sasuke was barely able to summon the breath necessary to talk, "Please."

"You got it." As Naruto kissed Sasuke firmly, he slipped in two fingers. Sasuke cried at the invasion, but after a pause, began to rock his hips into Naruto's pushing hand. Naruto enjoyed being to control the sounds Sasuke made; when he bit into those already kiss-bruised lips, or twisted his hand, Sasuke released cries and yelps that were musical. Then Naruto brushed a nub deep inside Sasuke that raised his body off the futon and scream. "Oh GOD! Naruto! Do that again!"

Naruto licked Sasuke's collarbone, "My pleasure."

And proceeded to turn Sasuke into a flailing mass of shouts and mewling. Sasuke tried to be pierced deeper by throwing his weight onto Naruto's scissoring fingers. He whimpered as Naruto drew out, who kissed him on the nose. "I think you're ready."

Sasuke tried to lift his head to see what Naruto was doing, but lacked the muscle control. He soon felt something wet, hot and blunt press at his entrance. Naruto placed his forearms on either side of Sasuke's head as he bent down for a kiss. He looked directly into Sasuke's lust-brightened eyes, "You ready?"

Sasuke realized why he loved this idiot, for that simple, heartfelt question. "Yes."

Immediately, Sasuke bent his back as a scream tore from his lips, Naruto entering him in one firm shove. Naruto paused, ignoring his body's shouts to plow on, and looked again at Sasuke's clenched features. "You okay?"

Sasuke blinked back tears, and smirked, "Move it before I move it for you."

Naruto smiled and kissed Sasuke again, before withdrawing almost entirely and burying himself again in the delicious heat. Sasuke gripped onto Naruto's shoulders and locked his legs around the thrusting hips, anything to secure him down from being dragged off the futon as Naruto increased the tempo.

Naruto shifted his angle, to have Sasuke drag his blunt nails over his back as he threw his head back and screamed. Naruto drove in again, finding that spot that made Sasuke rear off the futon in a frenzy.

"Naruto—I'm--close." Sasuke gasped, tightening his grip around Naruto's back.

"Come for me, Sasuke." Naruto was close, too. But Sasuke's pleasure came first.

A final brushing of Sasuke's prostate had him completely raised off the futon, clamped around Naruto's still thrusting body, as he shouted Naruto's name for all the world to hear as his vision went white. Seed splashed their joined torsos as Naruto came a few seconds later, gasping "Sasuke" as he emptied himself.

He collapsed, barely strong enough to stop himself from crushing Sasuke with a well-placed arm. He rolled onto his back, Sasuke followed, resting his sweat-slicked head on Naruto's shoulder, trying to form words after that mind-blowing orgasm. Naruto's chest heaved as he inhaled deep gulps of air, his hands mindlessly tracing patterns on Sasuke's back as they listened to the night sounds.

Sasuke brushed his lips onto Naruto's "Love you, moron."

Naruto smiled and kissed the brunette back, "Love you too, jerk."


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