The boys were all there as soon as the words left the doctors mouth, Jack dispatched Daniel to the commissary with instructions to get them all food and Teal'c brought up a wheelchair, even though she insisted she could walk.

They went to her quarters and as soon as Daniel appeared she asked what she wanted to know…

"So, how did you find me?"

"Alex" was the short answer, she waited for the rest.

"When I got to your house and found the bathroom and bedroom flooded I knew something was wrong, I called in T and Danny and we searched all over, there was nothing!"

"I wanted to call in the police" Daniel said "but Jack wouldn't, he said he had that friend of his, so he called him"

"Alex knew Pete had another apartment or house, but he had only a vague idea where it was, so we split up, Danny and T, went one way, Alex another and me the last… we searched a whole neighbourhood until somehow Alex found you, he called us in, we came… end of story"

"He is really mad you know" she said sadly

"Who was the other…" he waved his hand

"His ex wife" she shuddered

"Well the police have jurisdiction, we will have to wait on what they find and decide, at least no one will believe him if he spills the SGC, not after what they found in his place."

She couldn't help it, suddenly it all came crashing down on her, she started shaking uncontrollably, Jack sat on the bed beside her and pulled her into his embrace…

"Give us some space" he told the others, they rose "Daniel, tell Brightman, she may need sedation" she heard him and she knew she was going into shock, but she realised she didn't care if she ended up back in the infirmary, she just wanted him to hold her and never let go!

He stroked her hair and held her as she shook, the doctor arrived and gave her an injection and she felt the muscles relax slightly, allowing her to stop the violent shuddering, she lay back, still wrapped in his arms and fell asleep.


It had all made Sam think… and she had thought for over a month now, and she decided that she had had enough of danger, she spoke to 'Uncle' George and to her father again and decided to ask for a transfer away from the front lines.

She asked for a formal interview with Jack so she could explain her decision on the record.

"Come in" he said, she opened up the door, his desk was piled with reports, no matter how much he tried to catch up he never managed to clear them, she smiled.

"Sir" she came to attention, he looked up surprised to see her in full uniform

"Carter?" he said automatically

"Sir, I wish to request a transfer to Area 51, to work under General Parsons in the R&D division" she placed the formal request on his desk in front of him. She noticed him looking hurt, but she really couldn't do this as Sam, she had to do it as Colonel Carter. "I have requested that I be allowed to work on secondment here at the SGC for the majority of the time, evaluating new tech as it is brought onto the planet and assigning work details to manage backwards engineering" she waited, he didn't understand.

"I also have a request for removal of my birth control implant" she slipped that paper in front of him too, "and I have asked for and been granted, subject to your allowing me to transfer, two weeks leave for personal reasons, next month"

"Personal reasons?" he asked still dazed by her wanting to leave him.

"Yes sir" she came out of attention and moved around to his side "I was hoping we could go on honeymoon" she said. Damn she had hoped she wouldn't break, but he looked so hurt she couldn't continue, she had to do something, he stood up and closed the blinds on the huge picture window that made up almost an entire wall. She was suddenly pressed against that same window as his body tried to occupy the same space as hers.

His mouth and hands attacked her, the only good thing about wearing class As was the skirt, which was soon up by her waist, they moved to a more stable wall as he thrust himself inside her, she had solved the frat regs problem and this was her reward… everything she ever wanted, in one 6'2" package! Normal was so overrated!